Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available from CHAPTER NINE: A LACROSSE MATCH – AND A PUZZLE For … Continue reading →, I’m going to get back into this comparison after a bit of a break over Christmas and the new year. until they eventually get sick enough of her to literally go on strike and it's only Mary-Lou's advice that stops her resigning completely. She used her prettiness and charm to make them into little slaves. Angela exploits her fifth-form privileges to have first-formers do chores for her, something which is discussed and disapproved of a lot by the other characters... Mirabel becomes a sports captain, working the younger girls way too hard and forcing them to attend constant practices. The Tootles are a family of musical gypsies who camp by … Continue reading →, Enid Blyton in the Who’s Who of Children’s Literature and New Term at Malory Towers by Pamela Cox Mam’zelle saw with great pleasure that once again she could lock somebody into somewhere. The original books were written from 1941 to 1945, but recently three additions to the series have been made by Pamela Cox - The Third Form at St Clare's and The Sixth Form at St Clare's in 2000, and Kitty at St. Clare's in 2007. who it turns out actually has a form of eating disorder. A lot of the characters are very similar to those in the Malory Towers series. The last of the Blytons … Continue reading →, Continuing on from my previous post which looked at covers from the 1940s originals through to those in the 1980s. Here’s the best of the … Continue reading →, Last time we clarified which Jack, or indeed Jock, was which, we covered the difference between Morgan, Dai and Llewellyn and Morgan, Dai and Llewellyn, and we made sure we knew our great-grandad from our old grandads. Fortunately, she’s able to earn a scholarship and stay at St Clare’s. Carlotta riding off to rescue Sadie, calling her circus friends to help and then getting Sadie back to school. ... Read 94 reviews from the world's largest community for reader… Having already done The Famous Five, Adventure Series, Barney Mysteries, Malory Towers, the Secret Series and Mr Galliano’s Circus, I’m now going to tackle St Clare’s. Cannot load blog information at this time. St. Clare's (series) From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia St. Clare's is a series of nine books written by English children's authors Enid Blyton and Pamela Cox about a boarding school of that name. Previous posts are here and here.

until they eventually get sick enough of her to literally go on strike and it's only Gladys' advice that stops her resigning completely. part 7, The Twins at St Clare’s – How has Blyton’s original text fared in a modern edition? Alison and Anne-Marie spend the complete year fighting for Miss Wilcox's attention. Unsurprisingly, this was changed in later editions. her painter dad loses the use of his hand in a car accident so he can’t paint anymore. In an earlier book, they were disgusted when Prudence mocked Carlotta's background specifically because it was something Carlotta couldn't change. ... There are six books in the St Clare’s Series (if you don’t include the … Continue reading → The girls' bullying of Alma Pudden is treated as harmless and justified because she is fat and unpleasant, even after learning she can't help it.

Mirabel was tasting power for the first time as a sports captain... [Jane] wished she could dislike Angela, but she couldn't.

Angela gets told off for it, but it doesn't seem to help: Luckily, she returns healthy and well again at the end of the term. All The Tropes Wiki is a FANDOM Anime Community. The titular twins, Pat and Isabel don’t want to go to … Continue reading →, I’ve already shown you most of my Blyton collection, as well as my Harry Potter books and some other stuff. In a quieter moment I ran a catalogue search for Enid Blyton and it came up with 264 hits over … Continue reading →, I’ve just noticed I named the previous two parts as ‘part five’. All previous parts: one, … Continue reading →, This week (after abandoning this series for over a month) I got through two chapters.

Not forgetting a sixth-form girl's reaction to finding out the twins don't know how to make a fire or clean boots in the original text first book - "Goodness gracious, Pam, did you ever see such a pair of boobs?" Clarence è una serie animata statunitense, creato da Skyler Page, autore di alcuni storyboard di Adventure Time, prodotta da Cartoon Network Studios. As a child I just assumed she was still around, still writing, as I received new books for birthdays … Continue reading →, This really is the blog idea that just keeps on giving. A ranking of Blyton’s tricks, jokes and pranks, Blyton by others: A guide to prequels, sequels and continuations, The St Clare’s covers through the years, 1990s – now, The St Clare’s covers through the years, 1940s – 1980s, A completely un-confusing guide to names in Blyton’s books, part 2, The Twins at St Clare’s – How has Blyton’s original text fared in a modern edition? However, they aren't particularly convincing as authentic portrayals of Fifties life. So I’ll skip six and move on to seven! Irritation Is the Sincerest Form of Flattery,