139,00 € Palms Metal Witch Quest Alpha SLOW & FALL. These lures have a unique action & can be fished with most retrieve styles. Shimano Ocea series -Well known to the angling field for its powerful, ... Jigwrex Micro Tune Construction Spiral X Family Saltwater Guides Fuji SiC Number of models 2 ... JIGWREX SLOW JIG The specially designed oval-shaped body lets it slash in high pitch and fall slowly like a leaf. Kohga’s advanced hydronamic design through extensive field testing, results in t, Gillies Ockta Jig Lure

Molix Nano Jig è un micro jig nato per la pesca finesse spinning e casting nel bass fishing. Chasing monster Kingfish or Samsons? clienti: giacomo@topwater.itTel.

All Rights Reserved - Top Water di Giacomo Ranieri negozio on-line per la pesca a Spinning e Casting P.IVA 13253271004, Canne Casting Luccio Siluro Offset Handle, Canne Spinning Luccio Siluro Offset Handle. ONLY $99.00 . Target species - Snapper, Pearl Perch, Kingfish, Amberjack Complete this form to sign up for free newsletter.

Maximum action and strong hooks out of the box, tie one on and send it. This style of jig is quickly gaining popularity in Australian waters on all manner of demersal species. The quality BKK assist hooks are nice and strong to give you confidence to apply more pressure on the fish and fight with power. Product Code: BINBIN45- Shimano is introducing another arsenal called ''Coltsniper''. Explorer jigs are designed for slow jigging, light jigging and shore jigging. Features a sliding weighted head for maximum jig action, Jackall Bindama jigs have been smashing the snapper in Japan, and now available here in Australia for all our delicious demersal species. Extensively tested in Japan, the Kohga Bayrubber Jigs from Daiwa are ready to take down your favourite species like pearlies, snapper and tuskies, as well as a myriad of northern reef species.

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5g – 34mm

Slow jigging is one of the more popular styles. The wide centre balanced body creates an enticing action on the drop.

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Brand: Jackall Shimano Backbone Elite Light Spinning Rod 7ft 2-5kg 4pc. Slow jigging keeps the jig in the strike zone for a long period of time, enticing fish to strike, and they are worked almost in the same fashion as soft plastics. Copyright © Anglers Warehouse. With the addition of the Kachi Kachi Gulp!

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The Samaki Ribcage flutters, darts and spirals, its action enhanced by the ribcage design on the rear, portraying an injured baitfish as it bubbles to the depths.