Mans inhumanity to man, it's all in there and written very well. Great movie, but the only thing that's bothering me is the ages of Basili's two sons. Why didn't Killian send for Bisila later on?? As it's told in flashbacks, the timeline is a bit confusing.

Unless it is already available.

11. I totally enjoyed this book. Palm Trees in the Snow: A movie review that examines love, law and the running of slave-like plantations in Africa What’s appropriate is subjective when it comes to censoring. Julia is still married to doctor and since a family friend she came to attend the funeral.2.

When Kilian meets him after Basili returns from her one year of mourning, he immediately understands how the child was conceived and says to her, “It will be our secret”.Kilian was not on the island when she was raped.

Has anyone actually read the book?

One day they meet at Julia's house and she having second kid. I want to buy the soundtrack, but I can not find it. And interwoven in this history lesson were complicated multigenerational romances and family mysteries.

Jacobo and Carmen got married and had Carmen. Before reading this novel, I had no knowledge at all of Spain’s colonial past or of its control of Equatorial Guinea – a country, in fact, that was also no more than a name to me. And why was Julia there in the present at the stone house? They don't share a blood line.

Clarence (she was named after a town) is trying to find out more about the time her father and uncle spent working on a cocoa plantation on the island Fernando Po (now called Bioko). Hard to tell a story like this one with such candor and grace but she has done a wonderful job of it.

And Killians daughter at the beginning is obviouly 20, even accounting for Killian waiting to remarry and have another child.

Furthermore, I do not understand why Killian did not send for Basilla later. Stop trying to make everything for everyone when there age appropriate stuff out there. Her second son was from one of the rapist, it could possibly be Jacobo.

Their experiences there over the years from the 1950s onwards up to and beyond their return to Spain is a sweeping narrative that includes the stories of the rest of their families, their friends and workers on the plantations, their loves and relationships both in Africa and back home in their small village in the Pyrenees. After finding some letters and talking to a family friend that leaves her with more questions than answers, Clarence announces to her puzzled parents, uncle & cousin that she plans to visit Bioko.

You can still see all customer reviews for the product. It has subtitles, set in Equatorial Guinea and Spain. Which is really sad because it would have been so awesome if Killian and Bisilia could have had a child.

Además, Gabás también se ha interesado por el mundo de la política, llegando a ocupar la alcaldía de Benasque.

Its his funeral at the beginning of the movie. Just watched this movie and was captivated by it. • Basili when comes to meet she has no idea that Kilian will ask him for starting a family (talking about their future children is nothing but going more further right) so she says I can't have more children. In all of that, however, it proves a frustratingly over-sentimental and often hyperbolic drama that really lacks in genuine emotional depth and connection, something that makes it a rather exhausting watch over the course of its near three-hour runtime. What to Watch Now Movie Reviews TV Reviews Roundtables Podcasts ‘Palm Trees in the Snow’ (‘Palmeras en la Nieve’): Film Review 10:02 AM PST 1/22/2016 by Jonathan Holland Writers who share their thoughts and feelings about their childhood with readers share a special part of themselves. The romance between two of the main characters narrowly takes center-stage, but prominent in the story are other relationships; the tensions between colonizer and colonized, friendships formed and tested across racial boundaries, even the struggle to reconcile a man as he was when he first arrived and the man he became after years of loving the island his country invaded, among others. Difficult to put down. I saw this movie on netflix on christmas day.

I loved that the great reveal ended up being much more complex than I was guessing and that we got a deep dive with both generatio.