Now Ring Dings...THOSE were my favorites! I remember buying ring dings for .10 cents in the sixties. does anyone remember the really big drakes coffee cake. Not a Funny Bone, a Ring Ding that had peanut butter inside. Chocolate cake filled with REAL cream and covered in dark chocolate mmmmmmm-MM. Please please please bring back the DEVIL DOGS AND RING DINGS. I am SO happy I found this page! Do you hear me? Maybe if we all wrote and asked them to come out with a special edition for all of us Ring Ding lovers, based on the original size, specs, and packaging? Does anybody have any photos? google_ad_channel = "9301152533"; I'd willingly pay top dollar for a box of those. Lucky for me they relocated. Does anyone remember when RING DINGS were full sized and sold as a single? Oh, I though it was my imagination...It doesn't taste the same. I would buy for for $.10 and just savor it. Drake's Cakes Spring Break Vacation Bundle! Even on the bottom? Anybody that knows Drakes Cakes especially the Ring Dings back in the day when they individually wrapped each one in foil. Go to Youtube and search: Classic Drake's Ring Ding TV Commercial The kid playing Dracula. Sure do wish we had some now. google_color_text = "000000"; 4 Ways Artificial Intelligence Will Transform Food Businesses, Food Manufacturing Metrics That Matter to Production Operations. it was the size of a regular cake. Unfortunately they don't taste the same as I remember as a kid in the Bronx in the early 60s, though. I grew up in the suburbs of the Boston area in the early 60's and enjoyed the Devil dogs as a kid. I still get Ring Dings and Yodels when I go back to NY, and you can order them online these days, too. The best part ,which no one has mentioned ,were the 5 chocolate filled holes on the top, where the cream filling was injected then the chocolate covering filled them in! Report: What's the Cost of Doing Nothing? There was a white cardboard underneath it that you could hold onto while you ate it and not get the chocolate on your hands. The cake to cream to frosting ratio was different (more cake) so it tasted better to me. They WERE huge! (PS. - Last updated on I stock up when I go home. (pause) And you can buy 'em at the store. Alpine Yodels Cookies & Creme Brownies Mini Pound Cakes Fudge Dipped Devil Dogs® Devil Dogs® Ring Dings® Yodels® Yankee Doodles® Funny Bones® Coffee Cakes Fruit … I really miss those! With lots of creamy stuff. I believe they made choc chip, peanut butter and my absolute favorite coconut! will also be “brought out of retirement​” and will join other Drake's products in stores throughout the northeast of the US in the coming weeks, McKee Foods' corporate communications director Mike Gloekler told FoodNavigator-USA. Glad I found this page! I remember one commercial where two boys in paper hats are rolling back and forth in large metal cylinders wishing they “had a ring ding”. I don't remember Ring Dings with PB inside, like some people have mentioned, or the Golden ones with the chocolate filling, so maybe they were only offered for a limited time or in test markets. I want the ones that HOSTESS MAKES. These are now sold in the vending machine here in NYC for $1.25 for a small package of two. Long live the Ring Ding! Drake's Cakes original Ring Dings are often imitated, never duplicated. In the late seventies, early '80s, Ring Dings were it. ... For some reason, the new owners of the company discontinued producing yodels like that, and instead copied the drakes SWISS ROLL, and just added chocolate frosting to it. Boy: Even on the bottom? Does anyone remember Golden cake ring dings and cupcakes? Then at the end after polishing off the Ring Ding, while they are lamenting their empty hands, one says “Ring Ding, Ring Ding, Wish I had another Ring Ding!” I’d love to see that commercial!! I USED TO OPEN A BOX OF THE RING DINGS JR THAT CAME IN A GOLD ALUMINUM WRAPPER AND THE REGULAR SIZE 3" ONES AND EAT AWAY. A New York favorite since 1958. i think it was called a boston cream ring ding. Devil Dogs, Yodels, Coffeecakes, Funny Bones, Ring Dings… Boy: Sam, what's a Ring Ding? I was researching the original Ring Ding Commercial, which I can't find by the way, but I am so happy to read all these comments. Does anyone know of any existing Ring Ding commercials from the 50's/60's? Soupy's show was produced there and syndicated nationally. "ring ding , ring ding ,wish I had a ring ding ,Sam , whats a ring ding - " its a chocolate cake " yeah " and in the middle there's all frosting..... does anyone know where we get hear that commercial , NOW THATS OLD !!!! i remember back in the 60's & 70's going to the deli & buying the big ring ding a can of cott soda & one bazooka joe bubble gum for just a quarter. As with all these snacks, nothing made them go down better than with a nice, tall glass of milk. Snacks, Came on a white square piece if card board and wrapped in cellophane. Weren't they wrapped individually in pseudo tin foil. They were the bomb. But not the Ring Ding. By the time we got hold of the recipes in April, there weren’t any products left​ to compare​ to​. were they good!!! Boy: I got a nickel. Glenn: Drake's cupcakes were called Cream Cakes. google_ad_width = 120; I heard it was rather creepy and I want to SEE it! But then again, licking the foil was always a treat! Bought them at the corner store for about 10 - 15 cents. Yeah. And licorice whip too. Hostess no longer makes Drakes cakes. And no theyey were chocolate cake, not white cake, unless they had a special version in some areas :). I absolutely remember the Ring Dings with a much bigger diameter, one to a package. i remember the song...... ring ding, ring ding, wish i had a ring ding........... it sure brings back old times. I remember going up to my neighbors when I was younger and she bought them just for us.. She use to tell us not to bring the other kids in the neighborhood otherwise she'd have to give out the regular ones. 1958/9) between two young boys wearing paper hats and playing in large open-ended metal drums=> Sam: Ring Ding, Ring Ding, wish I had a Ring Ding. I remembered a larger, ring ding like cake, but didn't realize until I saw this board that it was the original ring ding before they were made smaller. About 10 came in a box, and they were a favorite in my metal Barbie lunch box. The return of brands from the former Hostess stable including Devil Dogs, Ring Dings, Yodels and Drake’s Coffee Cake on Monday will be followed by several other Drake’s products in … Chocolate covered, small round chocolate cakes with cream in the middle. I loved Ring Dings and still do. Mid sixties to early seventies? Boy: Yeah? I went to a family reunion up in New Hampshire back in 2007 and saw them in a convienance store and purchased a box. Free newsletter Drake’s Twinkie-like snack cake brand Zoinks! Manufacturers, Posted by James Accomando, Both: Ring Ding, Ring Ding, we're gonna get a Ring Ding. Originated in Brooklyn around 1887, Drake Bros. was owned by Borden's for decades, until 1987. The following are comments left about Ring Dings from site visitors such as yourself. Glad I found this, what a simpler time we all seem to remember, snacks were shared and they were fun, I miss those special times. google_color_link = "A74403";