Your AMC Ticket Confirmation# can be found in your order confirmation email. You can watch this movie online in HD with subs on Zee5. They won't be able to see your review if you only submit your rating. All Critics (21) What makes Hulu one of the best places to watch French films is its catalog of over 700 Criterion Collection titles. Depending on how well your comprehension is going along, you could go either way here. I think what I liked best is the way that Tavernier makes the film about Arthur's sentimental education and the universal tendency to dismiss politics as a triumph of style over substance. The film starts with some pretty grim shots, highlighting the homeless population in Paris. So he's not entirely useless. Alongside the movie clips, you’ll get everything from music videos to inspiring talks to news broadcasts. 2. It’s a war movie! Or you could start with this recommendation because it’s so much fun. |, March 18, 2014 I can't really complain about the film, it offers some really good laughs, but I think it drags a little bit in some parts. |, March 21, 2014 What makes this site absolutely ideal for French film watching is that there’s usually a handful of French films in the mix. |, August 1, 2014 Take your language learning to the next level with our popular e-book. When you think Hulu, you likely think of binge-watching favorite TV shows. Saw the world premiere at TIFF this year and nearly died laughing. This period of 1960s French film is characterized by naturalistic style, jumpy editing, on-location shooting and natural sound. The film is certainly satirical, it shows off the completely chaotic world that Vlaminck finds himself in, the chaos that goes along with that sort of job. Somehow, this film reminds me of a French version of In The Loop. Cinemark It’s completely possible to turn off the subtitles on (most of) these, but the only titles Netflix has that can support French subtitles are…American titles. But it’s not all woe and disaster; this film has a lot of heart and more than a few good laughs. There’s one downside to using YouTube—not all titles give you subtitle options. FluentU keeps track of what you’ve watched and suggests further videos based on that info, so you get a truly diverse but personalized learning experience. I’m not going to pretend that some of the films on this list aren’t a little on the depressing side (“A LITTLE?!? If you’re unfamiliar with the Criterion Collection, it’s a collection of classic films from around the world (art house, historically significant and otherwise). NBC Sports, Peacock and Tennis Channel combine to air daily live coverage of the French Open starting Sunday. Check out FluentU, which transforms authentic French movie clips, trailers and other videos into language learning experiences. French Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin has vowed to crack down on “enemy” Muslim groups and extremism online in response to the gruesome murder of a middle school teacher, Samuel Paty. Each video comes with interactive subtitles you can click for an instant definition, translation and native pronunciation of any word you don’t recognize. It’ll be easier to look things up by starting from the Wikipedia page, as all the relevant vocabulary is there before your eyes—and you can always go between the French and English Wiki entries. So keep that in mind as you pick and choose your French movie night lineup. The basic plot sounds a bit on the dull side, but do you think I would’ve included a dull movie in this list? No more slow-and-steady-with-a-dictionary. When the wife suffers a stroke, this incites a series of events that will pull on your heartstrings—hard. Like Morgan Freeman times ten thousand. But the best part about it isn’t learning French from one of Godard’s most bizarre films, but the narrator’s voice. To start, I’m going to make a crazy suggestion: If you can swing it, maybe consider the DVD by mail add-on if you already have the service. | Rating: 4/5 A group of upper-middle class friends try to dine together, but this is no easy task (for a multitude of bizarre reasons). Talk about the nitty-gritty of French films! You’ll probably forget you’re learning French through the tears. July 17, 2014 YouTube is a fantastic resource for learning French. French is more fun with friends! But, I suppose you could just avert your eyes from the annoying English text on the bottom of the screen. “Populaire” is a lighter alternative. Based on the memoir by Indian policy analyst Sanjaya Baru, The Accidental Prime Minister explores Manmohan Singh's tenure as the Prime Minister of India, and the interference of Congress Party in contradicting his decisions during his first tenure. But it goes beyond French tutorials and stand-up comedy. Watching French films with French subtitles can be very helpful if your reading skills are fair, but taking a chance with no subtitles could end up surprising you with how much you actually know! If you’re one of those people who spends more time looking for a movie on Netflix or Hulu (wasting precious French learning time!) I don't think this film comes close to that, but I'm somewhat reminded of it. than actually watching movies, then Mubi is the solution. Copyright © Fandango. You're almost there! |, July 21, 2014 Written by Let’s get some love in here for the French Canadians! They end up emotionally tangled on Pont-Neuf (the oldest standing bridge in Paris) which they’re illegally living on during its renovation. This