You’ll only encounter them if you stumble upon them, or if you trigger one of the entangle traps in the area [Perception 22] [Trickery 22].

Fight your way west until you reach a fork, at which head down a slope to the northwest to reach a corpse-strewn cavern. Jaethal found her old dagger in Enneo’s shop (Jaethal’s Old Dagger), and she thinks he’s responsible for her death.

Make whatever decision you wish; it’ll affect how you proceed later, but as for exploring the rest of this surface area it won’t greatly affect how things play out save for whether you end up fighting Kobolds, Mites, both, or neither. Failure on the path down does not cause damage. These are unusually strong foes, so it may not be a bad idea to buff up before the fight. Log (Perception DC 14): 4 gold, Agate, Potion of Cure Light Wounds, Citrine, Clear Quartz. K. Web Trap (Perception DC 20, Trickery DC 20 - 45 exp).

Examine the southernmost corpse [Lore (Nature) 19] to gain more information, then plunder a chest [Trickery 13] in the campsite, along with some sacks.

Return back southwest to the ramp you passed by earlier and ascend it. While you could reasonably survive most of this area at level 2, a lot of the skill checks in this area have high DCs and a lot of the enemies use poison and cause stat damage. Note: The Restovic Paladin’s Crumpled Helmet makes the fourth item in the Restovic set. This time take the southwestern passage and follow it west along the southern edge of the area, killing another trio of Giant Spiders as you go. This potent foe has an absurdly high Attack bonus and an Armor Class of 35. Speak to the Kobold Flame Shaman or interact with a radish to start a conversation. You will make it down without taking damage if you fail on the way down, but you won’t get the exp for a first successful traversal. Not only is this beast sturdier than most of its kin, having more HP and a better Armor Class, but its bite is also much more lethal, hitting harder and more often, thanks to its high Attack bonus. This goes to KK2. He carries a. , 3 Scrolls of Restoration (Lesser), and minor treasure.

(1 of 2) If you appeased Gatekeeper Quoggy you’ll be able to lower a drawbridge, If you appeased Gatekeeper Quoggy you’ll be able to lower a drawbridge (left), and loot the treasure in no man’s land. If you want, you can make things more convenient for yourself by bringing all of the treasure up to the surface layer, but it really doesn’t matter—especially since carrying heavy loads can fatigue/exhaust your characters. Errand. Loot a chest along the northern end of the chamber to find a Scroll of Protection From Law and some other treasure, then note a tunnel leading northeast. With this device you can use the cart near the Kobold barricade on the level above, which will destroy the barricade and allow you to access the no-man’s-land from the Kobold caves, if you should for whatever reason find it necessary to do so. weapons and two of them wear Half-Plate armor. Kobold Alchemist (Alchemist 3), Kobold Sentinel x2 (Fighter 2). Try to talk to it three times, and after two warning hisses it’ll turn hostile and attack. This one is quite simple, just look around the floor to find two pressure plates on the ground (locations marked on image) and position some characters on each of them. He carries a. .

While serving no serious purpose in the first game, in Baldur’s Gate 2: Throne of Bhaal they could be used to create a potent end-game item. ( In Pathfinder: Kingmaker there are several quests are time-sensitive, if you waited too long or finished other related quests first, the outcome of the quests will be altered.)

Turncoats is a quest in Pathfinder: Kingmaker. I highly recommend having Jaethal interact with the chest, since she won’t be harmed by the Finger of Death spell. Head down the eastern tunnel first and pass a [Perception 6] check to spot a cleft in the northern wall you can squeeze through (again, hold down “Tab” to summon the interact icon, then use it to pass into a hidden chamber).

If you defeat Sootscale, you can tell him to leave with his servants (CG moral choice) or you can kill him. If you are coming to this area after the Temple of the Elk, you should be level 3 or really close to it and should be able to handle this area without a problem. H2. C. Peaceful Mites and Kobolds: The Mite Hunter tells you that this is a peaceful zone and asks you to kill a wolf. Once past the traps, the elves will spot the party in a small cutscene. Northeast of this group you’ll find the second. You can skip Events G and H in the caves if you are level 2 and hostile to the kobolds. W. Giant Poisonous Frog x2 (Animal 2), Giant Frog x3 (Animal 2). In the hidden chamber beyond this cleft you’ll find another Kobold shrine, identical to the one on the level above. Agree to investigate to begin the companion quest. There are also a number of encounters that will be very challenging—if not murderous—for a level 2 party with only 5 characters, and which can even be challenging for a full level 3 party.

