High pricing, Bombardment of services may confuse the newbies. StatusCake also send alerts when your domain comes near to expiry date. Indeed that's the only way I would ever implement it. I mostly authored the wiki article, so tried most. Here keep in mind that the Small plan did not include SSL and data verifications. If you have a bigger site, then we suggest you should choose "Business plan" which includes plenty of useful services including DNS blacklist check and support upto 25 monitors and 300 SMS alerts.

PortMonitor offer 6 pre-made plans with different specification also if you need a custom plan then you can do so via contacting forum. While on this plan, you can add maximum 20 monitors. At dashboard, you can add the Website, DNS, Server and custom ports.

But on all other higher plans they assist the customers via chat and phone calls.

Supporting the wide range of check types such as websites, Apps, Ping, databases, Postgres, and Sockets etc. Starscream’s more upbeat (heh) Decepticon colleague, Soundwave, is the other Voyager Class entry in this lineup.

Open Source Similarly, if a website goes offline then the customer divert to another site, and so you lost the sales as well as clients. Currently, they are also offering a free plan that includes 50 monitors and 5-minute monitoring frequency. They also offer a desktop app for getting downtime alerts so no need to visit the mailbox on a daily basis. Moreover, the company got the trust of some giants such as Microsoft, Panasonic, and Kaspersky, etc. Thanks for sharing it.

Powered by Invision Community. I am trying to decide which platform to use. The very basic plan named as SMALL and allow you to add 5 monitors.

Their distinguish feature is the places from where your site being monitor. I think https://www.pingrely.com is a good add to the list, We are using It since two years now without any problem, The mobile app is really cool too. paid for the full license.

When you go into details first of all uptime statistics are given and then the response time of each location with fine graphics. The reason of enlisting them is that you will get a lot of solutions at one place. – interval frequency: every 5 minutes

See the list below for the npm package names, or search npm.. I have a user key. Try CULA, I use it all the time — https://cula.io, Hello, thanks for the comparison of website monitoring tools! SABnzbd would not need to pay Pushover anything at all.

It’s like a nightmare when the site goes down. Free or not, the SABnzbd authors will not deal with PushOver in any way. Instead of purchasing a plan you just need to buy the credits. You can mute the check at any point in time. At personal plan, you can monitor upto 5 URL’s. Windows by badgcoupe » November 12th, 2012, 5:37 pm, Post Couldn't afford the toys back in the day? You can integrate the Pushover, Pushbullet, HipChat and Slack and many other apps for receiving the notifications. We will consider this while updating this article in future. First of all select a well reputed and reliable web hosting company.

Push to your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad notifications from a Mac or Windows computer, or from a multitude of apps and services.Easily integrate the Prowl API into your applications. It's possible to update the information on Pushover or report it as discontinued, duplicated or spam.

You may find them costly, and yes they are. Moreover, different reports like uptime and response time are also available in the free account to measure the performance trends. Your site being monitored from the 8 different cities located on different continents.

Web You can also add custom ports, SSL monitoring and generate the RUM reports to keep an eye on the average load time. Moreover, you can configure the Slack and, Webhooks and Pager duty for receiving alerts.

I can comment on pushover. The thing that makes uptime robot a great choice is the advance notification.

After adding the monitor, you can even track the specific pages of your website. – Monitoring locations: Europe, Canada and USA Because when the site takes more time to load it is still online and a customer can get into it. That's right, all the lists of alternatives are crowd-sourced, and that's what makes the data powerful and relevant. Updown.io offers services but in a different style. But this includes various limitations such as test perform after 5 minutes and check the site from the random locations. Moreover, they do content matching which looks for a particular string in your site, and if that string is not present, then you will receive the alert. No need for cables!.

It offers lifetime retention period. Alternatives to Pushover for Android, Windows, Web, iPhone, Android Tablet and more. The plan also includes 25 SMS alerts.

Pushbullet vs Pushalot vs Pushover? Moreover, a part of the load time is in your hands.

The first two plans cost low if we compared them with Pingdom basic plan. There are a lot of services such as HTTP, ping, ports, certificate expirations, databases, CPU, HDD monitoring and much more. A 30 days trial account requires no credit card and can perform 10k checks. For those unfamiliar, Weaponizer Class Transformers have the unique ability to be modular, so you could literally take them apart and reassemble them to fit on other Transformers for an added cool factor. Rapidspike does the Global monitoring, generate graphical reports and allow users to configure the alert sensitivity. Also, they offer 30 days money back guarantee which is great in case if you are not satisfied after purchasing. The short monitoring frequency enables you to keep an eye on the uptime. to inform the users when the site goes down and up. I would like some help as I still cannot get it to work. The current lineup you see comprises of entries from Wave 2 (released April 27) and Wave 3 (May 31).

Windows Windows Android Tablet By adding a test, you can examine the Uptime as well as performance. In fact, we think he’s one of the best looking guys here!