film is a great choice if you want a good laugh, a taste of (satirized) bourgeoisie life in France and a historic gem all wrapped into one 90-minute masterpiece. Oh, and did I mention it’s only $4.99 a month? If you have French speaking friends, set up a movie night and then discuss the film together. It was nominated in ten categories at the César awards (the French Oscars) and yada yada, basically it was a magnet for awards. Regal | Rating: 3/5 This is a true conundrum (nobody said this language learning business was flawless). The real attraction to this film is its visuals. All Rights Reserved. guptashaurya-54306, The Accidental Prime Minister | Anupam Kher, Akshaye Khanna | Streaming Now On ZEE5. Do the math. Coming Soon. The protagonist is one of them, and is arguably having the worst night of them all. Watching a French film with English subtitles more than once to understand the storyline isn’t recommended. The film has an element of suspense to it, but is filled with excellent actors, and will keep you engaged as you soak up all the French emotion! You can rent them for around $2.99-$4.99 per film, or buy them to have and to hold forever (for around $9.99-$19.99). Coming Soon. and the Terms and Policies, Going all over the place, having to redo a speech 15 times because Taillard isn't satisfied with it, the stress that must come along with being in power as a war is about to start and how you do everything to keep that from happening. Forgot your password? and to receive email from Rotten Tomatoes and Fandango. The films of Bertrand Tavernier have often been fringed with humor, of a rueful kind; now, in his seventies, and in a rousing rebuke to tranquillity, he has turned to farce. The rest of the cast is quite good actually, but this is all about Thierry Lhermitte and he certainly delivers the goods. Oh, so you want to delve into French New Wave, huh? Thanks to the Internet and all the sites available for watching, it’s not an unrealistic (or boring) goal to watch one a week. Netflix is probably the first thing that comes to mind, and rightfully so. It will give you an almost unlimited selection of French titles, in DVD form, with the options to add French subtitles, English subtitles or none at all. If you’ve seen “The Artist” (arguably the worst French film to learn French with — it’s silent), then you may be familiar with Bérénice Bejo. She’s a fantastic actress, and her face will become more familiar as you browse through catalogues of French films. I quite liked this film however with its lunacy and chaotic approach to these group of people trying to do whatever they can in order to avoid setting off a third world war, it's clear this film is set prior to the start of the Iraq war in 2003, but the names of some of the countries are fictionalized. Please reference “Error Code 2121” when contacting customer service. The scene that highlights this the most is the scene where Claude is making phone calls in order to avoid setting off a conflict between countries while, at the same time, Taillard is complaining about the highlighters he is given not being good enough. Set in a poor neighborhood in Paris, three friends are dragged into a series of events when one of them gets their hands on a gun. |, April 10, 2014 All rights reserved. The ex-wife is re-marrying, and things get tangled up and go dark pretty quickly. The film centers around an elderly couple. An unlikely romance buds between Michèle (Juliette Binoche) and a homeless fire-eater (Denis Lavant) and things get crazy pretty fast. FluentU brings French to life with real-world videos. Nix the subtitles and jump right into it. If you’re a beginner, it may be helpful to watch the film once with English subtitles so you can understand what’s going on, and then a second time with French subtitles or none at all to see how much of it you can understand on your own. | Fresh (13) you might want to try and kick it old school with this Criterion Classic. It’s an easy way to bundle together your American TV show regime with your (fun) French homework. Click here to get a copy. |, July 17, 2014 Swoon (at the adorable lead actors) and laugh (at the hilarity of speed-typing) all wrapped-up in a 1950s setting. The Accidental Prime Minister (2019). Read the film’s page after watching the film (in French)! Confidence in the material can help. One last thing…it’s easy to change subtitle options. A must for In the Loop and Yes Minister fans. He calms down a potentially volatile situation with his charisma and presence, and also chooses to help Vlaminck to help save a family that is about to be expelled/deported (I don't know which) from his girlfriend's school. Then Michèle comes along, suffering through the horrors of being a painter going blind. If you’re a fan of indie film, this is a great French-Canadian director to know about! Another surrealist work of Buñuel’s, though perhaps more on the serious side, this film will give you plenty of stark visuals to watch as you train those ears. It was the winner of the Best Foreign Film at the 85th Academy Awards and was nominated in four other categories. Not only will this film give you the slightest flavor of the Quebec accent, but plenty of pause to take it all in with its beautiful slow motion shots. The protagonist, a secretary, is encouraged by her boss (ahem, the love interest) to enter speed-typing contests. Outside of that, this is a very good political satire. FluentU is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to