So I think the idea that there was some big concealment is an unfair characterization.”.

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Her skin color also seemed lighter than usual in the video. “I know my father did not know Jerry was a pedophile and did not suspect he was a pedophile.

Paterno was on Penn State's staff for seventeen seasons, twelve of which he served as the quarterbacks coach. As Reuters reported, Scott Paterno responded to this story on Twitter by saying, "All bunk."

We’ll share that email one more time and let you decide if it proves anything: Evan Engram had an ugly drop that cost his New York Giants in their 22-21 loss to the Philadelphia Eagles at Lincoln Financial Field on Thursday night in Philadelphia. Scott Paterno lives in Southampton, NJ; previous cities include Pennsauken NJ, Mount Holly NJ and Maple Shade NJ. Brady’s New England Patriots lost to Foles’ Philadelphia Eagles 41-33 in Supe, Carson Wentz knows his Philadelphia Eagles pulled out an ugly win against the New York Giants at Lincoln Financial Field on Thursday night.

It’s really an opinion. We had no input and the portrayal is uninformed." The Giants took a 21-10 lead in the game with just over six minutes to. Scott asks his father in the film. “I think the idea that there was a culture of concealment … you look at the 1998 incident,” said Paterno, “There was a report incident handed to the county D.A.

His response was embarrassing. Through his father's reputation, Scott understood what it meant to be a public figure, and therefore he knew what was at stake when he learned about the accusations against Sandusky. We don’t even know the topic of that conversation between Tim Curley and Joe Paterno, so we don’t know how closely he was following it.

While Sandusky's abhorrent mistreatment of 10 boys, according to USA Today, became the focus of headlines during the 2011 trials, the film focuses on the question of Paterno's involvement and knowledge of his assistant coach's sexual abuse. Paterno, played by Al Pacino in the film out April 7, was known as "The winningest coach in college football history." HBO's new movie, Paterno, focuses on Joe Paterno's involvement in Jerry Sandusky's Penn State sexual abuse scandal. “I honestly believe that it [sic] a situation where people who thought they were doing the right thing made mistakes,”

As Posnanski's book recalls, Scott learned about the indictment against Sandusky before it officially came out through his legal sources, and he took it upon himself to get the truth from his father. Scott has frequently taken to Twitter to deny certain claims against his father, who died in 2012 at 85. Asked to respond to the charge from the commission that Paterno showed callous disregard for the victims, Jay offered up the following: “I think we have to keep in context one thing. (Photo by Chris Gardner/Getty Images), LeBron James Reveals His Message For The Late Kobe Bryant, Deion Sanders Has Landed His First 2 Recruiting Commitments, Le’Veon Bell Is Reportedly Deciding Between 5 NFL Teams, ESPN’s Paul Finebaum Reacts To Nick Saban Testing Positive, Conor McGregor Announces He’s Accepted A UFC Fight, NFL “Discussing” New Playoff Scenario, Per Adam Schefter, LeBron James Has A Blunt Message For Vice President Mike Pence, Look: LeBron Reveals What He’s Watching After The NBA Finals, WWE Star John Cena Is Officially A Married Man, Look: Patrick Mahomes Had An Interesting Twitter Follow Today, The Betting Line Has Been Updated For Alabama-Georgia, Dabo Swinney Reacts To Nick Saban Testing Positive For COVID, The NFC East Is Getting Trashed During Monday Night Football, Ezekiel Elliott Is Having A Disastrous First Half On Monday Night, Urban Meyer Names Ohio State’s ‘True’ Challenge In Big Ten, Andy Reid Gives Simple Reason For Chiefs Signing Le’Veon Bell, CBS Reveals Week 8 College Football Top 10, 49ers Announce Injury Update For RB Raheem Mostert, NASCAR Announces Decision On Driver Kyle Larson, Hot Mic Appears To Catch Troy Aikman, Joe Buck Mocking Flyover, Le’Veon Bell Posts 3-Word Message Watching The Chiefs Play, Leonard Fournette Reveals How He Felt About Being Inactive Yesterday, NFL World Reacts To Getting Football At 5 P.M. Today, Big 12 Running Back Decides To Opt Out After 4 Games.

While Paterno's family did not comment on CNN's 2017 story, Scott responded to a 2016 report that Paterno allegedly learned about Sandusky's misconduct all the way back in 1976. He might have co-coached the Pennsylvania State football team with … That hard evidence has been lost on Paterno’s sons Scott and Joe. Scott had been correct, as his father was fired as the head football coach after 46 years with Penn State in 2011, according to CNN.

Meanwhile, Jay Paterno, a former Penn State coach, came off looking even worse during an interview on SportsCenter. The commission’s most incriminating evidence against Joe Paterno comes from information found in two emails. A 2001 email from Curley to Schultz said Curley no longer wanted to confront Sandusky about the shower incident McQueary witnessed after “talking it over with Joe (Paterno).”. Never happened. When you judge peoples’ actions in a historical event it is always human nature to judge those events based on the information that we have now in 2012.

He might have co-coached the Pennsylvania State football team with Sandusky, but Paterno also focuses on Scott Paterno, Joe's son who is now working as a consultant in Pennsylvania, according to his LinkedIn profile. Do what is right.’ Joe has been the only leader in this entire situation to say that with the benefit of hindsight he wished he would have done more. Joe and Sue had 5 children together: Diana, Mary Kay, David, Scott, and Jay; they all graduated from Penn State. “The idea that he followed it closely is a gap that was filled in by this commission.

