The story follows the adventure had by a little boy who boards a train bound for the North Pole on Christmas Eve. Little Piccola lives in Italy, and her Christmas is not one of snowfall and Santa Claus, but of warm sun and orange groves. One dark and snowy Christmas Eve, our young narrator boards the Polar Express and is whisked away to the North Pole… where he’ll get to meet the very red-coated, jelly-bellied man who makes all Christmas wishes come true.

It has also been made into a Hallmark movie. Best Christmas Books for Adults Kids have some fantastic Christmas books that are great for all ages, but sometimes you need something to get lost in for a few hours or a few days. She has grand, golden visions of Christmas trees and a savory feast — and when she finally runs out of matches and freezes to death, her grandmother’s spirit helps her ascend to heaven, while the rest of us sob into our eggnog. In this illustrated version of the classic action film, the seasonal story of NYPD cop John McClane is rendered in verse as a parody of “A Visit from St. Nicholas” — an appropriate bookend to this list, no? Despite the beautiful weather, Piccola yearns for a true Christmas after she hears the local Americans talking about it. list created November 29th, 2016 Wendy Harper sets out to renovate her family’s dilapidated cottage in Seaside, Maine, in this charming Christmas tale. But when a faction of evil bureaucrats dispatch an assassin to take out the Hogfather, it’s up to Death himself to save the day by dressing up as the merry old man. Our final entry from Andersen is the poignant story of a fir tree throughout its life. Want even more Christmas stories? If you loved the Tom-Hanks-led adaptation, you’ll love the original even more, with its dreamlike story and detailed illustrations. Called to investigate the murder of a millionaire, he’s faced with solving a mystery involving a locked room, secret illegitimate children, and a bounty of uncut diamonds. At Christmas Time is actually a very touching story of familial love: young Yefimya has married and moved away, but her parents are illiterate and cannot write to her, though they miss her desperately. That is, until he runs into his friend Auggie Wren, who regales him with a holiday tale he’ll never forget. This beautifully illustrated book tells the story of a young boy whose snowman comes to life one night, taking him on a magical journey across the world. After 60 years, a big box store has moved in, but a Christmas miracle may just change everything. This Norwegian children’s novel has a storytelling advent calendar, a toy lamb come to life, and a girl named Elisabet who hasn’t been seen in years — or has she? The Belgian supersleuth can’t seem to catch a break, not even at the most wonderful time of the year. Paul Auster has no idea what to write for the New York Times at Christmas. The Snow Queen tells the tale of children Kai and Gerda, who are warned by Kai’s grandmother about the Snow Queen, a powerful being who eventually captures and corrupts Kai. Suddenly he feels warm despite the bitter frost outside, and is welcomed to “Christ's Christmas tree” — which, of course, is another metaphor for heaven.

An eclectic group gathers at a New England inn only to be snowed in. Nothing like some dense Russian prose to keep you warm this winter. From snowy tea time with Mr Tumnus to the mystical figure of Aslan, C.S.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year — to bury yourself in a good book, that is. But our favorite fictional aardvarks also have a dilemma: what should they get for Santa? Not only is this the best Harry Potter installment (in our totally unbiased opinion), it’s also the one that makes the most of Christmas at Hogwarts — with the added drama of the Triwizard Tournament’s traditional Yule Ball. 10 of 31. As a retelling of the story of the magi, it certainly beats the dull lyrics of “We Three Kings” — which, as we know, can only be made better with a camel tow. Between an over-enthusiastic dog and a nest-building swan, Stick Man’s prospects aren’t looking too good… that is, until he meets a friend with a magical sleigh who can fly him anywhere he wants. this link is to an external site that may or may not meet accessibility guidelines. They either tell a story that has almost nothing to do with the first Christmas – think, A Christmas Carol, for example, or Rudolph, the Red-Nosed Reindeer – or they whitewash the first Christmas and give it a G-Rating. It’s sweet and funny, and has an ending that still packs an emotional punch 40 years on.

by. So, with this in mind, why not give your adult ESL learners a Christmas lesson they'll never forget? This story-within-a-story is a clever, meta commentary on the sentimentality and morality we expect from Christmas lore, even though real life is rarely so neatly packaged. This children’s fairy tale nevertheless contains a profound message about never giving up on love, even when all seems to be lost. Did you know there was a fourth Wise Man? This Christmastime novel alternates between present day and the 1860s; the latter setting follows the family of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow and the tumult and strife they experienced during the Civil War. From laughing at Ron’s robes to gasping at the twist of Hermione and Krum, not to mention all the intrigue surrounding Karkaroff and Snape, the Yule Ball section of Goblet of Fire is simply an iconic bit of literature. From the author of The Christmas Shoes and The Christmas Hope comes this novel about a young woman happening upon the home she’s always longed for at Christmastime. Grief gives way to love when tragedy-stricken widow Ivy Macintosh meets 11-year-old Holly Greenwood and Holly’s strict father, Daniel, and soon becomes part of their family. The sequel to Winter Street brings more family drama to Kelley Quinn and his family at the Winter Street Inn on snowy Nantucket. Legend has it one night in the Christmas Cottage guarantees lifelong love; when Lacey Quinn is snowed in with the best man from her friend’s wedding, she’ll find out if the legend is true. It’s a wonderful kind of day for Arthur and D.W. when Christmas rolls around again. Equal parts hilarious and sincere, Sedaris’ supposedly autobiographical account of working as a department store elf is a holiday tale for the jaded among us. The three daughters of Suzanne McBride come together for a Christmas in Scotland and, along the way, learn about togetherness and the importance of family. When Gerda finds him at last, he has turned into a cold, cruel facsimile of himself — but she manages to save him by using (what else?) With the winter winds howling and the fire crackling, there’s no better season to just curl up and read the day away. The first of Elin Hilderbrand’s Winter Street series follows Kelley Quinn, the owner of the Winter Street Inn on Nantucket, as family chaos disrupts the holiday season. When you’ve got a good audiobook piped into your earbuds, time takes on a different texture — sometimes it zips along, impelled by laughter, or slows to an ooze thanks to suspense. If you make a purchase using the links included, we may earn commission. Best known for its TV adaptation (featuring an intro by David Bowie), The Snowman remains one of Britain’s favorite Christmas stories. A Christmas miracle is at the center of The Bridge, a novel about finding love in a Franklin, Tennessee, bookstore.

New books are added every day. This wonderful historical novel dives into the life of Charles Dickens as he tries to bring his most famous work—A Christmas Carol—to life. Charlie the elevator operator is feeling sorry for himself on Christmas morning: he’s poor, he’s lonely, and to add insult to injury, he has to work. Hans Christian Andersen strikes again in one of his most famous (and devastating) works. Available in most hotel rooms in the US, thanks to the Gideons. Roald Dahl’s holiday poem “Mother Christmas” is a cute, funny, and surprisingly feminist tribute to its eponymous figure.