She is not about to give up, however, and she persists to net herself a man. We will continue to update this page, so bookmark it and come back often to see new updates. Sato, however, has never been cast alongside Mori in the past. he is really gakkoiiii TT, Let's talk about why he is soooooooooooooo hot during the 3rd installment of rurouken, TAKERU SATO CAN BREAKDANCE REALLY WELL SCREAMS//, Wait whaaaaattttt i didn't realize that was Ryunosuke Kamiki on Bakuman with Takeru Sato omg kenshin and sojiroh again, Omg i am so happy two aawesome movies in one day Takeru Sato in another music related movie again since Beck called The Liar and his Lover. We interviews to Sato’s agency but they said “It was not Goukon. Takeru-kun then sent a message to all his friends via SMS and LINE to gather them as he was the type who'd vent out all his frustrations and complaints, but everyone was busy and they couldn't make their schedules meet. “I got kicked!! When asked about Romance, she said “Now It’s okay to have a romance, right? Girl is in love with doctor. takeru sato is only 170 cm tall aka 5 ft 5 inches, WHY IS RYUNOSUKE KAMIKI AND TAKERU SATO SO HANDSOME SHUHHHHHHUHSHHSHSHSUSUSHSUSUHYUKSHUSIKSHHSUS. Sato was seen looking at the face of the woman he was with at a dining bar past midnight recently. Also a brief introduction of his past relationship with Akiyama Rina aka Oshiri~na), Related article: Maeda Atsuko says she “Wants to have a Love Romance” at her first public appearance after graduation. One store staff told the situation of the day us under condition of anonymity. His birth sign is Aries and his life path number is 6. Saikyô no suketto Kyûjôin Haruka tôjô! People born on March 21 fall under the zodiac sign of Aries. last mos, I'm definitely gonna watch Ruroken tomorrow or this Saturday like seriously Takeru Sato maylabs whyyy hart hart. I know Takeru Sato from all his films and dramas, on screen and off screen as I saw from YouTube. (skip)” the guest told us. What many don’t know is that before he dominated the big screen with that renowned red hair and ‘X’ on his cheek, he was originally a masked hero who battled villains who were intent on destroying the balance of time. Hit the "Tweet" button at the top ↑ 2. In fact, this animal is also a symbol of wisdom and wit. What happened to SEKAI NO OWARI’s Saori after the ... 8 Must-see Japanese movies as chosen by a French w... V6 Yoshihiko Inohara has his house renovated. Why is Takeru Sato such a good actor? T.T, Okay there are really just some angles where takeru sato looks like kame =))). Their strengths are soft-spoken, humorous, sympathetic, determined, passionate, and smart. [ Bunshun ] Rino Sashihara’s alleged ‘scandalous’…, [ Bunshun ] Ex-boyfriend’s confession: “AKB48’s…, [ Bunshun ] Alleged scandal of Sashihara Rino – Full-color…, Kaleidoscopic Sashiko, Yuihan and Yuko (and 3 more stories about…, AKB48 49th single Preliminary Sousenkyo Results Out –…, Fanmade Election Poster For Yuka Masuda (and video footage of…, Japanese Fans Amazed By Kojiharu’s Sliding Like Pro Baseball…, AKB48 Members With Best Boobs (AKB48 Boob Senbatsu!? !” She was shouting. "Takeru-kun has always been the type who wanted his partner to fawn on him, but he's the one fawning over Kanna-san. So, after meeting his 5 alternate personalities, which is your favorite? Sato was listening to her but at the same time, very cautious about our camera crew that were following them from the behind. Takeru Satoh (佐藤 健, Satō Takeru, born 21 March 1989) is a Japanese actor. ?SOURCE Sousenkyo 2016 Final Results – AKB48 45th Single Senbatsu – Sashihara Rino takes the Top Spot consecutively for the first time! Takeru Satoh’s zodiac sign is Aries. Sato’s skinny arms couldn’t sustain  her body, and Maeda’s skirt rode up, revealing her butts. Let’s find out! This actually isn't the only time the two were caught spending time together. This will be reported in tabloids…. He has my respect as an actor. 1:  かばほ~るφ ★  2013/06/21(金) 10:17:19.26 ID:?? They dropped their shoulders, “Phew…” and staring at cakes in the glass showcase as they were muttering “Aw man….”