Blurring those lines allows some to use the spiritual definition to induce guilt in a man for his innocent and healthy sexual desires. Hearing a love song on the radio, I am reminded of the importance of vocalizing about my loves. We fear that we have lost the ability to feel love, or that we are just not loveable, or that we will be hurt again. Love is not something that you just fall into, as the romantic songs suggest. When I am embraced by my lover, I vow to banish fear from our midst.

Fear always trips us up on the spiritual path, and it surfaces most often around the practice of love. I love you. Love and intimacy go together, but if we have been disappointed by love, we worry that intimacy is beyond our reach. We are afraid to love and worry that nobody will love us back. Seeing a heart shape-in a card, a shadow, or the clouds-is my cue to practice love. The relationship between love and spirituality doesn’t write sex out of the picture; it heightens it to such a degree for both partners, that pure ecstasy is the natural result. Romantic love must be earned while spiritual love must be given freely. Practice extending the reach of these feelings. Hearing all this fretful thinking, God the Beloved writes one prescription over and over: Fear not!

Whereas we don't usually question the quality of our acts of kindness, say, we put performance measurements on our loving. Love is a spiritual practice. Romantic love is sexual, spiritual love is asexual. It is through loving that we experience the love of God.

Spiritual Practices Love Enhances: Intimacy Balances/Counters: Fear A couple can be so highly evolved in their connection that they can find fulfillment in Tantric sex, by heightening the sexual experience for both partners through meditation and muscle- & breath control.

Sometimes we even fear that love will change us. We are apprehensive about the quality of our love relationships: are they strong enough, good enough, durable enough? Copyright © 2006 - 2020 by CIStems, Inc., d.b.a. As you move through a day, be aware of love's expressions emerging from you or coming toward you — attraction, focus, absorption, desire, adoration, security, trust, empathy, caring, harmony, contentment, communion. Blurring the lines neglects the reality that man cannot respect that which he has not earned. Love of self, love of neighbors, and love of God are the foundational stones of the world's religions. Begin by recognizing that you can't love others until you truly love yourself — body, mind, and soul. Spirituality & Practice.

You can get better at it over time. Spiraling out from the core of our being, our other loves are also cobblestones on the spiritual path: love of family, of partner, of friends, of community, of animals, of nature, of country, of things, of hobbies, of work. Blessed is the Heart of the Universe whose love has made us into lovers.