But as a starting place, here are the sangria ingredients that are used most commonly here in Spain: Homemade sangria couldn’t be easier to make. I made this with a Merlot (Little Penguin) and with a Blackberry Merlot. It was easy to make and everyone enjoyed it. ★☆ Wonderful the fruit and drink was gone in no time.

Freeze orange juice in ice cube trays and add a cube to each individual serving. Although you may be tempted to make this with the cheapest red wine you can find, resist that temptation.

Sangria is a classic party drink for the summer. 6 people.

I just got back from Seville and this was so close to the real thing...Two glasses will have you GOOD for the rest of the night.

Thanks so much for this recipe! For the modern version you can also top off with a carbonated beverage (lemon soda, orange soda, or soda water) right before serving for some bubbles. Ever since we moved to Barcelona, I’ve been getting lots of requests for an authentic Spanish sangria recipe here on the blog. When locals here are craving a cold drink, they usually opt instead for a glass of vermut (here in Catalonia) or sidra (in Asturias) or tinto de verano (wine with lemon soda down in the south) or kalimotxo (wine with Coke in the Basque country).

Add 2 lbs cane sugar

Make it early in the day and by evening, the fruit has soaked in all the delicious red table wine and brandy! Tag @gimmesomeoven on Instagram and hashtag it #gimmesomeoven, Your email address will not be published. Add the 2 cans of soda and stir (if you are making this ahead of time, don’t add the soda until your guests are about to arrive). https://www.bbcgoodfood.com/howto/guide/top-5-sangria-recipes Have the fruit, rum, wine, and orange juice well chilled. This is a wonderful recipe!

Hope you enjoy my blog! No hang over! this link is to an external site that may or may not meet accessibility guidelines. My fruit mix was lemon, blueberries, and peaches. Ahhhhhhh, My favorite thing in life is time spent around the table. Spanish sangria– one of Spain’s most popular yet misunderstood drinks! add in chopped up chunks of green apple and peach. Start out with less rum-- you can always add more later. It worked out well.

This post is a great jumping off point!

A few years ago when I was in Barcelona visiting our daughter, I was told by a bartender that NO ONE in the US could make Sangria like they do in Spain!

optional sweetener: simple syrup* or maple syrup, optional bubbles: lemon-lime soda, ginger ale or sparkling water. It's a great cocktail punch for a large party, and by adding or subtracting soda water or lemon soda, you can make it as strong or as weak as you’d like. :-). Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Subscribe here to get free Spanish recipes weekly! But switching up your side dishes can bring a refreshing change to a classic comfort food dish. 6 people. My favorite fruits were and still are fresh strawberries, peaches, blackberries actually all the summer fresh fruits. 10 mins. Serve the sangria over ice, topping off each glass with a splash of bubbly soda (or sparkling water) if desired. I also soaked strawberrys, pineapple, and marschino cherries in equal amounts of OJ and Rum overnight and that was very, very good as well. This is an authentic version of the popular wine drink. Simply…, As I mentioned above, the beauty of sangria is that it’s really more of a method than an exact recipe. DGf HS. ★☆ Rule of thumb: If you wouldn't drink the wine on its own, don’t put it in your sangria. So if you are interested in learning how to make authentic sangria, I thought I would continue our Spanish recipe series today and show you the way that it’s prepared here in Spain! Sangria is a classic party drink for the summer. Your email address will not be published. 338 calories; protein 0.9g 2% DV; carbohydrates 30.6g 10% DV; fat 0.2g; cholesterolmg; sodium 6.7mg. It was a more "mellow" drink which was needed after finishing the pitcher of Sangria. Get our free book when you sign up for our newsletter. Es super rica también!!! So…there’s that. Learn how to make authentic Spanish sangria with this easy sangria recipe. Leftovers Sangria. If making a truly traditional Spanish sangria, simply add the cinnamon stick and let sit at least two hours (preferably overnight) before serving over ice. Pour in the rum and sugar. Learn how to make authentic sangria with my family recipe or why not give my cava sangria or sherry sangria recipe a try! Wash the oranges and cut off thick pieces of rind before juicing the oranges. Used spiced rum and made ice rings from fruit and Sprite (so they wouldn't dilute it). Amount is based on available nutrient data. And an extra bottle of cava or two? Stir I still love a good glass of sangria though.

If using the sugar (which will make a sweeter sangria than if you omit), dissolve the sugar in two tablespoons of water over a low flame to create a clear simple syrup. ★☆. 1/2 cup sugar (adjust the amount up or down depending on preferred level of sweetness), 2 (12-ounce) cans of lemon-lime soda (for a low-calorie and low-sugar version, substitute soda water), 2 trays of ice (or enough to fill punch bowl). Add 5 ltr sweet red from the bodega But beyond that, the details are 100% up to you! Great to make for large parties. don't waste top quality wine on sangria but don't use something that's sure to give you a hangover either! Let cool. This was fabulous! I also added lots of other fruit, including apples, pears and cherries, which was really pretty in the glass pitchers. But if you glance around a restaurant here in Spain, it’s almost always just the tourists who are the ones with pitchers of sangria on their tables. Sherry Sangria Recipe. The two core ingredients are a bottle of good quality red wine and fresh ripe fruit, if you have got these two, you are half way there. Sign up to receive your discount code to use straight away today! It was still really strong for me, so I did serve with half lemon lime soda/half sangria. Fascinated by food and its history. Adjust sweetness to taste. This was my first attempt at Sangria. Fabulous! I used the spiced rum and along with the citrus I added some plum slices. Bottle of white rum, orange liqueur, brandy. Made a double batch for my husband's 50th birthday party and didn't have a drop left.