They catch up to Speed and try to run him off the road. The Monster Car plows through everything in its way, smashing through a village, past a police car, destroying the Bonnie racetrack, and shaking up the city where the Racers, Sparky, and Trixie are staying at their hotel. The son of murdered racecar driver Flash Marker seeks revenge on the rival drivers who killed him.

Speed is crippled with a fear of driving after one round in the GRX. At the volcano's edge, Duggery is thrown from his car and is left dangling from a rock in the crater. Instead, he ends up on the edge's cliff. Just as the gang is about to finish off Speed, Spritle and Chim Chim start shooting rocks at Ace's gang from the trunk of the Mach 5 with a slingshot. While they are out racing, members of the Rebel Army kidnap Trixie. This page is a listing all of the … Later, Mr. Kadar captures the Princess and demands to know where the country's treasure is hidden. While the girl daredevil rests in bed, a clown (her father) tells Speed that because of a money shortage, he is having difficulty keeping the track in good repair. Later, at Van Ruffle's house, the thugs explain how they failed to get the plans. Can he pull himself back together in time for his next race? His thugs lower a gigantic pipeline into the falls and Brush drives into it to discover the cave's entrance. Fixer enters in with Spritle and Chim Chim now being held prisoners. Speed and Trixie are both tied to a trolley loaded with three tons of dynamite connected to it. When Speed tries to interfere, they decide to test the tank on him. Speed learns to his disgust that Racer X has joined the assassins. To ensure their land's privacy, the Kapetepekan drivers must win, at any cost. Nevertheless, Speed and company arrive in Kapetapek. When a mysterious time-bomb destroys Kim's race car, the Black Tiger, after it is unloaded from the plane, Spritle is blamed. Speed is forced into a duel-race in the desert with Prince Kim Jugger, the wildest driver in the world. The gangsters then crippled his right arm to prevent him from racing and have now wrecked his car. Racer X joins the assassins. However, Spritle, while hiding, witnessed the saboteur. While Speed fights the cats, Twinkle jumps to safety, hanging from a chandelier. The clown is Speed in disguise. Since the island is uncharted, Speed has no idea where to send the homing robot nor if the oxygen would last long enough to get help. Speed drives the Mach 5 on two wheels down the remaining rope to rescuer Twinkle. Spritle gives the blame to the homing robot for waking him. When the mysterious driver turns out to be a robot who repeats a prerecorded warning, "Melange still races", it turns out to be the work of Flash Marker Jr., the son of the deceased racer who has vowed to destroy the Three Roses Club at the same mountain course where his father was killed. Speed offered to help out, but the old man declined. Speed, Trixie, Sprytle and Chim-Chim are captured by a ruthless dictator's jungle army who plans to take over the world.

They continue at breakneck speed towards the shipyard.

Kim believes the Flat Hill government is corrupt and that his rebel cause is just. On his hideout, Blaggard recalls his encounter with the inmate who told him about the Model T vehicle's secret engine number that leads to the loot. When the race begins, the Mammoth Car forces everyone off the road, making Speed a bit suspicious. A group of motorcycles scream down the mountainside and attack the convoy. Speed heads to Nairobi for the Trans-African Grand Prix, after his plane crashes, he is dumped into the jungle and stranded on an island where the exiled General Smasher, a ruthless dictator who is creating giant monsters. Speed leads Blaggard's men to the treasure but manages to alert his family and Trixie. Later on, the racers find the broken down Model T again. Although Speed won the race, the Chief will not concede. Speed throws a knife, knocking the gun out of Kadar's hand.

After the gangsters wreck his car, Mr. Force comes to Pops to have it fixed. Meanwhile, Cornpone Brush, who financed the stunt, tells the clown that Twinkle will perform regardless of the hazardous weather. Speed guesses where the plans are hidden and avoids getting his tires shredded by Ace's gang by hitting the auto jack button. Mr. Wiley suggests Mr. Fixer and the Alpha Team driver Zoomer Slick to pull the dirty tricks first. Racer X arrives and saves both of them. Snake Oiler and Racer X succeed, but when Speed makes the jumps, his car crashes into a canyon and amid the wreckage and loss of life, the only sign of Speed in the fatal storm is a small doll given him by his younger brother, Spritle. Racer X appears and spills oil on the road, causing the bikers to crash. Speed chases Cumulus to his undersea base where he learns that Cumulus plans to destroy all the military bases in the world. "Mach 5 Crisis (Part 1)" / "Mach 5 vs. Mach 5: Part 1", "Mach 5 Crisis (Part 2)" / "Mach 5 vs. Mach 5: Part 2". Later that night, Speed and the gang find the secret entrance.

When the Mammoth Car enters the track, its driver gives the Inspector a tour, showing no trace of the gold. Secret Agent 9. The Alpine Car Race continues, but a yawning chasm causes a major standstill. While Speed Racer and Trixie are driving to the shipyard, they both see the Masked Racer's car being held there for an upcoming Trans-Country Race. In South America, Speed has entered the Pineapple Grand Prix, where each driver has to carry a pineapple in his car. Instead, it is Mr. Fastbucks who gets blown up. Meanwhile, Trixie continues to distract Ace and his gang with smoke bombs, but they shoot and damage her plane, forcing Trixie to bail out.

Taking out the Mach 5 for a road test, a dirty racer named Skull Duggery rams the car, causing Speed to throw a wheel and crash. Speed finds this peculiar because Kapetepec does not have a racetrack and Kabala has been missing for a long time. Meanwhile on the road, the Mach 5 and the Mammoth Car both collide and veer off the road towards the forest. Back on the road, "Lana" and Speed escape and move on to the village, where Pops is waiting for them. With little oxygen left in the cockpit, Speed and Twinkle pass out. A astronomical base in the Southwest is being terrorized by a band of apaches on motorcycles, and calls Speed for help. Blaggard arrives there first. Meanwhile, Speed wins the Southwest Grand Prix. "Little Grand Prix (Part 2)" / "The Royal Racer: Part 2", Spritle and Prince Jam thwart the plotters and the prince is crowned. Speed tries to radio for help. A woman named Oriena Flux and her henchmen uncover a powerful and dangerous high speed engine called the GRX in order to ensure that they win the Oriental Grand Prix. Speed thinks he is safe and has a moment to rest, but Ace reappears and prepares to kill Speed.

The race is set to begin once the volcano erupts.