Lee, played by Darcy Thomas, appears in two episodes in Series 1. Who doesn't love being #1? The Happy Foundation is a charity for people with Down's Syndrome. Jim is not seen again. The film follows the misadventures of a group of teenage friends on holiday in Malia after the end of their final year at school together, and was intended as an ending to the TV series. Nikki appears to dislike him a lot. He is virtually unseen in the rest of the show, however in the first episode of Series 1 he is seen at The Black Horse and in Series 2 during the scene where Simon and Will are in the canteen with Lauren, he can be seen on the table behind them. At the same time, Will gets into an argument with the father of a family with a wheelchair bound daughter whose poolside sun-loungers were 'requisitioned' by the boys, stating matter of factly that 'she doesn't even need a chair'. He bangs on his window and orders the boys to stay where they are, or he will phone the police. Alison hunts out Will and asks to be his girlfriend.

Outside the bar, Jay fails in his attempt to chat-up the club's PR girl as Simon sees Carli across the street. Jim sends Will on a fool's errand with a list of items that he needs (eg. Susie takes part in the school's charity "Blind Date" event, when she is chosen by Neil. Since the boys don't have any money to pay for the fine, Simon had no choice, but to call his dad to come and fix up the problem, he is approached by an Asian man, who clamped his car, and demands a £200 fine. On the post credits they both meet up at the airport and form a relationship, while Kevin Sutherland looks at them in disgust, in the background. Miss Timms, played by Amanda St. John, is a Biology teacher at Rudge Park Comprehensive. Hannah Fields is a girl from Year Eleven and is Simon's Valentine in "Work Experience". Will, Simon and Neil retreat back to the living room, where Will speaks to him through the window before closing the curtains to try and make him go away. Be the first to answer! However, it should be noted that the four lads disliked him. Alistair is popular upon his return, but is otherwise rude, immature, unpleasant and short-tempered. Will, Simon and Neil later work at the care home as a volunteer on part of their Duke of Edinburgh award scheme. Their accommodation is awful but the boys meet four girls in an empty bar during their first night out: Will chats to Alison and mocks her cliched "Greek waiter boyfriend" scenario; Simon bores Lucy to death talking about Carli; Neil has a non-conversation with Lisa, and Jay "gets stuck" with the bubbly Jane. He comes across as both shocked and amused by Will's behaviour and naive assumption that Rachel was interested in him. After sobering up, the boys go to meet the girls by their hotel pool. Carli tells Simon that he went "ballistic" when Simon vandalised their driveway, and Mr. Cooper tells Simon that Steve threatened to "fuck him up" when he sneaks into his young son's Chris' bedroom in the middle of the night which he mistook for Carli's. Tara's Parents, whose names are not specified appear once in the episode 'Will's Dilemma' in Series 3. Jake is a student at Rudge Park Comprehensive. She acted as a chaperone at the school Christmas party in Series 1 along with Phil Gilbert. When Will is refused service by the barman, he turns to Steve asking if he will sit with them so that they would be allowed to drink alcohol.

Although he felt very happy with the new shoes and a few other things he found. Alistair criticises Will for his hypocritical stance on the fashion show when he speaks to Will and Charlotte, causing Will to attempt to wheel Alistair away. The next morning, the hungover boys are woken by a loud banging at the front door. It stars Simon Bird, Joe Thomas, James Buckley and Blake Harrison, who all play their respective characters from The Inbetweeners. The Inbetweeners Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. He is disappointed by their boorish behaviour. Neil mentions that he dropped a ruler next to Miss Timms. Phyllis is a resident in the nursing home where Will, Jay, Neil and Simon come to volunteer as part of their 'Duke of Edinburgh Award scheme'. In the first episode of series 2, Jay mentions that he has a friend in Year Thirteen by this name who had sex with a mature woman on the field trip to Swanage the previous year. his only appearance was in Home Alone. He is once again denied and Will and Simon leave him standing by himself. She is divorced from Neil's father, Kevin. Jay's "Friend" appears in the series one episode "Girlfriend". He comes from the Cotswolds and takes Polly to Bath. The following morning, the boys are able to obtain tickets for the boat party and meet the girls on board. / "I'LL GIVE YOU A BLOW JOB!").

Carli, Rachel, Dean and Adam walk past and Simon asks Carli if she still wants a lift home (instead of calling for help), to which she refuses. She has been concerned throughout their relationship that Will was too young for her, and seeing him now without any pubic hair causes her to feel very guilty and want nothing more to do with him in that sense. Their members are first encountered when Will inadvertently calls them "inconsiderate arseholes" when getting on the Nemesis Inferno. Despite this, the Tramp agrees on the condition that Simon gives him £20 and his shoes ("'AND YOUR SHOES!"). When the boys headed over to her house after failing to ditch Patrice, she thought of having one of them come in to her party, she chose Patrice and decided to leave the boys outside. Later in the episode, Will falls asleep in the Common room after working night shift at the home to cover for Daisy. The Inbetweeners Movie … During "Trip to Warwick", Jay tells Neil and Will the story of how Wharton got his head stuck in a bottle bank and by the time he was found in the morning he had been "arse-raped eighteen times". Neil believes the story, but Will does not, questioning how the first eighteen people who found Wharton "turned out to be opportunistic homosexual rapists" and why Wharton would tell Jay about the ordeal due to its embarrassing nature. Will admits 'he had the best night of his life', Jay admits to Simon he bought boat party after his grandad passed away, but angrily teared them up after the fight, Simon cooly accepts the justification. She teaches Neil Sutherland, who is attracted to her, saying that she is "fit for a teacher". tartan paint x2, bubbles for spirit, a reach around and a long wait while he is there) to keep Will distracted. When she sees Will, she forces herself on him and demands that he has sex with her. The boys fear for their lives and jump into Simon's car, the man angrily begins shouting for his money and hitting the bonnet repeatedly.

The two apparently met during Jay's West Ham trials (that Simon claims never happened). Later on Becky starts to dance with Simon and the two kiss. Finally seeing Carli for her true colours, he ditches her for good. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Register to get answer.