Some ideas to fix? As long as it's more powerful than the Sponges you get from other mods, and better than "Fill the room with sand and dig it all out again". The Underwater Utilities mod and similar would eventually provide players with waterbreathing that is potion free, through the use of air tanks and the like, and is eventually more functional.

It’s a strange phenomenon that definitely deterred me from playing for awhile- but that might just be a me thing, lol, The Jerry Pet doesnt add base dmg to the aotj it just adds normal dmg so Ulitmate Jerry can only go up to 50dmg instead of 550 with lvl 100 Jerry, Dungeons, this might be a weird answer but it’s how dungeons is ran. An Algae buble is a tile entity similar to a Portal block, with players able to pass through it, but considered solid for the purposes of keeping water out.

What Minecraft edition are you playing on?

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Most don’t get updated much at all. Seaweed, like grass for skyblock, would also play a part. If you encounter any issues make sure to let me know in the comments. environmental hazards: in order prevent this from simply becoming a game where players simply dig down until they can create an air pocket to live in, all water blocks will act as a source block, creating a new water block on any side placed next to an air block. Also maybe with Worldedit you can make different biomes for each island so special mobs spawn? 8 days ago you published it, do you plan to download it sometime?

Buckets. Fill with leaves, burn. Next time I suggest adding more plants like sugarcane or bamboo, more tree types. I love kitties and it might make others happy to have a cat or a dog,I whould like you whould make two buttons to click.One to be the cat and the other the dog.Thanks for reading this. This is currently just an idea. Over-reliance on RNG. I will consider World Edit and the Biome idea. On the Prison server, they have a feature called "Pvp cooldowns" or something like that.

Please make a safer /reset command by adding you have to type your username to confirm or something like that. The official subreddit of Modded Minecraft.

Players should be able to craft a simple rebreather in order to extend their breathing time, but this would only be a temporary measure.

Something Like That synonyms. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the feedthebeast community. Carpenter's blocks should have rout able fluids turned on by default. Which essentially adds a cooldown to certain commands like /plot h, /pvp and /spawn ONLY when you're in the PvP zone. WorldGen: unlike Skyblock, you will spawn in a world that is more than one block: Players would spawn at the default y-level, in an area similar to a desert or plains biome, however the entire area above that point will be completely submerged. I myself may do so as well. Skyblock FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) [Documentation] Skyblock Crops & Generators [Documentation] SkyBlock Quests Skyblock - All Quests I hope this was helpful for some people.

You must log in or register to reply here. I mean the versions on the original Minecraft.

Even if you don't post your own creations, we appreciate feedback on ours. Hey, i‚d like to suggest that any player gets 500 gems for start or something like 1-10 (most probably 1-3 gems) for daily login.

Like pre generate a large portion of the map that has dungeon like areas that tell the story of how you got there. Able to one-tap endermen in the End. Easier ways to set price in vending machines #32249. I'm excited. There would be no water in that space. Trust me, if other games got updated like this, the player count would be more spread out. Honestly I'd love to not see Thermal Expansion, simply because it feels like nearly every single pack includes it and how cheap most of the machines are. Maybe make engines mandatory. squid creepers, squid zombies, skele-squids. I think it's a cool idea, but I'm not sure about the "algae bubble" or denying people the ability to make an air pocket.

Area Expansion. Definition of something like that in the Idioms Dictionary. How do I check what version the map is in?

Early game is players who haven't reached the End yet, rock in Hardened Diamond, Golem or something like that, and are not really rich. Id be more interested in squid chickens, or squid cows.

Definitions by the largest Idiom Dictionary. JavaScript is disabled. Is there a map you can download to make your island to try to get into skyblock or something like that? Drop parties. Would need to figure out hostile underwater mobs. They still make sure everything else is okay, but the company also needs a lot of money right now to make things like hytale and to hire other developers for skyblock and everything else on the server.

I was meant to upload the newly updated map, but it didn't uploaded properly. Sorry, that was a mistake!

Like weird and wacky redstone machines. The admins will work on what is popular at the moment, and skyblock has already proven itself to get them a lot of money. I downloaded it over mediafire. Scarce updates, lack of uniqueness to each dungeon floor, mediocre dungeon bosses, no exploration content/map expansion. Oh man, starting in a sunken submarine sounds absolutely amazing. I am not ignorant to that fact that they still produce some updates, I’m just saying it could be much much better. SkyBlock: Worlds is my take on the Skyblock experience, with other worlds to discover!

I hope this modpack gets made, and that it isn't 1.7.10. On other unrelated terms, would you be interested in checking out my. I've somehow only the normal islands and the Stone islands. speedking456 Member. Hypixel relies on RNG to keep their players hooked, since people all have an instinctual liking towards random stuff, but in reality that creates a lot of repetitive and low-quality content, such as slayer. Ex Nihilo? Skyblock is their bag of money. Why can you get Strong Armour in 10 days? It blew up for a few weeks/months, and then it started going down. Collect and organize feedback with Nolt. If they updated other games, they would be losing out on a lot of money. Other idea: If … Hey, first want to say love the map, I do have a question though when loading the world on the f3 screen it shows the biome as "the void" and because of that no mobs are spawning I think? This would add the effect, that players would buy gems for fast unlocking something because they already had an experience.

The admins will work on what is popular at the moment, and skyblock has already proven itself to get them a lot of money.

Like weird and wacky redstone machines.

Maybe a thin layer of normal ocean floor, but not more than 5-10 blocks thick. Easier ways to set price in vending machines #32249. If you want you can propose any ideas.

Maybe instead of messing with the water dynamics just have nothing but sand and bedrock. When you get Respiration, it gets even easier. Please and thank you. Making harvesting them an excursion until players can gain some form of Water Breathing. You can build bridges to expand and find other types of Skyblocks that have other types of animals and loot, enhancing the survival experience. In skyblocks, eventually you get some way to fly, which negates the environmental hazard of falling. They might be working on a complete overhaul to the server but just because it's not released you're saying the current server and its updates are bad and need improvement? Your first week or so of Skyblock. That sounds like a lot of fun. Over-reliance on money. The problem with this, that you can see on various other servers, is that something like Skyblock could take up most of the server, and could cause even more lag than Mineplex has already. I felt unstoppable at the beginning, but suddenly I wasn’t making enough money to go to the next step on the progression ladder, and I couldn’t figure out why- and most of the skyblock community just...expects you to know how everything works as if you’ve been playing for ages. I was meant to upload the newly updated map, but it didn't uploaded properly. We're a community of creatives sharing everything Minecraft! I think that should be added to all Skyblock servers and Survival