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Afterward, he’ll move to a monastery of nuns in the Vatican. mps._queue.adview = mps._queue.adview || []; The Pope is said to enjoy marmalade made from its oranges. 6. Why don't libraries smell like bookstores?

Privacy Policy | Will he have any say in choosing his successor? 'path' : '/id/100505651' , Bergoglio studied at the Archdiocesan Seminary (Roman Catholic Latin Rite religious institute), Inmaculada Concepcion Seminary, in Villa Devoto where he had a crush on a girl and briefly doubted about continuing the religious career.
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He is no longer Pope and likely has very little or even no personal assets. Pope Benedict XVI stunned the world today by announcing his resignation from the papacy, effective Feb. 28. The average American retires at about 64, so working that long is unusual, Johnson noted. var slotid = "mps-getad-" + adunit.replace(/\W/g, ""); To begin my brief investigations, I should note that this is a very rare event. The material on this site can not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with prior written permission of Multiply. ;{beacon:"",errorBeacon:"",licenseKey:"356631dc7f",applicationID:"230538944",sa:1} } Video, Iceland PM keeps cool as earthquake strikes, Rare green puppy 'Pistachio' born in Italy, Coronavirus: France extends overnight curfew as cases surge, Poland abortion: Top court bans almost all terminations, Epstein: Ghislaine Maxwell denies witnessing 'inappropriate' activities, LGBT students attacked in university Zoom meeting, The Countdown: Debate masks, Jennifer Lawrence and 60 Minutes, Why Nigerian protesters want Beyoncé to be more like Rihanna, Nagorno-Karabakh: Nearly 5,000 dead in conflict, Putin says, Nigeria Sars protest: Prison break and gunshots heard as unrest continues, US election 2020: A guide to the final presidential debate. 'hline' : 'Personal Finance' , Since no pope has retired in almost 600 years, there is no formal retirement plan for popes. document.getElementsByTagName('meta')['tp:PreferredRuntimes'].setAttribute("content", "flash,html5"); 'subtype' : 'section' , According to tradition, bags containing silver, gold, and copper coins, one for each year of tenure as Pope, are placed alongside the deceased Pope in his casket. script.setAttribute("onerror", "setAdblockerCookie(true);"); This is interesting to know because I think only two or three Popes have actually ever resigned. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. Slate relies on advertising to support our journalism. return '
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And you'll never see this message again. (what is Pope Francis net worth). head.insertBefore(mpsload, head.firstChild) He will also continue to be known by his papal title of Benedict XVI, rather than reverting to Joseph Ratzinger, and he will continue to be addressed as "Your Holiness" Benedict XVI - in the same way, for example, as US presidents continue to be referred to as "president" after leaving office. mps.insertAd("#" + slotid, adunit)

This means that Benedict will have had at least an indirect influence over the election. 'cag[configuration_franchise]' : 'Personal Finance' ,

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}; Writing and studying also seem likely to be on the agenda - Benedict had a library of 20,000 books installed in the papal apartments when he was elected in 2005.

Ano ang mga kasabihan sa sa aking kababata?

Popes of the Middle Ages and the Renaissance left behind a shady legacy, to put it mildly.

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