CRWNMAG It’s original, passionate, provocative and cool, and it flies in the face of contemporary modes of publication cover design and art direction. Co-founders: Richard Turley, Lucas Mascatello and Mia Kerin, Civilization is the broadsheet-sized publication created by former Bloomberg Businessweek/MTV/Weiden & Kennedy creative force Richard Turley and a couple of his pals, with the mission of being “a future history of New York.”. Images include photography from Martin Parr and Alisdair McLellan, and art by David Hockney and Lubaina Himid. — Nia Lawrence, Creative Director, Essence, The New York Times Magazine Firstly, it looks great—a sharp piece of design that combines the title’s established double-cover die-cut ‘eye’ identity with the ‘Psych’ theme of the issue. What a time to be alive. With its highly rendered painting of Trump literally afloat in the problems of his own making, O’Brien speaks volumes about the nature of this presidency. Recently, they also participated in the #Voguechallenge, and this particular cover caught my eye. Editor-in-Chief: Adam Moss. Design Director: Gail Bichler It’s amazing to think that when this issue was published none of us had any inkling of how bad things were about to get. Can you put your face on a magazine cover for free? June 22 Although the topic of Trump is a fertile ground, Time creative director D.W. Pine and illustrator Tim O’Brien have created a cover of grandiose subtlety. Even in an age where anything can get an online feature, the curated content of magazine is full of integrity and credibility. Understated. October 7, 2018 While girls will be rushed into generating magazine covers of Glamour, Cosmopolitan, Marie Claire, People or Vogue, boys will most probably focus on fake magazine cover makers of Rolling Stone, Men’s Health or GQ. Simple. –Matt Strelecki, Creative Director, Successful Farming/Meredith Agrimedia, TIME Editor-in-Chief: Jake Silverstein. Welcome to our one-stop shop for every glossy magazine fan. Then Minter layers on voluptous color, saturated pinks, glossy sheen and drips of liquid. But the fork, placed just so, tempts you to pick it up and have a first big bite. Covers and cover stories had been remade at a moment’s notice as events unfolded—some showcasing inventive type solutions when either time or resources made other approaches impossible. If you ever thought of getting your face on a magazine cover, let our collection of cover generators fulfil this daring dream. Designer: Shira Inbar Editor-in-Chief: Edward Felsenthal. People, Clamour, Rolling Stone, GQ and more - need for almost any type of glossy is satisfied. The New York Times Magazine, a regular presence on these lists under design director Gail Bichler, also shows up multiple times. The rebirth of the magazine cover continues apace thanks to Instagram, where tiled jpegs fight for attention just as their paper versions always have on the newsstand.