The API provides historical & current weather information and forecasts. More » Meteorological Forecasts. It was mentioned as one of the best weather APIs on Reddit. It allows you to display weather data in two beautiful layouts as block and list. Previously, she worked at Zaius, an ecommerce marketing platform, and InsightSquared, a SaaS analytics company. Time series data lets you discover trends and patterns, and plan events based on weather conditions. Note that while you can use this API in both commercial and non-commercial applications, including the Accuweather logo is required. It’s based on the Weatherbit Air Quality API. Integrating weather data into websites and other web development projects. For example, minute-by-minute forecast data is updated every five minutes, hourly and daily forecast data are updated every hour, Historical weather data, which goes back to several decades, is available, Severe weather alerts available only for some few selected countries, The free tier allows for not more than 100 requests per month. Most free APIs are limited not only in the number of API calls, but also the functionality provided. The best way to find out which APIs are reliable and fast enough to make it into the production version of your app is to try them. ClimaCell’s Weather API offers global support and returns hyper-local weather data for weather types, moon phases, air quality and pollen indexes, and fire risks. One thing to consider is that the free account for OpenWeatherMap limits your app to 60 API calls a minute at most. OpenWeatherMap charges historical weather data separately. Get all the highlights from ClimaCon 2020. With the broad options available, choosing a weather API for your business can be a bit daunting. It has temporal and historical data going back to 1997. After providing the latitude and longitude of the place, the API returns reliable air quality information you can use for a wide range of purposes, such as making traveling arrangements. AerisWeather API provides access to weather data and forecasts as well as storm reports, earthquake warnings, and other unique data for premium subscribers. Weather APIs give detailed information beyond just temperature, precipitation and humidity, but also UV index and pollution levels. The API’s priced plans, which come with better functionalities, maybe costly to customers with smaller requirements. In Current weather API, Hourly forecast API and 5 day / 3 hour forecast API - temp_min and temp_max are optional parameters mean min / max temperature in the city at the current moment just for your reference. The agricultural sector uses it to measure crop yields. App Integration & Format: AWS, Autodesk, REST API using JSON for the requests and the responses, with HTTPS support. Boasting a 95% uptime and highly responsive API servers, Weatherbit provides a free limited-functionality account for a single API key. Web API for consuming data about Hydrological Observations. North Norway Finnmark Nordland Troms Central norway Trøndelag West norway Hordaland Møre og Romsdal Rogaland Sogn og Fjordane. Today’s leading tech companies invest in developing technologies  to sense even the smallest change in the weather. Pricing: Premium pricing starts at $35 / month. It was recently updated with new content. Accurate, actionable weather forecasts are vital to the success of many businesses. To help you navigate your options, we’ve created this article that compares various Weather APIs, share different use cases and pricing, and help you find them via the. With this data, you can create updates and alerts in web and mobile apps, creating solutions that are uniquely suited to the needs of your business. © 2013-2020 Nordic APIs AB It’s why IBM reportedly acquired The Weather Company in 2016 for over $2BN. Meteorological Observations. You can also get 5-days and 3-hours forecasts, It provides useful stats, graphics, and this-day-in-history weather charts for your analysis, It provides interactive maps that display wind, pressure, precipitation, and clouds for any chosen location, Data is provided in a wide range of formats, including JSON, XML, and HTML, The free tier has limited functionality and allows for not more than 100 requests per day. The Weather by Location API is an easy-to-use API that enables you to retrieve weather information by IP address, zip code, and longitude/latitude coordinates. Weather maps, UV Index, air pollution and historical data East Norway Akershus Buskerud Hedmark Oppland Oslo Telemark Vestfold Østfold South Norway Aust-Agder Vest-Agder. High impact blog posts and eBooks on API business models, and tech advice, Connect with market leading platform creators at our events, Join a helpful community of API practitioners. The API returns current weather, historical weather data, and forecast details. Become a part of the world’s largest community of API practitioners and enthusiasts. OpenWeatherMap offers weather data APIs for different types of timeline data. Pricing: Pricing starts at $23 / month. Required fields are marked *. Many big-name brands, like Uber,  Ford, and Google Cloud use ClimaCell within their applications.