Bisila arrives with Iniko and her second son Laha, telling Kilian that he is Laha's father. Kilian talks Gregorio down and then takes Jacobo, Dick, and Pao back to the estate. Handsome Kilian falls in love with beautiful nurse Bisila, who is married!

Costume designer: Loles Garcia Galean [I would watch it for the visuals only]. The landscape is GORGEOUS!! Palm Trees in the Snow (Palmeras en la Nieve, in its native tongue) was one of the best films I've seen in a long time. Brian George ;, I am glad you found the article helpful. It would seem from your review that the movie is fairly close to the book in interpretation. CTRL + SPACE for auto-complete. The Spanish film titled "Palmeras en la nieve" in the native language is directed by Fernando González Molina and is based on an eponymous novel written by Luz Gabás.

During the dinner party Nelson, an estate worker, arrives asking for Jacobo's help with a medical emergency. Where to watch. I am 80% through the book on my kindle right now and was moved by the beautiful descriptions of Bisila enough to Google Bubi women! Palm Trees in the Snow (Palmeras en la nieve), is a Spanish movie that has touched my heart again and again. They showed it 3 times and never elaborated on it . And this is my question and observation on the true meaning of love; this question has also been examined in an article by Panashe Chigumadzi who echoes my feelings thus: ‘love without justice, without a reckoning with the history that has created our present realities, is not really love at all.’ Panashe Chigumadzi.

I watched this movie more than once trying to understand it but never from this perspective…. The Spanish film titled "Palmeras en la nieve" in the native language is directed by Fernando González Molina and is based on an eponymous novel written by Luz Gabás. The story spans 50 years and starts when the colonialism is coming to an end in the world. They just keep a very close relation among them.

Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. It’s not really because of race, but an issue of perspective. In many cases, they actually just signify misogyny. If you dare). Dick and Pao's bodies are found hanging from a tree. These characters portrayed develop a slow and intriguing entanglement as the movie proceeds. It is not perfect but the experiences I’ve had have left me now aged 70 wishing to continue that life, rather than give up and retire, except now I put those experiences into books and writing. That’s the ‘beautiful’ thing about the law. While in Killian's office Clarence finds a journal, a half-torn picture and a torn note stating that money has been sent to an unidentified woman. Thank you immensely for teaching me more of my own cultural prejudices and for showing me that there is a movie available of the beautiful story that I’m reading. In the … (Why only them???) So I’m watching this movie “Palm Trees in the Snow” (netflix) & I’m thinkin it’s gon be good as shit. With Mario Casas, Adriana Ugarte, Macarena García, Alain Hernández. Sue me. Ose reintroduces Bisila (she states her name as Daniela Bisila), her husband Mosi, and their son Iniko to Kilian. Jacobo makes another advance towards Julia, who tells him to leave. He follows the singing to a waterfall where he sees a woman crying. Iniko takes Clarence to the elderly Bisila's home, where Bisila tells Clarence her connection with Kilian. That son looked like Fernando. So it is interesting how the legal abolition of a thing (in this case slavery) often results in the evolution of the thing a step away from the legal definition of what it used to be, but in spirit, more or less the same thing. Terrific packaging, ultra-conventional content. The poster just left me confused… The most captivating crux of the movie is the passionate love between Kilian and a married Guinean nurse named Bisila. Sundiata, Ibrahim K. “Prelude to Scandal: Liberia and Fernando Po, 1880–1930.” The Journal of African History 15, no. Lost in translation – That’s what I was thinking too! Terms of Use | I just watched this movie and had the same question about Bisila and the water at the end. I love and I hate this movie at the same time. He immediately becomes attracted to her. In the present day, Bisila’s son strips off and acts out another common western fantasy, this time from a female westerner point of view.

