MindYoghurt: Dark and funny. Bollywood movies which are actually worth your time and attention. The goons who traumatised Abhay eventually end up being shot by their own bullets on the day of Ganesha Visarjan. I really wish that they left him dead in the end, just to convey that the shor in the city doesn't respect or value lives, good or bad. Fortunately, you mildly care for some of the characters and interested in what happens to them. : Shor in the City Plot. : Story 2 : Abhay, an NRI who tries to run a business is being threatened by local mafia goons who forces him to pay ransom amount of 10 lakhs to save his life! Given that none of these things are new to us, the performances make this film a watchable experience. Shor in the City shows the utter dereliction of the "new wave" of Hindi Cinema. 3 friends who are small-time crooks. ...doesn't quite make much Shor. ridziegal: 40 reviewers(?) The background scor TMDb Plot Keywords Watch Shor In The City if you haven't already. it seems the movie has something to state(social messages) as you have wrote the review above.i will check it of course ,i just want to watch tushar speaking. starring Tusshar Kapoor, Sendhil Ramamurthy, Preeti Desai, Girija Oak, Radhika Apte, Nikhil Dwivedi, Pitobash Tripathy, Sundeep Kishan, and Amit Mistry. | And along the way, you make comments on the system we form, the society we make. ...But it does its picking up of characters and following them around to see what happens on one climactic day, with skill and style. Shor in the City - parallel story concept, Tushar Kapoor with dialogues doing justice, predictable at the end, but enjoyable. ...shor shot winner... "shor in the city" great acting, great music, great movie!!!! I just saw 'Shor In The City' and it was a beautiful trip. I didn’t know the director of the movie before I saw this one; I didn’t even read any reviews, so mostly the decision was because of trailers. "[15], Tushar Joshi of MiD DAY gave it a four star rating and wrote "Loaded with humor, sarcasm and wit. This movie is about three loosely interconnected stories set in the middle of the noise and grime of Mumbai during t..... . You have your mix of rugged texture, close-ups, relatively non-standard camera angles. [9], Taran Adarsh of Bollywood Hungama gave it three and a half stars and wrote "Shor in the City belongs to one of those rare categories of movies with sensibilities that would not only entice the festival crowd and the cinema literate, but also lure the ardent moviegoer. She dies while saving her son (Deepak). Edit: Just leaving a link here to give you an idea of how economical this film is in its shotmaking and storytelling, which also coincidentally happens to be one of my favorite musical sequences in movies. Rating: Watch when on TV/online. In summary, Saibo undoubtedly is the crown jewel of Shor in the City and is a tough act to follow for the remaining tracks. Planet Bollywood Story 1 : Thilak (Thushar) and gang are happy-go-lucky frauds who are mainly into book piracy....one day they loot a bag only to find some really dangerous guns and an explosive! : [21], "Shor in the City And Chalo Dilli To Fight It Out This Week", "Hat-Trick For Balaji Motion Pictures With Shor in the City", http://www.boxofficeindia.com/npages.php?page=shownews&articleid=2706&nCat=news, "Sundeep wants Sachin to score his 100th century", "SHOR makes a big noise with 3.85 crore in 4-days flat! | 2 so-so full review, Thumbs up, Tilak initially holds himself responsible for the injury of the child due to bomb explosion that happens in the movie which brings him closer to his wife and viewing life from a different perspective. priwillkill: This page has additional observations, other than the ones noted in the main review. Shor in the city: surprise package this summer, must watch ****. But on its own merits it has its moments and some good performance... ...will manage to create some shor in the big cities in select multiplexes only.... : ekta kapoor ko 7 more tv serials maaf for producing this one Witty, whacky, great. full review, 54 tweeters(?) 0 nays. sreeyesh: by guddu Directed by Krishna D.K., Raj Nidimoru. thegdprasad: wogma rating: Watch when on TV/online (?). Saw 'shor in the city'.okay movie.not as good as the hype created. Was absolutely plastered to the screen. ...If there is one complaint, then it is that it is misogynstic. Yet the film seems somewhat stretched, sporadically slow and remains silent on storytelling for its major runtime, until it makes substantial noise in its penultimate moments. The movie also reminded me of Babel. by Sanjukta Sharma, by Rony D'costa, : It makes you smile because its humour comes from within.