Whatever your opinion of Paterno may be, HBO's Paterno will likely provide new insights into how the family grappled with its patriarch's fall from grace.

I think for people to immediately accept that conclusion based on one sentence in two different emails is something that needs to be investigated further.”. Joe is mentioned in one sentence in two different emails.

Powered by BizBudding Inc. STATE COLLEGE, PA - SEPTEMBER 12: Head coach Joe Paterno of the Penn State Nittany Lions walks on to the field before the start of their game against the Syracuse Orangemen at Beaver Stadium September 12, 2009 in State College, Pennsylvania. After asking Paterno repeatedly if he knew anything, the coach's son told Posnanski, "I had to do everything I could to not cry right then. Daniel Jones gave fans a big laugh when he tripped to spoil what would have been a long touchdown run during the third quarter of his New York Giants’ game against the Philadelphia Eagles at Lincoln Financial Field on Thursday night.

It's not the first time that Scott has taken to Twitter to question the veracity of HBO's Paterno. The trial following Sandusky's 45 counts of child sexual abuse had an effect on Paterno's whole family, with Scott being the first to realize that Sandusky's actions would have a major impact on his father's career.

He reported what he saw in 2001, and the 1998 case was investigated.”, Scott omits the information from the email that says Curley decided not to address Sandusky’s 2001 anal rape of a child after “talking it over with Joe.”. In no way shape or form did anybody believe that he was a child predator. We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us.

", Scott and his family maintain that Paterno had no idea about Sandusky's history of committing sexual abuse before 2001, but a 2017 report came out which claimed that a man named Mike McQueary approached the coach in 2001 to report that he witnessed Sandusky acting inappropriately with a boy in the locker room. Scott Paterno, still an asshole This guy has spent his entire life riding on the coattails of his famous dad.

Ayesha Curry changed her hairstyle after going viral for her new look. The Arab News mentions Paterno as a “writer and consultant on politics, leadership, crisis communications and public relations.” You can read the full column here .

All rights reserved. The man rarely swore and never in front of mom.

… a state psychiatrist was involved. “I honestly believe that it [sic] a situation where people who thought they were doing the right thing made mistakes,” Scott Paterno told The Patriot-News. He was a slacker in college but thanks to his dad's connections he was able to get into law school. It’s an opinion that they have. “Mike McQueary came to Joe Paterno and he turned it over to his superiors as he’s required to do by the Cleary act. He created Penn State's "HD offense" which utilized skill … As HBO's movie portrays, the sexual assault scandal affected everyone in Paterno's family, largely because the coach had been a beloved figure among Penn State football fans for many years. "Dad, did you know about Jerry?" Scott also answers to Scott V Patero, Scott Victor Paterno, Paterno Scott and Scott V Paterno, and perhaps a couple of other names. Patrick Smith/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images, Scott Paterno, Joe's son who is now working, Paterno allegedly learned about Sandusky's misconduct.

Obviously Joe has felt like he wished he would have known more so he could have done more.”. Those things don’t really matter in life. A tip of the iceberg I am sure but just a reminder - this is a work of fiction. View G. Scott Paterno’s profile on LinkedIn, the world's largest professional community. In 2001 when this was brought to Joe’s attention, Jerry Sandusky had never been charged with a crime. A 1998 email from Tim Curley to Gary Schultz said Paterno was “anxious to know” where the investigation stood. According to USA Today, McQueary's claim contributed to Sandusky's 2012 conviction, but it wasn't until four years later that CNN reported that Joe Paterno had told McQueary that it "was the second complaint of this nature he had received.". Together, Joe and Sue Paterno have donated millions of dollars to Penn State and to other charities, most notably, the Special Olympics. There are no new facts in here, just some new interpretations of things.”. Philanthropy.

He really didn't do much with his degree except a few lame attempts at running for political office (as GOP of course). On April 4, Scott tweeted in reference to the HBO film, "Just read one review which quotes dad as saying “goddamn” to my mother. The Freeh investigation into the events surrounding Jerry Sandusky’s child sexual abuse concluded that Joe Paterno knew about the 1998 shower incident and that he was instrumental in administering a cover-up of Sandusky’s crimes. But that wasn’t all he offered. On Sunday, Ayesha posted a video on Instagram that showed her hair with a blond color. G. Scott has 6 jobs listed on their profile. Joe Paterno knew about the 1998 shower incident, Evan Engram addresses his ugly drop in Giants’ loss, Ayesha Curry changes hair after drawing attention for blond look, Tom Brady has no good explanation for Nick Foles handshake snubs, Carson Wentz doesn’t mind getting ‘ugly’ win against Giants, JJ Redick had big role in recruiting Stan Van Gundy to Pelicans, Patrick Mahomes had hilarious reaction to Daniel Jones tumbling on long run. Everything I saw in the Freeh commission report supports that. He did his best to poke holes in the Freeh report but instead came off looking like a liar and man in denial. Tom Brady has failed to shake hands with Nick Foles twice after being beaten by him, and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback has no good reason why.

“It’s easy to say that there was callous indifference, but anybody that knows Joe Paterno knows that there is no way shape or form Joe Paterno would’ve put anybody in harm’s way for another win, or for his legacy, or for bad publicity.

"Dad, you have to face the possibility that you will never coach another game," Scott reportedly said. Paterno, played by Al Pacino in the film out April 7, was known as "The winningest coach in college football history." According to sports writer Joe Posnanski's biography of the coach, as quoted in GQ, Scott called his father after reading the presentment of Sandusky's trial.