Kids menu is available to children 12 or younger.

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CHOICE OF CIABATTA, SOURDOUGH OR WHOLE WHEAT. SEAFOOD COCKTAILS Fish - Alaskan Cod, Lightly Breaded ..…. ?�����_��w�z���l����������7�6��&���o�>� f���~@;��Y��u������������x����f����������������%���ۯϏ�o_��O�~~����o���||��|���j�_�a��ﯯϗ`__�/��,~������6��綻����I��/O6����줗��_�_��^>>�wҧ;^�?���}�}{�x~ I��?ޞ�^~ߑ�@f��������{��珏/�ξ�{~}y]�O�<5�/*�����e�[��v���r�}��|>���^�_^�n0�z��:3����m __ y� �x� ������S��篏��|���5�}�~�z��a�O�>��iԻ��������u�!��s��Q�7�?ߝ�Zs�����7N���>^����[��X7,��_�q��!���J^�����poL�����kq ��������������4�����t� �л��n���_��yF=�|�[����h�o��������J Ԅ�������G��0�x���JϤ/����'�j���z���Y���b������ťA�$�1�7�pe�_��^��${���7�>�i��g��yNB����n��y5�x�0M�H���5��.
4 0 obj 4 0 obj CRAB TRIO chilled Dungeness, Jumbo Lump & king Crab, POKE NACHOS fresh ahi, avocado, green onions, spicy mayo, PERUVIAN SCALLOPS on the half shell (4) rockefeller style with crispy bacon, CRISPY DUNGENESS CRAB WONTONS sweet chili sauce, COCONUT SHRIMP honey mustard horseradish sauce, JUMBO LUMP MEAT CRAB CAKES (2) whole grain mustard & beurre blanc, OYSTERS ROCKEFELLER BAKED (1/2 dozen chef’s selection), CHOWDER FRIES new england chowder, bacon, melted cheese & green onions, CALIFORNIA ROLL king crabmeat (with or w/out mayo), NEW ZEALAND GREENLIP MUSSELS 1/2 CLAMS & 1/2 MUSSELS, NEW ENGLAND (WHITE) OR MANHATTAN (RED) CUP OR BOWL, CLAM CHOWDER & BABY MIXED GREENS, BALSAMIC VINIGRETTE, DANISH BLEU, CANDIED WALNUTS, SHRIMP & SCALLOPS mesquite grilled, white truffle oil, walnuts, hearts of palm & avocado, VERLASSO SALMON cold poached cucumber salad, VERLASSO SALMON GREEK SALAD mesquite grilled, feta cheese, POKE BOWL fresh ahi & verlasso salmon, king crab, greens, brown rice, avocado & wasabi ponzu, BAY SHRIMP & BABY SPINACH bacon bits, egg & mushrooms, BLUE PLATE SPECIAL ​halibut salad, mixed greens, cup of soup, CALAMARI STEAK breaded & sauteed, ciabatta, melted jack, grilled onions, mushrooms, garlic chive aióli, KOBE CHEESEBURGER cheddar, garlic, chive aióli, ICELANDIC COD crispy fried lettuce, tomato & cheddar, CAPTAIN’S PLATTER (shrimp, scallops, halibut) mesquite broiled, JUMBO LUMP-MEAT CRAB CAKES whole-grain mustard sauce & lemon beurre blanc, WILD MEXICAN SHRIMP fresh tomato, basil, garlic angel hair pasta, WILD MEXICAN BAY SCALLOPS fresh shiitake, oyster mushroom cream sauce, pine nuts asparagus, bow tie pasta or W/ WILD CANADIAN DRY JUMBO SCALLOPS, VERLASSO SALMON BLACKENED cilantro cream sauce fettuccine, TRADITIONAL FISH AND CHIPS (icelandic cod), ORIGINAL FISH COMPANY FISH AND CHIPS (halibut), CAPTAIN’S PLATTER (halibut, scallops, clams & shrimp), FILET MIGNON & SHRIMP BROCHETTE ON A SKEWER, PACIFIC OYSTERS (7) fried or mesquite-broiled. x��Kne˒��>G#���|�5�4�� Sh rim p 15.95 Oyster .17.95 Fried Seafood Platters Served with salad or coleslaw, hushpuppies, dirty rice & french fries Our Fish Tale Parrain's Seafood Restaurant … Shrimp, mussels and marinara sauce over spaghetti with garlic and parmesan. V��i�=uz7~[��:� 9��D?�M(��| _W]7�ҏ�=���l3�;ٞ�m����>m$f��Mx�s��Nlpγ�l��Eס�. Seafood Spaghetti Marinara . Seafood Restaurant Menu - Dinner menu with grilled swordfish, live lobster, steak and much more. %���������
Launch the Gallery Download Menu PDF. x���nG���y4�ݵw3�g[|0��"�ͥm.��J�>�>����u���� VuVfdd�k����s��o�T�ɋp�߅;bx݆���_���C���� g硵m��P�M8��>? 10.91 Squid - Lightly Breaded Calamari ……..……9.98 Smoked Fish - From our own ‘Smoker… MANHATTAN or NEW ENGLAND CLAM CHOWDER, SOUP OF THE DAY or HOUSE SALAD. ​SIX DOLLAR SPLIT CHARGE FOR ALL ENTREES, INCLUDES CHOICE OF SIDES. ;�כ�����}X�k�mX=��|V�= mV'�h�*��+��a�; ���g�.�A{�ʧ�fV쐳3���N�m��/��e��,�N��qg��9�����e��A��1M���w8��Bf_�I��Ȱi2~w�ڤ�kެۦ3a�7� R�E�E����E8-����HZ� ���w � Explore latest menu with photos and reviews. Cold. stream << /Length 5 0 R /Filter /FlateDecode >> ... Our restaurants … �߅*{)S������$����h %PDF-1.3 stream … Home Menus Market Bar Gallery Banquet Room About Media Contact Gifts Dinner Menu Appetizers. %PDF-1.3 ��NT���$E�|��?����Z��*�uQ���uċ�n_���g\m(YBG���nʈ����1 �N� p~'F���1#���3�X%�2� ��ѣ��n�F�ȶ�T�@d ��[��k�ź ��l���-�,0�I� Best Seafood Restaurants in San Diego, California: Find Tripadvisor traveller reviews of San Diego Seafood restaurants and search by price, location, and more. for CAESAR SALAD AND CHOICE OF TWO OF THE FOLLOWING: (available original or spicy with fresh jalapeños, tomatoes, & cilantro with garlic cheese toast). KIDS MENU . Best Seafood Restaurants in San Diego, California: Find Tripadvisor traveler reviews of San Diego Seafood restaurants and search by price, location, and more. Let’s Eat at Steak & Seafood Restaurants Let’s Eat at Steak & Seafood Restaurants Sample Steak & Seafood Restaurant Menu Starters 2\VWHUV RQ WKH +DOI 6KHOO 6KULPS &RFNWDLO Soups … << /Length 5 0 R /Filter /FlateDecode >> KIDS MENU . Menu for Shells Seafood in Tampa, FL.