Palm Trees in the Snow. And the cycle continues. I have had relationships along the way and they have all had an effect on my heart, no matter whether they were of the Sade type or Bisila and as Sade says to Kilian in the book, they still have ‘feelings.’ C’est la vie, I guess. Kilian stays in Spain for several months after Catalina dies. Available to download. In 1778, under the Treaty of El Pardo, Portugal ceded Bioko, Annobón, and the Guinea coast, Rio Muni, to Spain, together forming modern Equatorial Guinea, in exchange for territory on the American continent. Casting director: But I feel of a Black woman had directed the film, it would have been so much better in terms of point of view. A couple of too-large coincidences over the final half hour rob the film of much of its accumulated effect, but there’s enough going on to justify the length of a film that runs at close to three hours. When he sees Bisila for the first time, he is in the process of ‘falling in love’ with the sights, sounds and smells of the country and she appears as a physical embodiment of this desire for an exotic Africa. Even though some of the horrors of the system are shown, there is an attempt to cast Kilian as an innocent caught in a system beyond his control.

None of which will matter very much to Tree’s planters, who have seen more than a two million admissions and counting since its late December bow. They also forced the local population to work on the plantations. Bisila looks biracial and the scene in which Killian mafde reference to her hair, further drew attention to the fact that she was mixed. Write CSS OR LESS and hit save. Clarence tells Iniko about her uncle Kilian and her father Jacobo, then shows Iniko the half-torn picture. Despite the advice of her mother, the older Julia (Petra Martinez) not to go, Clarence turns up in the tropics and in true postcolonial style, she’ll learn that what’s been going on under the apparently benign surface is actually rather horrible.

I think the scar was because he was beaten with the shovels. Is everyone just assuming it is Jacobo’s? Characters I use in my novels are based on real people, not usually their real persona, but they are certainly visually in my heart when I write them into a story, and if I can still find them I always ask their permission to use them.

I also wondered how Bisila knew who the father was since she was raped by 3 men, and also had relations with Kilian. I really love your observations. He joins his father and brother, Jacob. Maybe that says more about me than I’d like to admit. She was undressed for a large part of the movie. Kilian tells Bisila that he will wait for her. Perhaps basil with all of her mystical powers could feel him dying or he could feel her as he was about to go, but she didn’t kill herself until later. The views of other ex-pats have been similar to the colonists and I’ve never thought in that way, but felt guilty as I’ve had to go along with the system for my own survival, at times! Singer of songs, writer of words, very occasional dancer of dances. Cinematography - wise It’s bomb and even the actors are dope but plot wise it’s a mess. The Portuguese developed the island for sugarcane crops among other things. One thing people seem to forget, or are unaware of is the fact that White-owned plantations existed not only in the US, but in most of the Americas, as well as across Africa and Asia. As the example by Sundiata illustrates: ‘the labourer found himself working for the period of the advance, three months, as unpaid labour’ [Sundiata, 1974: 104]. i was low-key nauseous throughout the whole movie. Director of photography: Xavi Gimenez Also the oversexualisation of interracial encounters in the movie was a bit problematic. In most of the movie Bisila lacked agency and this lack of agency was not really addressed. It kind of bummed me out to be honest-- in my head I … Also it never explained how Jocobo and Julia ended up having a child together(Clarence). Composer: Lucas Vidal don’t get the same treatment. But as long as they’re directed by white people, they’ll be more left to be desired. The scar was a “brand” that matched the picture on the paper Bisila sent to him. Then in the year isolation the baby was born and when she saw he was Mulato, she knew that it was Kilian’s. So a little bit of political context and some legal points (I look at everything through the eyes of the law, I am after all, a lawyer and a teacher #canthelpmyself. Kilian visits Julia at her parents' store and they discuss the hostile changes of the political climate. Palm Trees in the Snow (Spanish: Palmeras en la nieve) is a 2015 Spanish romantic drama film directed by Fernando González Molina. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. You sympathise with the labour force and the people, while taking a job that encourages the very system that enslaves, encourages its continuation. It is a new thing for which new resistances must be mounted. ( Log Out /  Jacobo returns to Bioko and visits Julia, telling her that he has met a woman in Spain. Clarence gives Kilian the hat he gave to Bisila.

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