Tantra claims that these aspects of shakti and shiva (energy/consciousness) are not abstractions, but a tangible reality existing within the framework of the body/mind structure. Tantra states that shakti, which represents the subtlest manifestation of energy, lies coiled like a serpent at the root of the spine and is known as kundalini, whereas shiva or consciousness, is located in the region of sahasram rhakm, the highest evolutionary center in man, which is situated at the crown of the head. This is known as expansion of mind but it is unattainable as long as you are bound by your senses. Similarly, energy without consciousness can produce nothing. How does The Tantra Nectar Training Work? Brandon Stark,A popular Game of Thrones Character is crippled,yet has the power see visions. And, if you are able to make your partner as the symbol of the transcendent, beyond all known limits of this world, then you will be able to enjoy the experience fully. But the expansion of mind does not happen overnight. The comprehension of Shiva’s amazing quality enables one to see the unobtrusive universes. It says: “Jiva lives in the man’s body and in the lady’s body also. In order to accelerate the evolution of mind and direct your own transformation, you will have to turn to the practice of tantra and yoga. However, there are some experiences which you can see with your eyes closed.When you wish to eat something you can feel its taste even in the absence of food.You can sometimes hear the sound of music without any instrument to cause it. Just as a river expanding into the ocean loses its limitations and restrictions and take up the shape of the new ocean, similarly the finite mind expands into the cosmic or infinite mind and thus becomes a receptor and transmitter of the truth. A simple way to understand is by imagining it as an electric current. Be that as it may, the Jiva, who, despite what might be expected, has done numerous awful deeds, will never discover his tranquility. According to modern physics,matter and energy are inter-convertible. A child does not grow into an adult overnight. It is compared with a ray of the extraordinary sun Brahma, the Creator. The current which is the source of light is Ishwara. It is portrayed in a wide range of wants. Vedic theology was male orientated and the goddesses or shaktis received only peripheral roles. In the classical folklore, Shiva was exhibited as “the person who Defeats Death.”. This will give you the uplifting experience, which is a lot further than the present world we live in. Tantra helps you re-unite them and make them one. On the off chance that you can distinguish yourself with Shiva-The Transcendent, you will have a significant inner vision over the brilliant play among man and lady. They have to come together and unite within an individual. A Hindu Tantric book, Shiva Samhita, says that “the individuals who can test Shiva’s standards are the heroes, free from the distress and blind emotions, competent, gifted, happy and with a decided and trained mind.”. Shiva forms the fundamental material energy, while Shakti makes this energy come to life. Knowledge gained through a subjective experience is far more accurate and precise than that gained through an objective experience, because it is the consequence of an expanded mind. At that point, the couple will most likely reach the final freedom soon. Time, space and objects exist only as categories of our individual mind. Tantra goes one step further and says matter, energy and consciousness are inter-convertible. One goes through a long range of experiences, some mild, some intense, some pleasant, some unpleasant. OM Maheshwaraya The human mind is a wonderful and amazing piece of intricate machinery which can... We all know that everybody has to undergo miseries and privations in his life. Shiva can perceive how his darling turns into a yogi when he is rehearsing Hatha-yoga, and an entrancing and enticing sweetheart when he feels the enthusiastic lovemaking with her.”. It is pure consciousness. Shiva can perceive how his darling turns into a yogi when he is rehearsing Hatha-yoga, and an entrancing and enticing sweetheart when he feels the enthusiastic lovemaking with her.”. The entire Universe is made from the association of the two unchanging rules that speak to the manly and the female standards. On the other hand, the downward pointing triangle signifies the element of water which always tends to flown and occupy the lowest possible position. This is the claim of tantra and today science is even verifying the tantric claim. It exists as one or the whole, towards which we are constantly striving to unite. But matter cannot be transformed into pure consciousness without the medium of energy. Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans in Antiquity, just as other individuals from the era Revered the phallus as the image of the masculine guideline. Do you know what is the fourth state of mind ? Their full potential can only be awakened when kundalini shakti pierces through them on her journey to unite with shiva. In order to understand tantra we have to comprehend exactly what is meant by expansion of mind and liberation of energy. The trident held by Lord Shiva represents the trinity of Ishwara, Purusha & Prakriti ; meaning the divine principle, the atma and the manifestation. OM Gangadharaya This can be linked to the kundaliniexperience and this has always been the aim of tantra. OM Bhudevaya All this is a purely subjective experience and it is unbound by the categories of our finite mind. Ardhanarishvara conveys that Shiva and Shakti are one and the same, an interpretation also declared in inscriptions found along with Ardhanarishvara images in Java and the eastern Malay Archipelago. Presently, let me present you another significant idea: Jiva. Meaning of Purusha & Prakriti. This is not so in tantra. One practicing tantra will soon come to know that although the science of tantra confesses to an all-pervading reality, it also pays homage to, and maintains strict faith in the presence of the dual aspect of shiva (consciousness) and shakti (energy). This is symbolized in the Tandava Nritya of Shiva, the dance of Shiva, after which he has been named ‘Nataraja. It’s a universal fact that there is no greater love than that of a mother. Miseries and Happiness (Vedic Philosophy). Shiva or Purusha on the other hand is the unswayable observer. Shiva Purana The line of demarcation between child and adult is so subtle that one can never point out where one ended and the other began, in his life span. “There is a bridge among Time and Eternity; this scaffold is Jiva, the individual soul itself.”. Shiva is the static principle which exists as pure unconditioned consciousness, but it is only at the behest of shakti, the kinetic principle, that shiva, who otherwise remains inert, is motivated into action. Meaning: Joined with Shakti(thyself), Lord Shiva is capable of creating the Universe. You can travel into the past or future and know the happenings at places where you are not physically present. In order to awaken the latent force of kundalini, it is necessary to intensify the quantity and quality of pram, the vital energy force in the region where it is situated. Shakti or Prakriti which is female is the maternal principle. OM NAMO SHIVAY OM NAMO SHIVAY OM. The lingam represents the Great Spirit, the Universal Spirits in effervescence.