11. a) Bag (Perception DC 10): Potatoes, Soft Cheese, Edible Moss, Mushrooms; b) Silver Bell, 4 gold, Exquisite Pearl, Garnet Ring, Pearl, Silver Earring; c). To live up to your end of the bargain, return to the Mite Hunter who told you about the Worg and succeed at a [Bluff 22] check, which is also a [Neutral Evil] action. Who wants to bet that fog’s not going anywhere until the very moment you deal with Tartuccio? 23. An unlucky critical hit or two could change how things play out for different parties, so you’ll have to make that judgment call on your own. The path back is the same (Athletics DC 22 - 13 exp). Did You Know? (right). Loot these bones to find a variety of gold items and coins, then pass a [Perception 19] check to notice a passage to the south. Acid Arrow Trap (Perception DC 18, Trickery DC 18 - 27 exp): the triggering character is hit by an Acid Arrow (2d4 acid damage for 3 rounds). Mite Priest (Cleric 4, Fey 1), Mite Guardsman (Fighter 3, Fey 1), Mite Sentinel x2 (Fighter 2, Fey 1), Mite (Fey 1), Giant Centipede (Fey 1). If you choose to rest here, you will be attacked during the night by Viscount Smoulderburn (Aberration 9, Sorcerer 4). Box: Silver-Embroidered Purse, 10 gold, Silver Inkwell. If you go to Old Sycamore with Jaethal it should be along the base of the hill leading up to the Sycamore tree. Start the conversation and exaust all "question" options, what opens you some more choices. Decorated Scabbard, Scroll of Protection from Law, Silver Inkwell, Copper Ring, 23 gold. Once again, acknowledge the fork you intend to neglect (the tunnel to the northeast) and head west instead to find an area transition that leads to the surface.

Shortly beyond them you’ll find… another fork! Exterminate the pests, then continue east along the southern end of the map until you come across a log. Now that you’ve cleared the surface, it might be a good time to return to Oleg’s Trading Post, sell off the items you’ve accumulated, rest, and hand those Moon Radishes to Bokken if you haven’t already. I1. All in all, it’s well worth your time to make the climb. This is a long, largely uninteresting tunnel occasionally occupied by a trio of spiders.

If you wish to be truly evil and exploitative, you can now kill Grarrukh and return to the Mite Hunter and claim the reward for that, too.

Oh well, something to do while you wait for the fog to clear.

If we hurry, we might still have time to intercept them! Regardless of whether you choose to come to this area before or after finishing the Temple of the Elk, you should be able to get enough experience by the end of the area for your party to reach level 4 or be very close. #3. Mite Priest (Cleric 4, Fey 1), Mite x6 (Fey 1). You can recruit them now. You only see two wolves at the start; a third will appear from just southeast of the bushes, while a fourth will appear from the north.

Climb the Hill (Mobility DC 21, 13 exp). Please, help me .-. With that justification in mind, the walkthrough will take you through the Kobold section of the Old Sycamore Caves, first, followed by the Mites section, and finally by the second underground area, the Old Sycamore Depths. It’s one reason why exploring the place in-depth was postponed until you had completed other tasks, most important of which was gathering more companions. Otherwise, the only point of interest between this and where you first encounter the Mites and Kobolds is another Mite and Kobold encounter. Descend the Hill (Mobility DC 22, 13 exp): See B1 above. After they spot you, they’ll attack, leaving you no opportunity but to put them down. The easy way to deal with this battle is to have your tank (probably Valerie) immediately move toward Tartuccio while having your other characters back off and hit him with ranged attacks. 6. There is one thing to watch for, though: if it hits you, it’ll attempt to grapple, and on subsequent turns it’ll do massive damage (around thirty damage) to a grappled foe. IMPORTANT!!! Kill a pair of Giant Frogs (left), then search for some submerged treasure to the east. That said, you can get a large exp bonus at the end of the area if you’re neutral that would otherwise not be available, so you won’t ultimately lose out by staying neutral if that’s what you wish. There are two exits to this chamber, one to the east and one to the south.

If you pass a [Perception 14] check you’ll locate a submerged, locked [Trickery 12] chest that’s more generous than the chest you looted earlier. Whichever group you side with will be neutral towards you in upcoming confrontations, while the other side will, obviously, be hostile.

(right). 4. a) Potion of Mage Armor, Turquoise, Silver Spoon, Golden Earring, 14 gold; b) Potatoes.