Enjoy these ideas for telling the Christmas story in Sunday School. Every week, thousands of churches use our Bible lessons, craft ideas, printable resources, and coloring pages to teach kids the Christian faith. As children’s ministers, it’s our awesome job to share this wonderful tale of love to our children with as much excitement as we can. Honestly, there are tons of ways you can tell the Christmas story but this year, why not mix it up a little. I don’t know about you, but when I think of the Christmas story, I think of, well, the Christmas story. ADDRESS: Ministry-To-Children Or ask kids to draw various portions of the Christmas story. Blog / Bible Verses That Tell the Christmas Story. But it is a story that deserves a fresh look. When the story is complete, all the candles will be lit. Sing It Read a portion of the Bible story. Every kids church ministry deserves the very best resources for teaching God’s Word, even when they don’t have the financial resources. She was a young, poor female. Once the story is over and the nativity scene is set up, give it a place of honor in your classroom or children’s church. Lighting up twelve scented candles can overwhelm the senses. As you read/tell the story (or after telling the story), place the pictures in order. Easily find creative ideas for your church worship services with Re:Think Worship. Explain how each piece fits into the narrative. Bible Verses That Tell the Christmas Story. Dad had stayed home that evening. Christmas Ideas, Songs, and Videos, Online Stations of The Cross – Video Walkthrough, Death Was Defeated – Creative Easter Ideas, 1 Corinthians 13 Responsive Reading About Love, Christmas Mini-Movie – ‘The News’ – 2019, Thanksgiving Prayer Video “Thank You For It All”, When I Survey… (Minor Key Version) Easter Video. Do be sensitive to kids’ allergies though. While you read Luke’s recounting of the Christmas story, pause and invite children to open the pieces one at a time. (Jar candles work best!) As you tell the Nativity, light up the character’s candle. December 19, 2016. Continue on with “We Three Kings” and talk about the magi who followed the star to find the Lord Jesus. Tell the Story with Candles: Before class, tape paper images of the key characters on to the front of the candle. 430 Oak St. Sellersburg, IN 47172, © 2020 Ministry-To-Children.com | Read our, Christmas Photo Storybook: An Easy Christmas Program Alternative, Candy Cane Christmas Games for Sunday School, Advent-ures Through the Season…Ideas for Celebrating the Coming of Christmas Week Three: Joy in the Darkness, Making the Christmas Message Come Alive for Preteens, Christmas Children's Sermon (Matthew 1:18-25), Lesson: God Sends an Angel to Visit Joseph (Matthew 1:18-25), Back to School (Sunday School Lesson) Armor of God, “Back to School ” Children’s Sermon (Jesus, the Sin Eraser), “Back to School” Object Lessons (School Supplies Backpack). When we make Him the reason for the season, a merry Christmas … Tape them to a wall or clip them to a length of yarn. Before you sing songs together, give a brief narration from the Nativity. As you tell the Nativity, light up the character’s candle. It’s a narrative that deserves reverence and a more than a half-hearted, annual re-telling . Please use our childrens ministry curriculum and Sunday School material for any purpose that brings honor to Jesus. Content manager for Bible Gateway. If you've got any ideas or suggestions you'd like to add to the blog just let me know. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Any way you decide to approach this holiday season, as long as the focus is on Christ you can never go wrong. Lighting up twelve scented candles can overwhelm the senses. Jonathan Petersen. Enjoy these ideas for telling the Christmas story in … Gather a variety of teaching pictures or Christmas cards that show various parts of the story. There’s a kind of seamless whole that I have in my head made up of angels and shepherds and Mary and Joseph and the baby in the manger and the stable animals and the star and magi and all the rest. Here are few video options that walk through the story. https://www.worshiphousemedia.com/mini-movies/71107/god-with-us, https://www.worshiphousemedia.com/mini-movies/48898/luke-2, https://www.worshiphousemedia.com/mini-movies/21355/the-christmas-story-luke-2, Designed by Elegant Themes | Powered by WordPress. All Rights Reserved, Bring the Christmas Story Alive for Students, Six Tips for Making the Holidays Christ-Centered and Educational, Quick Scene A Child Is Born Bulletin Board Set, Boys Only Club: Struggles on the Set (#3). Oh the Nativity! Tell the Story With Some Songs: In one session of your Sunday School, tell the Christmas story by singing songs. Dec 19, 2018 | Christmas, Uncategorized | 0 |. It is HIS divine will that young people come to faith in Jesus Christ and find salvation through the Gospel and the work of the Holy Spirit to bring them to faith. That’s why we never charge for our curriculum or even ask for donations. We believe that God is the loving Father of all kids. Songs like “Away in a Manger” and “Come All Ye Faithful” are great ways to explain how the angels gave the message of Jesus’ arrival. This Christmas Eve service, you’ll inevitably want to tell the nativity story in some way. Take your time and don’t rush through the verses. (Jar candles work best!) Ideas For Telling The Christmas/Nativity Story. You can freely license our resources under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International. His wife and children were attending the church's Christmas program and they had wanted him to go with them, but he was tired and looked forward to … Copyright © 2007-2020 Ministry-to-Children. Scripture Version. We believe that children and parents benefit from a  strong Christian education program in the church. Visit Mimi’s blog Tools for Kids Church for more ideas on teaching. Mary was an unlikely candidate to be honored with the role of mother to the Savior. Share the story several different ways so everyone “gets” it. Story Write out on separate pieces of cardboard the nine letters that make up the word ‘CHRISTMAS’. Do be sensitive to kids’ allergies though. The Nativity in a Box: For this option, you need an inexpensive nativity set, some wrapping paper, tape and scissors. And this story is one of the best, even for those hearing it for the umpteenth time. That means no permission is needed as long as you credit this Ministry-To-Children.com in the final work. This year, I’ve created some new ways (at least to me) to present the glory of Jesus’ birth. One Christmas Eve Service Tip That Will Make All The Difference, Getting Started Creating Videos For Your Church, What Child Is This? The story of the first Christmas is a classic we can never improve on. Isaiah 7:14 (NIV) Therefore the Lord himself will give you a sign: The virgin will conceive and give birth to a son, and will call him Immanuel. What a magnificent and detailed story we have about God’s love for mankind. The Christmas angel, Gabriel, appeared not only to Zechariah and Mary but also to Daniel the prophet more than 500 years before the Christmas story. Ministry-To-Children.com helps you tell kids about Jesus by providing age-appropriate Bible study material and Sunday School curriculum – all 100% free online. Here are few video options that walk through the story. Dec 19, 2018 | Christmas, Uncategorized | 0 | This Christmas Eve service, you’ll inevitably want to tell the nativity story in some way. When the story is complete, all the candles will be lit. Telling the C.H.R.I.S.T.M.A.S. Take each letter in turn to illustrate the Christmas story.