When we asked what Poets & Writers could do to support their writing practice, time and again writers expressed a desire for a more tangible connection to other writers. https://citylimitspublishing.com/about-us/publishing-process/ This thing’s not for smaller publishing companies… all of them say they have too much attention to actually publish right now. Right now they are open to submissions for their new Dzanc Books/Disquiet Open Borders Book Prize with their international literary program in Portugal called Disquiet. You can see more about what we are acquiring here: http://www.literarywanderlust.com/.

Find information about how Poets & Writers provides support to hundreds of writers participating in literary readings and conducting writing workshops. The terms "indie publisher" and "independent press" or "self publishing" and others are sometimes used interchangeably. Enjoy the diverse voices of writers, presenters, audience members, and workshop attendees on the Readings & Workshops Blog. Currently they have a chapbook competition in process, but they have open reading periods twice a year. Reports help us demonstrate the value of the Readings & Workshops program to funders and help us continue to offer support to writers and organizations hosting literary events. Writers can still send in manuscripts via their, Get this: 60% of their writing is by females, which they say was not an intentional decision. There’s very little success in between. In 2005, two guys decided they wanted to be able to publish whatever they enjoyed, so they founded Featherproof Books to promote strange, lovely fiction, nonfiction, and all forms of tragicomedy. We like it... My tastes lean toward (but are not limited to) the genre-bending, the fabulists, as well as literary comedies. The Feminist Press publishes 15-20 books per year.They don’t accept poetry, drama, doctoral dissertations, or literary criticism, but if you’re looking to submit fiction, follow their online guidelines. This is an excellent list. We’re in Indiana. poetry, extinction, imperialism, colonialism, capitalism, misogyny, ships, fairy tales, folk tales, Experimental, visual poetry, avantgarde, Puerto Rico, spanish, poetry, Latinx, El Paso shooting, Southwestern Poetry, Latino Literature, El Paso Memorial, El Paso, Poetry, Literary nonfiction, latinx studies, Blackspace: On the Poetics of an Afrofuture, 101 Jewish Poems for the Third Millennium, I am, am I, to trust the joy that joy is no more or less there now than before, The Unpleasantness of the Battle of Thornford: A Father Christmas Mystery, A Sense of Tiptoe - and other articles of faith, Dreams of an Imaginary New Yorker Named Rizzoli, Blood in the Asphalt, Prayers from the Highway: Noir Edition, Knees of a Natural Man: The Selected Poetry of Henry Dumas, Appalachian Edge - Volume 23: Pine Mountain Sand & Gravel, The Voice of Consciousness: Poems Composed After Ninety. Publerati pays better royalties than most publishers and charges nothing upfront. OR Books is an extremely selective publishing house interested in fiction relevant to what’s going on in the world right now. Hi, I am still looking for a comic book publisher for my series Defence Bucket you can see my latest work at http://www.defencebucket.co.uk thanks Chris, Have to add thanks, such a time-sucker away from the work this kinda research! We are focused on interactive fiction; we provide authors the ability to add choices and branching narrative. magazine, poetry, nonfiction, LGBT, fiction, drama, poetry, identification, isolation, passwords, Europe, Old West, city, indigenous, Native American, poetry, film, art, Michelle Otero, David Meischen, and Scott Wiggerman, Editors, poetry, Native American, indigenous, Ojibwe, Lisa Mendis (Illustrator), Christopher Ducharme, post punk, feminism, economy, graphic novel, speculative fiction, Copyright © 2020,Small Press Distribution - A. Nonfiction, Poetry, African, Art, Music, Black, avant-garde, Trans, LGBT.

We carefully review the practices and policies of each contest before including it in the Writing Contests database, the most trusted resource for legitimate writing contests available anywhere. In the Literary Magazines database you’ll find editorial policies, submission guidelines, contact information—everything you need to know before submitting your work to the publications that share your vision for your work.

We give authors insight into their user base so they can pilot early chapters, view the conversion rate from episode to episode, and allow them to update the content anytime they like… in seconds. Most publishers have a single intern comb through the slush pile and veto 90% of the submissions right away. Their fall reading period starts up in November, so check back at their submissions page soon. Publerati exclusively publishes literary fiction and uses a variety of new marketing tools including social media book samples to help authors reach more readers. Hi Bernice, for children’s books, check out my children’s book list of publishers. They also publish a lot of chapbooks and short story collections. Every year in the fall (how appropriate!) Hear from the editors of Poets & Writers Magazine as they offer a behind-the-scenes preview of the new issue, talk with contributors and authors featured in the magazine, and discuss the lighter side of writing, publishing, and the literary arts in this decidedly DIY podcast. The Reading Venues database includes details about how to schedule your own reading, admission fees, audience size, parking and transit information, and more. Until then, you can submit your short story manuscripts to their American Reader Series. Their titles have won the American Book Award multiple times, been a finalist for the National Book Award, and gotten American Library Association Notable Book nods. http://www.unftrav.com. Unagented submissions are open occasionally. Hello, I have been searching for a newer and smaller publishing house and their are two on here that I might check out. C & R Press is one of the faithful few in the independent press community that can sometimes be overlooked. Ig Publishing is dedicated to representing overlooked fiction and political/cultural nonfiction writers. Improve your book with feedback from a professional editor. This year, we’re piloting United States of Writing in Detroit, Houston, and New Orleans with plans to expand in the coming years. It was founded just last year, but they already have 11 works under their name. As an experimental (avant-garde) writer, I hope these independent publishing houses will publish more experimental (avant-garde) texts with independent ideas and independent writing styles. Cheers and best wishes John. Posts include profiles from presenting communities in New York, California, Atlanta, Chicago, Detroit, Houston, Seattle, New Orleans, Tucson, and Washington D.C.—all supported by the Readings & Workshops program!

Tiny Fox Press. Artistic merits are more important than commercial potential in the book selection process. Now, they’re looking for fiction, nonfiction, and poetry that challenges genre and breaks rules in the name of examining culture. Pavle. Usually, they only accept unsolicited manuscripts through their annual prizes. Whatever you send them must be either okay-ed or shot down by nine staff members. Read select articles from the award-winning magazine and consult the most comprehensive listing of literary grants and awards, deadlines, and prizewinners available in print. Get in touch with us if you have further questions! In addition to publishing books, Dzanc also publishes an online literary journal called The Collagist, offers internship opportunities, provides Dzanc Creative Writing Sessions, and runs the Dzanc Writers-in-Residence Program. Publish in literary journals, review their books, and meet them at conferences — they often develop relationships with their writers before publishing them. fiction, Italian, New York, America, dreams, fear, hope, Gloria Pastorino (Translator), Luigi Lo Cascio. Interesting information. There was an error submitting your subscription. As a publisher of a small press, I would love if you would consider Overcup Press for an upcoming list. They also look for a variety of writing (fiction, poetry, nonfiction) from both new and known writers. Unagented submissions are encouraged, but they ask that you familiarize yourself with their authors and poets before deciding whether or not you think they’ll be a good fit for your book. They offer a subcategory for everyone: literary fiction, LGBT books, YA/middle grade, comics, current affairs. 918studio specializes in unique prose & poetry chapbooks. Items/Page .