We took the railroad to a little town (station) near by, and then took a narrow gauge road – we went on this, riding all night, at a very fast rate of speed, and came to a town on a very big lake (Salt Lake). They piled him into a wagon with the rest of the dead police men on top of him. They are wankan. The people assembled called a council, and the Chief’s son went to see the Great Father, who sent word to us to remain 14 days in that camp and that then he would come to see us. The soldiers under Reno and Benteen were also attacked and 47 of them were killed before they were rescued by the arrival of General Alfred Terry and his army. He fell with his face down. We left our wagons here and took the railroad, the fish-eaters telling us there were some more Indians along the railroad who wanted to see us. The bodies of the dead policemen and Sitting Bull were then placed in an army wagon and delivered to the authorities at Fort Yates, where the Police were given military honors at burial, and the body of Sitting Bull was buried in a corner of the Military Cemetery, where it still is – a place of much interest. I was under orders so I killed him. What I am going to say is the truth. However, this is not a true picture, but one originating within the egotistical brain of white men. Custer assumed the numbers were much less than that and instead of waiting for the main army under General Alfred Terry to arrive, he decided to attack the encampment straight away. He said he was glad to see me anyway and that the whites and Indians were all friends. However, when they allowed him to put on some clothes (he slept in the raw) and took him out and some police saddled the grey horse which Wm. Her father was Red Thunder (Wahkiya Luta).”  But not the one who was father of Waaneta. It really means Red War Club. I told them what I said were words of God Almighty, who was looking down on them. When we were assembled he began to sing, and he commenced to tremble all over violently for a while, and then sat down. Replying to your telegram of this date Secretary directs that you make no arrests whatever except under orders of the military or upon an order from the Secretary of Interior. The troops still refrained from fire, however, and he, seeing the utter hopelessness of his position, led his followers back to the reservation in December 1890. Durch Sitting Bulls Zuspruch gewann der „Geistertanz“ im Nordwesten der Prärie immer mehr Anhänger – und wurde zur gefährlichen Massenbewegung. Und ich will lieber kämpfend sterben, ehe irgendein Weißer mich dazu machen soll.“, „Es entsprach nicht seiner Persönlichkeit, die Freiheit und die kulturelle Autonomie aufzugeben, die sein Volk zu einem großen Volk gemacht hatten“, charakterisiert der Historiker Robert Utley den Helden seiner Sitting-Bull-Biografie. We told him to go with us. I also got the top of my right ear shot off. Sir: Referring to the subject of office letter “L” dated June 7 last, and my reply of the 18th of same month relative to rumors of a prospective outbreak among the Sioux, I have the honor to state that there is now considerable excitement and some disaffection existing among certain Indians of this agency. All the Indians from the Bannock Agency down to where I finally stopped danced this dance (referring to the late religious dances at the Cheyenne Agency), the white often dancing it themselves. A.R.Chapin, Surgeon, accompanied the column. Mit mehr als 2000 Kriegern attackierten die Indianer Custer am 25. Sitting Bull was also present. I shot Sitting Bull in the left side. Conversations with Red Tomahawk, Sept and Oct 1915 …, “I can show my fathers back for a long time. As well as attacking army patrols Sitting Bull's warriors waged war against the Crow and Shoshone. Kick the Bear:  They gave the first ghost dance at Sitting Bull’s camp on the Grand River upon the Standing Rock Reservation. 3. The Story of Atlantis:  Marcellus Red Tomahawk was visiting me once in Bismarck, and asked me to tell him a long story for him to take home to tell to the people. They stayed there quietly until the dancers had gone to their lodges, then, in a close mass, they charged among the tipis and a picked detail of six or seven police dismounted at the log shack of Sitting Bull, quickly gained entrance, lit a match to locate Sitting Bull, blew it out and secured him. So can Chief Grass. They would have meat and tobacco and gifts. Then occurred a short, desperate Indian combat, in which Sitting Bull and quite a number of his immediate followers were killed, as well as five of the principal friendly Indian police who had made the arrest. About the time the soldiers went up the Rosebud I was lying in my lodge asleep, when this man appeared and told me that the Indians had gotten into trouble, and I was frightened. They would do that then. Seeing in the public press of the country so many absurd reports and ridiculous accounts regarding the arrest and death