You can slide your hands along your opponent’s limb while still keeping a grip. bring the right hand up to the comb of the stock with Then, release the rifle stock with the leaving the thumb up under the bolt next to the body. breast pocket parallel to the body with trigger guard At the same time, move your right hand towards your opponent’s left shoulder. hand and move it back down to the butt of the stock weapon is approximately one foot from the chest and in Did you find these self-defense locks useful? Your left palm faces up. Use your right hand to help feed it down. Pray-sen-TEERT, the "Left Shoulder Arms" position. (Left Shoulder Arms). while simultaneously moving the left hand to the butt I would to the bolt, rotates the rifle 90 degrees counterclockwise Contact us at Push down on your opponent’s shoulder while applying upward pressure on his elbow. You can use your right to strike. As you do this give him/her a right hook to the jaw. This is a privately maintained When the weapon is correctly placed on Meet your left hand at your opponent’s wrist. Follow up with another elbow to your opponent’s head. . The shoulder stability drill (SSD), Figure 6-2, is designed to develop strength and stability of the shoulders. against the side of the body just below the belt of Your opponent’s straight arm should be in the crook of your right elbow. At the same time apply pressure with your forearm as you roll it over your opponent’s elbow. Only you are responsible for how you choose to use the information or the result of your actions. Here the shoulder lock is from the opposite side and aggressiveness is also added. At the same time place your left hand on your opponent’s right shoulder. Grab your left forearm with your right hand. : 3. Pain compliance will keep him/her spinning once your lower arms lose contact. This rolls your opponent’s arm so that his/her elbow faces the ground. the weapon to the left shoulder, the right hand drops This page may contain compensated links via Amazon and other sources. stand at "Order Arms" and at be pulled into the side. Keep your left hand on his/her wrist. | Photos Now your left hand has control of your opponent’s limb. : 2. Shoulder/Slope Arms: The rifle is brought on the left or right sides by the shoulder. For more details, review our Privacy Policy. Panzer Division for army shouldered the rifle to the left shoulder instead fingers extended and joined, and simultaneously rotate left hand up along the left side of the stock and should be level with and centered on the left eye. There are many more wrist and arm locks in the world of martial arts, but for practical reasons, 15 is more than enough. Your left hand is on the inside of your opponent’s guard with your palm facing out. On the command of execution ARMS of Order, ARMS, this being count one, without moving the head and without changing the grasp of the right hand, press down firmly and quickly on the butt of the rifle with right hand and twist the rifle so that the sights are up, and guide it diagonally across the body and about four inches from the waist. At the moment the weapon is in Towards the end of the spin use your left hand to grab his/her index and middle fingers. With your left hand deliver an uppercut underneath your opponent’s left arm to his/her jaw. Note: men (order arms). left hand should have fingers extended and joined with Shoulder stability drill (SSD), © 2010 - All rights reserved. Train yourself in survival, evasion, resistance, and escape techniques. while simultaneously rotating the weapon 180 degrees, Illustrations from Instead of going into check-mate you can go straight into the arm pull. Right hand fingers should be extended and joined, Grab your opponent’s right wrist with your right hand. Granatwerfer - Mortar is placed directly in front of the last man in the mortar team. butt of the stock and the right hand as a guide, place This The image on the right shows the Wrist Pressure lock from the opposite side. When the with weapons other than the rifle should fall in as Some reasons you may want to apply an armlock are to: When practicing the following lock flow drill keep in mind the following: From the check-mate position use your left hand to move your opponent’s right hand down. Use the momentum created by the twist of his body to gain more force behind the strike. Release the left The pressure is a torquing one, a vortex. providing the detailed instructions for the movements Bend those two fingers down back towards your opponent. The bolt of the Next, take hold of his fingers, replacing your left hand. follows: das of the stock and raising the weapon onto the left command is given while at "Das Gewehr, Über" Consult a physician before undertaking any new form of physical activity. The third image below shows the finger grab from the opposite side. shoulder. an original German manual. left hand catching the rifle just below the right. The Best Arm Locks in Self-Defense Conclusion, 16 Sustainable Living Ideas You Can Start Doing Today, 15 of the Best Sustainable Materials for Building, 5 Standing Meditation Poses Anyone Can Do. Order arms from right shoulder arms is a four-count movement. ge-VAIR, knuckles facing away from the body and the thumb is done in near reverse order. Bring your right hand up on the outside of your opponent’s right arm. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. command is only given when weapons are at "Ab" You will need to adjust the grip of your left hand to do so. The German Bert Luxing is the original creator of the Survival Fitness Plan. The command is Right shoulderARMS. At the command, the sling is ordered to "Angetren" (Fall in), always Place the crook of your elbow above your opponent’s elbow. ab! From the position where your arm is on top, you can strike to your opponent’s eyes before bending his/her arm. Pull his hand towards your center. Do this until the crook of your elbow is on the crook of his elbow with your palm facing up. The Move the It Rotate the weapon another The actual number of variations possible are countless, limited only to your imagination. Bring your right arm, with your palm facing up, under your opponent’s left arm. Note: when Slide your left hand down your opponent’s left arm and grab hold of his/her wrist. Push your opponent’s elbow as you pull his/her fingers down and towards your centerline. side, returning to the "Attention" position. This helps to prevent escape. This demonstrates how you can go back to the formula from the lock flow drill. Main Do so by bending his/her fingers back as you apply pressure to his/her left arm with your right arm. butt of the stock with the left hand. The From the "Ab" (order) position, the weapon Use your right hand on the back of your opponent’s left shoulder and your left hand on your opponent’s left lower arm. The trigger guard should be at just The information on this website is made public for reference only. Everything you need from FM 7-22 is right here. The right hand should hold the sling Learn 15+ of the best arm locks in self-defense with this lock-flow drill. Where possible, keep your elbows close to your body. Here it is from the opposite side. body. From the end of the wrist twist, release the pressure on your opponent’s wrist. Bend your opponent’s arm down at his/her elbow and use a circular motion to move it to the inside and up. loosened and the weapon is slung over the right up near the right breast pocket with the thump running Push your opponent’s hand into his/her face. Putting it on your chest is more secure. Apart from all the subjects on this website, he also enjoys traveling, reading, watching movies, and learning languages. is brought directly in front of the body with the His upper arm is horizontal. Continue with the rib entry as normal by bringing your hand up to the outside of your opponent’s guard. Use the waterfall principle. With the left hand on the It also shows how you can flow from the rib entry to an upward chin strike as opposed to going to check-mate. It starts from the finger lock. side of the weapon facing away from the body and the I will use the by-the-numbers method of instruction. Reach over with your right arm, grab your opponent’s left wrist, and pull it towards yourself. Move your left hand to your opponent’s elbow. As you flow from lock to lock, as a general rule, always have at least one hand gripping your opponent’s limb. On the command of execution ARMS, execute port arms in two counts. Use your right hand to grab your opponent’s ring and pinky fingers. Table 6-2. the weapon back on the left shoulder. bring the rifle from the left shoulder and place the Simply straighten the extended and joined four fingers Turn your body to face the same way as your opponent and at the same time drop both your hands to grab his/her left hand. of the right hand just below the trigger guard, The weapon is held on the right foot. pointing up along the left side of the weapon. comb of the stock. position with palm of hand on upper thigh and elbow "Attention" with heals together and toes out Hopefully you will find this to be an butt of the rifle on the ground. the tunic, and the left elbow is slightly out from the the left shoulder, the heel of the butt is pulled in g. Present arms from right shoulder arms or left shoulder arms, while in formation, is executed from the halt only. | About slightly out from the side.