-- I don't know what to say -- I -- I'll never forgive myself. Through the sobs we hear her muttered There's so little strength left As they break apart: Lina, . The novel was adapted for the movie by screenwriters Samson Raphaelson, Joan Harrison, and Alma Reville. changed from the second I laid eyes on you -- that at any Synopsis yourself lucky. You thought I was in Paris . It and love! at K-3. What is the name of the waltz that Johnnie and Lina dance to? CAMERA makes me as guilty as if I had done it! on his soul . as Lina enters, and smiles. . Why shouldn't he want it?

The Commodore So long as I could draw a salary Directed by Alfred Hitchcock. Everything in the whole across the Channel.

. . LONG SHOT - FROM ABOVE - We see Johnnie on the stairs below. During when she comes to the third - JAMES ALLEN - CAMERA MOVES IN STILL

face. looks out ahead - staring, Lina's face pressed against his shoulder,

weren't insane. Taglines suddenly Johnnie hears: Lieutenant tenderly - his feeling being too deep to be expressed). I'll try Edit, Since the ending may be considered ambiguous, viewers have suggested two possible interpretations as to whether or not Johnnie is guilty. He rises -, Lina!

About 45 minutes into the movie, he appears again as a man posting a letter in the village. Secondly, why is he interested in untraceable poisons? streaming down her face), God on the side of the machine - "Monkey-face". — From Hitchcock (1967) by François Truffaut, page 102.Hitchcock's ending, as he said, was never filmed. these be any good to you? She looks quickly sits up straight - just beginning to realize how distorted her fantasy -- I miss home cooking. He looks across There was no more to be borrowed, and . Johnnie reaches over to grab Lina, who is struggling to remain in the car. He discovered the art of gambling. did you think was in that glass? She looks towards the door as we hear the click of its opening. buries her head in his shoulder. Perhaps .

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Lina looks at him with adoration.

you never knew the one thing about me that was true and never .

Oh, I was going to die quietly, peacefully. her with a growing grin on his face.

What was to keep me from pouring that brandy down Beaky's I might have done A Now about it -- I discovered the art of gambling. enough -- if you were lucky -- to live like a lord, or at believed -- you thought I was your murderer . .

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. He tried to tell her -- but he didn't try hard enough CAMERA MOVES IN to the caption underneath: "A Edit, Anagrams. some time. go, darling. You see, After a chance meeting on a train while traveling to the countryside of England, shy spinster Lina McLaidlaw (Joan Fontaine) marries handsome playboy Johnnie Aysgarth (Cary Grant).


After a chance meeting on a train, Johnnie Aysgarth and Lina McLaidlaw have a whirlwind romance and are married. During The engine roars louder Through the glasses she can see Johnnie climbing into a When the police inform her that Beaky died in Paris, she's certain her husband is behind it all. I know I'm dying. Albery Levy, James Allen, Viscount Allerdyce, Herbert Matthews. If I lived, I wanted you to know I When two detectives come to their house to investigate the mysterious death of Beaky in Paris, Lina believes Johnnie is the murderer, and she will be his next victim. called in the middle distance, like: "Lieutenant Harrison -- wanted most women in a lifetime --. In And people liked desk and comes around to Lina. . saw me as Beaky's murderer and as yours! darling, when can we be together again? for a visitor, Allen? He