The villagers gaped at him, and his wife was stunned! >> /R22 233 0 R << >> >> The ministers who bought the Arabian horses challenged Raman to prove this point in a horse race. Order Your Favourite Foods From These Restaurants And Help Feed The Needy, Achieving The Zero Waste Sustainable Restaurants Goals, After 3,000 Years, Tasmanian Devils Are Returning To Australian Mainland. Why Do Men Find It Difficult To Talk About Mental Health? But did I say I’ll do it right now? The ministers who bought the Arabian horses challenged Raman to prove this point in a horse race.… /R26 238 0 R


The story only teaches children to be cruel to animals. Answer: The king called Tenali Raman an ignorant fool when he said that he was unable to see the other side of the two men and the face of the cow in the painting. 18 0 obj

/R10 237 0 R Here, in his attempt to fool the King, Tenali Rama is poorly feeding an animal that has no one but him to depend on. /XObject 16 0 R To which the village chief asked Rama, “How long will you take?”. Tenali took him to the room where the horse was kept and asked him to look through the window. Off Of 9.

/Font 2 0 R They pushed their way through the crowd and saw a bodybuilder in the center. /R28 242 0 R /ExtGState 38 0 R Tenali Raman Short Story In English: Tenali Rama was traveling to Hampi, with his wife. Hi Everyone!! endobj 47 0 obj /Rotate 0 endobj

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/Parent 214 0 R /R15 239 0 R >> 32 0 obj Raman brought his horse which looked lean and thin. /Differences [ 32 /g57 ] Good story The tenali raman was a good person. /Parent 214 0 R /ArtBox [ 0.0082 0 594.952 841.92 ] /R15 239 0 R /R9 248 0 R << /R18 229 0 R /QQAPGS55d1589a 260 0 R Your email address will not be published. /R13 225 0 R Raman hugged his horse and fed it lush green grass. ) ���Pw��q�T�v�;����Y�5W2��/�)�i�W,QԊi�z�@ǩ�u�h���rz�y�G�җ�OJ4�~о�}�zS�����OJ4 H����h� f���ҏ-=(� H��=(�B�S�����OJ4 F��K�'�JzRy F���5�S���EDmױ��t4Y���U�r���2������{��.qK���� P��CE�qh��@QE QE QE QE Sw|�E:� So, he ran fast. Scene Seen 2.


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/R15 239 0 R Join now. When the King got annoyed Tenali told him that he was the one who told them to use imagination when you look at paintings. /QQAPIm657f4276 256 0 R Here Hear 4.

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