[4][25] Mironenko was subsequently removed from his post. [19], In November 1947, the Kharkov Military Prosecutor's Office arrested Ivan Dobrobabin, a resident of the Kyrgyz town Kant, on suspicion of collaboration with the enemy. Panfilov's 28 [10], On the following day, Krasnaya Zvezda ran an editorial on the front page by journalist Aleksander Krivitsky under the title The Will of the 28 Fallen Heroes, dedicated solely to the heroic fight of Diev's group, which presented the same description of the events. Check out our picks for movies that (hopefully) won't keep you up at night. The exact time and place of the battle was still not named but the number of heroes was reported in this article. Well behind friendly lines a veteran sergeant commands a small anti-aircraft unit. These are slanders against … the heroic history of our party and Soviet people. [1] Further, not all twenty-eight were killed—six of the soldiers had survived and were still alive. Based on the account by reporter Vasiliy Koroteev that appeared in the Red Army's newspaper, Krasnaya Zvezda, shortly after the battle, this is the story of Panifilov's Twenty-Eight, a group of twenty-eight soldiers of the Red Army's 316th Rifle Division, under the command of General Ivan Panfilov, that stopped the advance on Moscow of a column of fifty-four Nazi tanks of the 11th Panzer Division for several days. With Maksim Abrosimov, Sergey Agafonov, Pavel Aseev, Ivan Batarev. This FAQ is empty. Krivitsky visited the 8th Guard Division and tried to find witnesses to the fighting. Choose an adventure below and discover your next favorite movie or TV show. 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According to evidence from 1948, the editor of Krasnaya Zvezda, David Ortenberg, asked Koroteev how many soldiers took part in the clash. The movie inspired by real events tells the story of the KV-1 tank's crew heroic deed. He earned a sharp rebuke from Culture Minister Vladimir Medinsky. Kuzhebergenov claimed that during 16 November he was knocked unconscious by an explosion and picked up by a German burial detail who presumed he was dead. (2016). There were more than 100 fighters, and the movie also reflects that.The movie is very dry but unique in its language. [6], On the morning of 16 November, the 1075th Regiment's positions near the small Dubosekovo railroad station (crossing loop, literally raz'yezd)[7] were attacked by units of the 2nd Panzer Division. Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. Как создавалась легенда", "Справка-доклад главного военного прокурора Н. Афанасьева "О 28 панфиловцах, "Putin backs WW2 myth in new Russian film", "Russian war film set to open amid controversy over accuracy of events", The full list of the Guardsmen in Klochkov's entry on the Heroes of the USSR site. Koroteev did not mention the date or place of the battle, or the exact size of the group. Such thoughts were slapped down personally by Leonid Brezhnev, Soviet Union's Head of State: "Some of our authors even say that … there were no 28 Panfilov men, … that this fact was perhaps invented, that Klochkov did not exist, and neither did his appeal There is nowhere to retreat — we have our backs to Moscow! The movie, released on 24 November 2016, was partially funded by crowdfunding[31], Двадцать восемь гвардейцев дивизии Панфилова, "Panfilov's Twenty-Eight Guardsmen" in the Soviet era. An investigation by Soviet authorities, carried out in 1948 and since declassified, revealed that the story of the men was a fabrication. [20] Dobrobabin told the investigators that he was one of the Panfilov Guardsmen. View production, box office, & company info. The Twenty-Eight Guardsmen on Pobeda.ru. The report discussed the Panfilov Division's contribution to the fighting and mentioned that "A group of soldiers from the 5th company ... was attacked by a column of 54 enemy tanks, but they did not flinch...", adding that a Commissar named Diev led the soldiers until all had been killed, but managed to keep the position in the face of the tank attack.