. He is an actor, known for Rurouni Kenshin Part II: Kyoto Inferno (2014), Rurouni Kenshin Part I: Origins (2012) and Rurouni Kenshin Part III: The Legend Ends (2014). Some acts may have taken years before they made their major debut while others hit it big with their first time. She was at the press conference after the event commemorating the release of her photobook “Acchan”, in Shinjuku, Tokyo. He has black hair. You may be familiar with her since she starred in the popular live-action adaptation of Rurouni Kenshin. What does this all mean? That's why Takeru-kun forgets all his troubles whenever he talks to her and finds comfort in her." ;_______; My mind is full of Takeru Sato and Takahiro Morita.. How the hell am I supposed to study? Shinobu revealed Touching Story behind Maeda Atsuko’s white Dress costume at Tokyo Dome concert (and one more), Limited-Period!! But they can also be jealous, suspicious, sly, fickle, and nonchalant. Inside the taxi that the two got on. Notable attributes include the development of an enhanced physical build along with increased strength befitting his attitude. He was very good at school, he went to an elite high school in Saitama, well not as good as Togasaki’s high school though. Say! After HS event at the event, she went to Roppongi to attend Job-Well-Done party. His birth name is Takeru Satoh and she is currently 31 years old. The real face of Maeatsu (Maeda Assan) is a 21 year old girl♥ Don’t be too mean to this girl when she makes a miss conduct because of too much drinking. Takeru Sato is straight. 3 Places in Tokyo Where You’re Likely to Get Interviewed, 4 Most Loved Home–Cooked Japanese Moms’ dishes, Explore Inside One of Osaka’s Hidden Gems: The Tower of the Sun. Takeru Sato is straight. 1349 – Between 100 and 3,000 Jews are killed in Black Death riots in Efurt, Germany. Why did the K-ON boom suddenly fade away? Education: The education details are not available at this time. when she's at her own gatherings with her friends." ?P Monday nights at 9 on FujiTV. Daily life as a student in Japan. The story has seen spread among members.”. Scroll down and check out his slim body, short and/or medium black hairstyles & haircuts. i believe actors are also called artist.. Acting is a form of art. Genuine information about Japan by the Japanese. Takeru Satoh zodiac sign is a Aries. He is an actor, known for, Rurouni Kenshin Part III: The Legend Ends, Haruma Miura Dies: ‘Attack On Titan’ And ‘Kimi Ni Todoke’ Star Was 30, New UK Trailer for 'Samurai Marathon' Featuring a Philip Glass Score, Rurouni Kenshin: Final Chapter Part II - The Beginning, Rurouni Kenshin: Final Chapter Part I - The Final, I LOVE... Let us present the rest of the story. 1804 – Civil Code of Napoleon adopted in France. acchan's strange way to talk as Kyuuto still lingers in my head The room Maeda entered was one of those VIP rooms which have a platform (stage). GACKT has a ghost writer!? There were precisely 391 full moons after his birth to this day. The sudden turn of the event happened at the end the party. He looked like 草食系男子 But he is actually 肉食, which means he is ロールキャベツ男子 lol *Outwardly looks very mild and gentle but very (sexually) aggressive inside. Taka and takeru sato went for karaoke and all I can think of is, did takeru annoy taka by asking him to perform like his lives again? AKB48 Tano Yuka flashes her rock solid abs during ANN broadcast, AKB48 General Election Senbatsu Sousenkyo Final Results –…, Kojima Haruna hints her graduation, Oshima Yuko cries at Akimoto…, AKB48 WrapUp - Delivering AKB48 News and Insights from Japan, Maeda Atsuko says she “Wants to have a Love Romance” at her first public appearance after graduation. The Gokon was over. We are looking for Writers and Editors to join our team! Sensual Gravure Photography of AKB48 Members! Takeru Satoh was born on a Tuesday. Maeda Atsuko “お姫様だっこ (Carried in man’s arms like a princess!!!)”. Dan sekarang gue pengen banget ketemu Takeru Sato,pasti suatu saat kesampean juga..Nothing is Imposible,as long as We Believe. Kinkyû kikoku! Shukan Bunshun releases photos of Maeda Atsuko scandal. All actors are artists, but not all artists are actors. Their body closely attached to each other, talking something. But Haruma Miura and Takeru Sato was there, so, zettai ni daijoubu :333, Re-watching Princess Princess D just because takeru sato is in it <3, FML IS THAT TAKERU SATO'S 2015 PHOTOBOOK??? Do you know Takeru Satoh and his 5 Gorgeous Personalities in the Kamen Rider Series? Usually, people regard Snake as a cunning and sly animal, which likes hanging out in darkness. He has black hair. Kaoru/Emi Takei looked prettier in the 1st movie tho. - (common friend). Please give me picture of members being lovey-dovey with each other!!! Kamen Rider Den-O: Singing, Dancing, Great Training!! After becoming famous for his role as Ryotaro Nogami in the Kamen Rider Den-O television and film series, Satoh appeared as Himura Kenshin in the popular Rurouni Kenshin manga-based films. A combined personality of confidence and recklessness is what Satoh portrays when possessed by Ryutaros. Those born under the Aries zodiac sign have an exciting and enthusiastic energy. From Himura Kenshin (緋村剣心), the man who vowed not to kill, Japanese heart-throb Sato Takeru (佐藤健) becomes the man who cannot be killed as he takes the lead role Nagai Kei (永井圭) for the live-action adaptation of Ajin (亜人): Demi-Human which is set to hit the big screen in Japan in September 2017.