Responses are not provided or commissioned by the vendor or bank advertiser. When comparing alternatives to Patreon (such as Kickstarter or Indiegogo), you’ll need to decide what factors are most important. Paypal is unscrupulous and very merchant/creator unfriendly. * Graphtreon's Best Guess for unknown earnings is based on a creator's number of patrons, and the earnings of similar creators that do publish earnings information. As it turns out, Patreon recognized the similarities between what it and Memberful have to offer. Why isn’t Ko-fi on this list? Or would you prefer low platform fees? While it was originally a great idea, there’s no way 60 employees can service 50,000 creators. Now I am facing a dilemma; What’s next? Updated daily. Creators may opt out of "Best Guess" by contacting Graphtreon using the contact form . I was wondering if you knew anything about Subscription Star. I want to put my yoga classes, meditation classes, workshop up in a tiered membership with a big of social media capabilities. You probably already know that Kickstarter crowdfunding campaigns do not operate on Patreon’s recurring subscription-like model. We love Fattmerchant's predictable pricing and excellent service. That’s why people give up, and- instead of me growing- my numbers declining. These are great options for some, but for those that are Adult Game Creators, there doesn’t seem to be a realistic or safe option, even a few months after the new rules by Patreon came into play. I am beyond frustrated, as a creator platform, the fact that a creator cannot access their account should be pretty high on the list, but they don’t seem to care in the slightest. Content Updates, Free Guides, and Discounts, The Complete Guide To Understanding A POS System’s Offline Mode & Credit Card Processing, Everything You Need To Know About Small Business Payroll, Beginner's Guide to Starting an Online Store, Advanced Guide to Growing Your Online Store. Responses have not been reviewed, approved or otherwise endorsed by the vendor or bank advertiser. Every other week!! Jason Vissers is a writer and cereal chef from San Diego. ), so this funding solution will require more of your time and energy than Patreon does. ShopKeep POS is one of our top picks for Point of Sale software! Tier three! (Some content restrictions, though, owe more to the changing policies of payment processors and new laws such as FOSTA-SESTA than to crowdfunding platforms themselves). Memberful isn’t a funding solution for everybody, but for the right sort of creator, it’s worth checking out. If you don’t raise your goal amount within the time frame you specify (anywhere from one to 60 days), you get nothing. Podia — formerly known as Coach — has long offered the ability to sell online courses and digital downloads as standalone purchases. Creating Fallen Doll: Operation Lovecraft - An adult game with VR support. Patreon’s conception of crowdfunding, based as it is on ongoing donations from patrons in exchange for exclusive content, is well-suited to those who produce work that people enjoy but who previously had no means by which to get compensated for their toil. Disclaimer: Merchant Maverick aims to provide accurate and up-to-date information to assist you in your research. Square POS is one of our top picks for Point of Sale! But it seems a damn fine solution for me. Additionally, Jason can't eat raisins. Opinions expressed here are author’s alone. Easily find SBA 7(a)loans alongside other financing options. He is hated by Mallory, Gina, and Carrie. You won’t be getting any of the extra crowdfunding services you’d get with Patreon (reward distribution, patron management, analytics, etc. Home » Blog » Crowdfunding » The 5 Best Patreon Alternatives, Get funded today with one of our top 5 lenders for 2020. Change from Jul 22, 2020 to Oct 22, 2020: Get instant stats for all the creators you support. I am a Creator on Patreon, and as in the beginning was nice and easy, these last months, it’s harder and harder. Chip is MC's best friend and partner in crime. Unlike Patreon, however, Liberapay is open-source and collects no platform fees from what you raise. These payment providers allow people to make recurring payments, so your fans can sign up to support you on a continuing basis (just as with Patreon). Only payment processing fees will be taken out of what you earn. One thing to keep in mind about Kickstarter campaigns is that the funding is all-or-nothing. Check out our tips on how to build a winning Patreon campaign, Find out why Patreon dropped their controversial fee structure, Learn the differences between debt, equity, and rewards crowdfunding. I agree. He's been writing about website builders, crowdfunding sites, online lenders, and credit cards for Merchant Maverick since 2015. Helcim is one of our top picks for payment processing! Helcim has exceptional service and an advanced platform that we highly recommend for businesses in Canada and the US. You have spared me the time to search for alternatives. Your email address will not be published. Thank you. Personally I know nothing more than what’s stated on that website, but it does seem relevant if there really are so few options. This article was written in internet business-speak, so I don’t understand any of it. Memberful’s Pro plan costs $25 per month and cuts the platform fee down to 4.9%. Both the Pro plan and the Premium plan give access to features such as coupon codes and newsletter integrations. Our unbiased reviews and content are supported in part by affiliate partnerships, and we adhere to strict guidelines to preserve editorial integrity. difficult for non-professionals who don’t have a following and money, I know, I tried them and The last time I contacted support, it took that long for them to reply, I had forgotten that I had actualy made the request in the first place. Then again, you’ll get more of every pledge made to you. Fattmerchant is one of our top picks for credit card processing! Unlock 74 exclusive posts. However, if you pull in just a few hundred bucks a month or less, Podia is not a more cost-effective crowdfunding service than Patreon.