is now available for international orders, On the Superfluous Extravagance Of Meditation. 0:21. Humanity's future is the future of cities.

Browse the library of TED talks and speakers. This comment is directed to Therese Mallory. 100+ collections of TED Talks, for curious minds. The Complete Younger Dryas Impact Hypothesis Bibliography and Publication Archive, Updated: A Catastrophist Bibliography from Thompson, Exploring abrupt climate change and pandemic induced by comets and asteroids during human history, If coronavirus spreads only from person-to-person, each carrier will introduce mutations and transmit a slightly altered version to the pool. Possibilities can become reality, when we apply some basic tools -- The Stretch Test Tool, The Choose Fun Tool, The Big Now Tool, The Make-Like-Einstein Tool, and The Cycle Tool. The views expressed here on your website are so refreshing and thought-provoking. As a general rule articles are posted on this website which infer or in some way point towards, or add weight to an "integral systems" or 'holodynamic systems" world-view. ", Dr Ted Steele's Australian National University webpage. Some areas (both large and small) see higher infection rates because they were more significantly dosed from the atmosphere and beyond — not because they shake hands more often.

Additional materials: Dr Ted Steele's "Evidence for Lamarck" article. ", Do something today that your future-you will thank you for.

Ad hominems also speak quite loudly about the person sending them more than those on the receiving end. [Link]

Results of companion studies on the origin of germline antibody diversity can be found in selected publication numbers 6,7,11-15." Looking at food networks offers an unusual and illuminating way to explore how cities evolved.

You guys are bug-fuck nuts. Mark Shaw develops technologies to contain hazardous waste, storm water and radioactives.

He is known for his work on Chesterfield Sound Off Time (1951), The Ted Steele Show (1948) and The Ed Sullivan Show (1948). Astronomer Clifford Stoll helped to capture a notorious KGB hacker back in the infancy of the Internet. ~~Brig Klyce,, 4.17.2020, Four recent Wickramasinghe, Steele et al. Facts are what they are until new facts come to light that better explain things than the old fact. Open Translation Project. James Lawrence Powell fingers Surovell et al. Ted is also a regular co-author with Dr. Wickramasinghe, with whom he predicted the pandemic on November 25, 2019. as the viruses will often mutate in transit, however slightly.

How is this BS myth going to be exposed? Alyssa Monks transfers the intimacy and vulnerability of human experience onto a painted surface. It is this kind of primitive thinking, and downright suppression of genuine scientific inquiry, which have led to the general acceptance of fairy tales such as man-made climate change, and the view that all life forms are generated only here on our little planet. ", Frank Juszczyk, PhD

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The nations of the world need to work together, in these times of global crises, to creatively and scientifically find solutions to the great dangers facing us as a species. To compare the two scenarios, many complete sequences are needed. All rights reserved. TED Talks. 4:32.

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superspreaders Using unidentified “superspreaders” to march the unmutated virus instantly across the planet is akin to a medieval myth, and a non-scientific “patch” to the failing paradigm of animal-to-human-to-human infection. Daniel Levitin incorporates findings from neuroscience into everyday life. "These are the songs I just never tire of hearing and I never tire of writing, because they make me feel less alone," Sital-Singh says. Admiral McRaven Leaves the Audience SPEECHLESS | One of …

Explore the crowded favelas, greened-up blocks and futuristic districts that could shape the future of cities -- and take a profane, hilarious side trip to the suburbs. Food is a shared necessity -- but also a shared way of thinking, argues Carolyn Steel. Cheryl Hayashi studies the delicate but terrifically strong silk threads that make up a spider's web, finding startling applications for human use. If that genome could be compared to those from other originally infected locations, Steele believes it would reveal the virus simultaneously dosed many of the early areas, not “superspreaders” and other mythological characters. I am so sick of the of the unscientific claptrap which passes for science these days. conspiracy ", Clifford Stoll captivates his audience with a wildly energetic sprinkling of anecdotes, observations, asides -- and even a science experiment.

Australian immunologist claims cover-up of Covid data proving disease from space, Wickramasinghe speaks with about Panspermia and Pandemic, but Patient X would also have to be the same in Wuhan, Tehran, Spain and France  (and the, a massive cover up of highly relevant scientific data is now in progress in the USA, Astronomical Hypothesis for the YDB Impact Event, The Carolina Bays: George Howard’s Original 1997 Web Essay, The Younger Dryas Impact research since 2007, Sweatman destroys Sun et al.

Browse the library of TED talks and speakers, 100+ collections of TED Talks, for curious minds. As a Pittsburgh youth besieged by racism in the crumbling remains of the steel economy, Bill Strickland should have been one of the Rust Belt's casualties. Transformational grant making through crowd funded philanthropy. This It is only 65 pages long, well written and enjoyable to read.

It is a transformative work much needed during this increasingly compelling, ever-widening transition in human consciousness. Websites associated with Contributing authors. Ted is justifiably alarmed by the effort to play “keep away” with data which has no conventional explanation.

I am also sick of this endless China bashing and blame game with respect to COVID-19. I am especially referring the underlying assumption taught in our schools and universities, that our planet exists as a thing-in-itself, with no connection to our sun or to the rest of our cosmos.

His agile mind continues to lead him down new paths -- from education and techno-skepticism to the making of zero-volume bottles. While alarmed to a degree, the Tusk is also encouraged, since Thomas Kuhn taught us a paradigm has to first experience a “crisis” of contrary and “nonsensical” observational data in order to be so disreputable that it must be discarded. He designed the TED Prize trophy. According to Ted this morning, the single sliver of mutation data we are not allowed to see for COVID, may reveal the truth about person-to-person spread of the virus: It is impossible for it to have occurred so quickly. covid-19 Instead I found a useful, original, gem. I was nudged into reading this book for “Simple Tools for Clarity…” seemed to me just. Luke Sital-Singh sings songs of love, longing and grief in this stirring performance of "Afterneath" and "Killing Me." As rounds of infection multiply, accumulated mutations should increasingly vary the viral nucleotide sequences. Stella Young is a comedian and journalist who happens to go about her day in a wheelchair — a fact that doesn't, she'd like to make clear, automatically turn her into a noble inspiration to all humanity. The lack of them is frustrating to outspoken Australian immunologist and fellow panspermia advocate Ted Steele.