A group of childhood friends—Jeremy Renner, Ed Helms, Jon Hamm, Hannibal Buress, and Jake Johnson—engage in a never-ending, cross-country game of tag in this based-on-a-true-story comedy. Former NFL running back Thomas Q. Jones stars as Ty Matthews, an MMA unknown who’s starting to make something of himself, with the loving support of his trainer/manager Pete (Isaach de Bankolé) and his girlfriend Whitney (Khalilah Joi). Elle Fanning stars in this moody biopic about the woman who would change English literature forever with her novel, Frankenstein. He survived—but his companion, Mary Jo Kopechne (Kate Mara), drowned in the sunken car. This island looks like something from a dark fairy tale — so that’s exactly what the filmmakers have made. Much of the movie just seems designed to make audiences collectively cringe. The nightmarish story is beautifully shot, with a washed out look that gave us a vintage feel. Getting the chance to be in a zombie flick years later fueled the zombie obsession, her “inner zombie” was released and LA Zombie Girl was born! If it was set in the present, most of it couldn’t happen. Girls would be too savvy. Writer-director Matthew Berkowitz’s crime drama “A Violent Man” has all the pungent cynicism of a classic film noir but lacks the urgency. What could go wrong? The amazing writing team, including Sara Sometti Michaels, Andy Demetrio, Shaun Fletcher and Clint Sears, do just that. Take one look at the creepy gothic house, surrounded in fog (and bear traps), with the evil Mother Superior (Carolyn Hennesy) in charge. The Butler-Harts built their story around the place, and don’t squander any of the spectacular scenery. With 33 candidates vying for four at-large seats on the seven-member Los Angeles Community College District board, the well-being and academic success of the state’s neediest college students are at stake. He weaved the court’s conversations so well that the courtroom was full of life, and he made some minor changes, preferring the end of the play. It’s overlong, with flashback sequences that are well-crafted but too digressive. This is the kind of story that should be as terrifyingly kinetic as a freight train, barreling toward a rickety bridge. Oscar Isaac stars as Mossad agent Peter Malkin, who led a team of Israeli spies who tracked down and captured the notorious Adolf Eichmann (played here by Ben Kingsley) 15 years after World War II. I am a serious gore fan, but even I gagged twice and yelled out loud at the screen a couple of times! I was also told St. Agatha was loosely based on a true story. Following the death of the Russian leader in 1953, his closest advisors scramble to claim their power in the most bumbling, idiotic ways. Despite all the brutality, and the fact that there is no question who the bad guys are, there is a great psychological cat-and-mouse game throughout that kept me on the edge of my seat. Agatha” makes a point about how authoritarians coerce compliance. Chris Hemsworth joins forces with Michael Shannon, Michael Peña, and Trevante Rhodes as an American soldier sent to Afghanistan—on horseback!—to battle Taliban forces in the wake of 9/11. Endorsements. I was able to escape into the moment with the cast for a little while. Richie Merritt plays Richard Wershe Jr., who became the youngest FBI informant in history at the age of 14. We feel her situation; she is at first desperate, then guilty because her behavior affects the other girls in very negative ways. Poor Mary has run out of choices. Playing: Starts Feb. 8, Laemmle Music Hall, Beverly Hills; also on VOD. Agatha.”, Alex Wilton Regan, from left, Emma King and Tori Butler-Hart in the movie “The Isle.”, John Robinson in the ͞movie “The Amityville Murders.”, Thomas Q. Jones, left, and Isaach De Bankolé in the movie “A Violent Man.”. St. Agatha filled the role as a “nunsploitation film”, even though I didn’t even know that existed until now. The film is a chilling and relentless nail-biter with scenes that will make even the most hard-core horror fans gasp. Is there anything more satisfying than watching a movie that's based on a true story? Playing: Starts Feb. 8, Arena Cinelounge, Hollywood; also on VOD. Review: Justin Simien is back with ‘Bad Hair,’ a horror comedy that cuts. What American Murder Left Out of the Story, I Refuse to Believe This Man is Colin Farrell, Here Are the Best Halloween Movies on Netflix. Agatha” is a bit of a mess, structurally. It’s obviously a very hopeless situation, and of course, we want the girls to make it — all of them! Some of horror’s most memorable movies happened because the filmmakers had access to a great location: like a shopping mall or an abandoned hospital. Get the chance to play amateur fact checker with these titles that hit theaters this year. As his professional life heats up, his personal life hits the skids, and the cops start closing in. The Best Movies Based on Books in 2018 (So Far), The Best Movies Based on True Stories in 2019, 15 Great Books That Will Become Movies in 2018. You may occasionally receive promotional content from the Los Angeles Times. It’s more of an adventure/mystery, as the heroes keep pressing their hosts — at the risk of their own lives — for more information about where they are, and about what happened to the people who used to lived there.