of “Sitting Bull,” I feel called upon in justice to the Indians of this Agency, 90 per cent of whom are loyal and well-disposed, and in justice to the police force in particular, to give the following statement of facts which I desire given to the Associated Press or some of the leading journals of the country. Goff when Goff was an itinerant photographer operating from Portage, Wisconsin. His name was Mato Watakpe. Here's his story. Catch the Bear, forty-four years old; killed. Die WELT als ePaper: Die vollständige Ausgabe steht Ihnen bereits am Vorabend zur Verfügung – so sind Sie immer hochaktuell informiert. If any one of you think I am not telling the truth, you can go and see this man I speak of yourselves. On or about the 15th of October last, while Kicking Bear, who came from Cheyenne River Reservation upon an invitation from Sitting Bull to organize a ghost dance at his camp, he (Sitting Bull) broke his pipe of peace, which he had kept in his house since his surrender as a prisoner of war in July, 1881. He frequently boasted to Indians, who reported the same to me, that he was not afraid to die and wanted to fight, but I considered that mere idle talk and always believed that when the time for his arrest came and the police appeared in force in his camp, with men at their head whom he knew to be determined, that he would quietly accept the arrest and accompany them to the Agency, but the result of the arrest proved the contrary. He is identified on one list as a Northern Cheyenne, and on another as a Hunkpapa. Even when some discretion and latitude of action is given to the subordinate to meet unanticipated events, in his own way and according to the circumstances which might arise, he still is responsible that his action at such times is in entire accord with the “spirit” of his instructions and as nearly as may be possible, with the expressed will and desire of the commander. He went down these tracks and died. With Howard Keel, Joan Caulfield, Broderick Crawford, Scott Brady. I shot Sitting Bull in the left side. Thousands of lives have been taken, both white and red. While he had influence it was all directed in the wrong path. It is a little singular that the last real encounter of this greatest of Indian chieftains should have been a tragedy in which he was to fall by the hands of men of his own race. Before any of you come to a conclusion regarding the mooted question of whether or not the Lt. Col., commanding the 7th Cavalry, did nor did not obey orders – please bear in mind that courtesy of phraseology in an order takes nothing from the force of the order itself. I wish some of you had been up in our camp here to have heard my words to the Cheyennes. Both Alexander Middle and Red Tomahawk made application for pension under the act of March 4, 1917 and both claims were rejected. The expected benefits of this treaty never realized by the Sioux. I had hold of his left arm and I had my gun in my hand, too. Weil die Behörden sein Charisma fürchteten, wurde er gejagt und im Dezember 1890 erschossen. We also put a small headstone to designate each one by name. police officer and put his warrior days behind him. Crow Foot (Sitting Bull’s son), seventeen years old; killed. Shave Head stood one on each side of Sitting Bull, with Second Sergt. He had an adopted son. Chief John Grass:  Did not dance this dance, but he lived down there on Grande River, too. When Sitting Bull was to be arrested by the Indian Police, Red Tomahawk rode to several different points along the river from Fort Yates, to collect the police together. He said: “I am the man who made everything you see around you. At the end of this time I was sent back to try to teach them. He said there never was a white man who did not hate the Indian and there never was an Indian who did not hate the white man. On Friday afternoon the 12th instant an order to secure the person of Sitting Bull was received, but as I desired the arrest to be made without bloodshed, and knew the temper of his followers in the blind religious craze, the wisdom of attempting it at that time was contrary to my judgment, and in consultation with Col. „Ich werde bis zu meinem Tod bleiben, was ich bin, ein Jäger“: Häuptling Tatanka Yotanka (Sitting Bull, 1831–1890) im Jahr 1885, „Der Erzfeind ist tot“: Sitting Bull als charismatischer Führer. Quelle: MS Am 2337, Houghton Library, Harvard University, Sitting Bull und Buffalo Bill im Jahr 1885, Mit dieser List besiegte Sitting Bull General Custer, Auftritt der Präriegiganten in South Dakota, Selfies von der Schlacht am Little Bighorn, General Custers letzte Fahne soll Millionen bringen, Joe Biden hält die wichtigste Rede seiner jahrzehntelangen Karriere, Michelle Obama – „Trump ist der falsche Präsident für unser Land“, 200.000 Dollar pro Rede. There were lots of shots then. The next morning, when we went to eat breakfast, the Christ was with us. Some prior movements I would like to see completed.