Del Toro: Objectively, those two clues tell you it's real. How else would she have known that a chalk outline would have any connection to the Labyrinth unless she had done the exact same thing? They see each other in each other. There are very few movies that do this, and even fewer that can do it well. For example, somebody everyone knows, Denis Villeneuve, regardless of the overall quality of the movie, makes really watchable and fun movies for the past few. Press J to jump to the feed. I started thinking that this movie undoubtedly had pagan elements to it, not just creatures and monsters for the sake of having a movie with creatures and monsters.

And it's terrifying as fuck! Ofelia had a connection to the other world, no one else. I must say that I hadn't felt as intense a fear as I had with Captain Vidal. How so? It is the legacy—no matter how small it is—that makes [Ofelia] survive that episode. IDK.

So sorry, there are clues that tell you where I stand and I stand by the fantasy. I hold Pan's Labyrinth as my favorite movie ever and walked into the extremely glowingly reviewed Shape of Water knowing it couldn't possibly be better. That's why the attraction is so strong. I went into the film without any previous knowledge other than the fact that it won three academy awards and the movie just blew me away. He is truly a wonderful film director. I still think about that scene ALL THE TIME because it was so shockingly horrible. Pan’s labyrinth is one of the most profound contemporary films. Few things in movies shake me these days, but that really did. If you are from a non spanish speaking country, you are lucky, you won't appreciate this. A friend was telling me that Del Toro feels that he left the ending open-ended, and that there was specific evidence of this. Sept. 11, 2020. Half of my grandfather's family was murdered just for being associated with rebels, and the survivors had to go into hiding. What strange people. What's so good about Pan's Labyrinth? I feel like the awards hes reaping for Shape of Water are in a way the recognition he deserves for his entire body of work thus far. My wife doesn't even remember it when I bring it up... fricken ADD. They form a mother and daughter bond. That scene where he smashes that guys face with a bottle. From then on you know that shit is going to get real. That's why it's so tragic for me that Mercedes cries for [Ofelia] at the end because for Mercedes the girl died but we know she didn't. And of course, (Greco) Roman paganism later on before Christianity and Islam took root there. It’s just hard to know what will be timeless.

I was quite shocked. Symbolism in Pans' Labyrinth Birthmark Symbolism Crescent birthmark on Ofelia's shoulder. We see a scene where the faun is present, but then the camera shifts to the adults' perspective and the faun is not there. 1. Pan's Labyrinth … I can say with absolute certainty that he is the scariest person I have seen in any film. I sort of wanted the possibility of an existing fantasy world to persist, but I remember a single shot suggesting to the viewer that all the fantastic elements were in Ofelia's mind.

TL;DR: Do you think the fantasy world was definitely real, definitely, or that it was left open to interpretation? She's the only character in the film who decides not to enact any violence. To me, the power of Pan’s Labyrinth derives from the fact that Ofelia’s world must be imaginary, that she uses her imagination to escape the horrors of reality (civil war and a bad stepfather), and this makes the ending all the more tragic: her stepfather kills her, and she can only imagine herself going on to a better place to reign as a princess. Themes that have appeared in cultures across the world for ages, combined with her personal unconscious machinations. The setting and story were top notch; I could feel del Toro's passion in crafting each scene, molding history and myth together into a cinematic masterpiece coming from the darkest depths of his heart. It was all in her head. There is no direct pantheon/family tree of gods to follow, half the time there are several gods for the same thing (springs, underworld, ruins, etc.)

MG: Yes, and again referring back to the dynamic of their dyad, Mercedes notices the chalk door; they aren't just in Ofelia's imagination. If you view it as a believer, you'll see clearly where I stand, which is it is real. Even then, he didnt compromise his vision of what he wanted to do. And that’s really all you can ask for. What is Spain's pagan roots?

But the native religion of the Iberian Peninsula was Iberian Paganism, or at least that's what I call it; I've never heard anyone else call it that. Even if the story doesn't affect you (I typically dislike magical realism) the creature/set design is gorgeous, with very little CG to muddy the picture. Acclaimed in North America for cinematography, it holds a much deeper significance to the Spanish. I agree. .

He just needed to take the final step of using his touch as an auteur in a movie more accessible to the mainstream. I watched The Shape Of Water last night and i found it a really good movie and a nice fairy tale with a little of a 90’s flavour.

Living in the UK, while growing up I often thought it's such a shame that Celtic myth is very unknown compared to myths like Greek or Egyptian. And that's a magical legacy. When Ofelia was locked in her room, she drew a door on the wall but actually found some other way out of the room. After the movie I read the summary of it, to make sure I didn't miss annything.

It's one of the most acclaimed films of the decade.

The designs were fantastic all around as well. WARNING: If you have not seen the film, the last three paragraphs reveal the fate of the heroine.If you do not wish to know, then stop reading before you reach that point. But when I was a little girl I did.

Guillermo del toro hits these heights consistently regardless of the final quality of the movie. On the other hand, she dies at peace. If you or anyone else has any form of explanation I'd like to hear it.

New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, News & Discussion about Major Motion Pictures, Press J to jump to the feed. It's easily one of the most unique and brilliant fantasy films ever made. Was Ofelia in her fantasy world?