started work, nor do I have any memory of the blast.   

In an April 26 letter to the families of the 12 men who died at Sago, McCloy, 26, tells how the miners fought to stay alive until rescue teams could find them and how they shared their air supplies with each other to ward off deadly carbon monoxide poisoning.

PITTSBURGH—When miners rushed to put on their self-rescuers providing oxygen following a deadly explosion January 2 at the Sago Mine in West Virginia, at least four of the units failed, says Randal McCloy, the sole survivor of that disaster. The letter mentions several mining terms: a "man-trip" is a vehicle that transports miners, a "rescuer" is an emergency air pack, and a "coal rib" is a mine wall.

I've read everything he's written, and he convinced me that DHA could play a role in Mr. McCloy's recovery. "I certainly think it played a big role," Bailes said. We had to take off the rescuers in order to hammer as hard as we could. “I do not recall whether I had I cannot explain why I was spared while the others perished.

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Randal McCloy was the lone survivor of the Sago Mine disaster that killed 12 of his fellow West Virginia miners in January 2006. “We recommend allowing flexibility for an operator” at the early stages of an accident, said Dale Byram, a manager at Jim Walter Resources Inc. in Brookwood, Alabama, at the hearing in Lakewood, Colorado, according to the April 24 Lexington-Herald Leader, a daily published in Kentucky.

“Their oxygen resources far exceed what is provided to miners in this country.”.

The oil was an integral daily part of Randall McCloy's treatment for the next several months.

McCloy endured more than 40 hours trapped underground in a collapsed mine exposed to carbon monoxide before being liberated. Bailes said the blood test numbers were "right on the money." We are here to help and encourage you! The heavy smoke and fumes caused them to quickly return. It was clear that there was nothing I could do to help him.

We attempted to signal our location to the surface by beating on the mine bolts and plates. There were not enough rescuers to go around. Today the damage to his heart, kidneys, and liver has been reversed, and he is home with his family. Methane is explosive within a range of 5 to 15 percent.

“If the agencies in the industry are serious about giving miners the best chance for survival when all other means of escape fail, the safety chambers would be in the mine today. We never heard a responsive blast or shot from the surface.”.

CBN's ministry is made possible by the support of our CBN Partners. As with any natural product, individual results will vary. Needless to say, his outlook appeared very bleak. The transcripts of those hearings were released to the Charleston Gazette-Mail after it filed a Freedom of Information Act request to get them.

Most media did not initially publicize one important fact in McCloy’s letter—high levels of methane in the mine a few weeks before the blast. October 28, 2019 Jarwato Disaster. The air was so bad that we had to abandon our escape attempt and return to the coal rib, where we hung a curtain to try to protect ourselves. “We had to take off the rescuers in order to hammer as hard as we could. We Insist: A Timeline Of Protest Music In 2020, Mine Company Says Deadly Explosion Caused by Lightning, Investigation Looms After Sago Mine Deaths, Understanding Miner Safety, Mine Conditions. Meanwhile, the trapped workers inside were fighting with all the strength they had left to send signals of their location. At least four of the rescuers did not function. (AP) -- Excerpts of a letter sent to victims' families this week by Randal McCloy Jr., the sole survivor of the Sago Mine disaster.

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MORGANTOWN, W.Va., June 28 — As they sat behind a curtain that held back thick smoke but not carbon monoxide, the doomed crew of the Sago Mine …

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He sent me his product, which was the main source in his treatments.". I wrote a letter to Anna and my children.

"Barry's our hero," Bailes said recently. We prayed a little longer, then someone suggested that we each write letters to our loved ones. The air behind the curtain grew worse, so I tried to lie as low as possible and take shallow breaths. CBN is a global ministry committed to preparing the nations of the world for the coming of Jesus Christ through mass media. “It looks like they’re trying to blame the miners here and that’s not the right way to go,” Smith said. – In what most people are describing as a medical miracle, Randall McCloy Jr., the only surviving miner of the West Virginia Sago Mine disaster, has returned home.

• ABC News; January 3, 2006, Rescuers Break Ground in Miner Mission. The company took no action despite the danger. Melissa Block talks with West Virginia Public Radio's Dan Heyman. We never heard a responsive blast or shot from the surface. I shared my rescuer with Jerry Groves, while Junior Toler, Jesse Jones, and Tom Anderson sought help from others.

When I finished writing, I put the letter in Jackie Weaver's lunch box, where I hoped it would be found.