Check. The first half of the film slowly acquaints us with the conditions of Elvis’ slum world—filled with shady dealings, colorful characters and a daily struggle to survive.
Creep 2 (Netflix)
El pulso de Arévalo en la dirección me parece increíble, más siendo un debut. Enough foreplay: Here’s 19 recommended and highly recommended titles for lovers of crime, thriller and horror cinema—alphabetized, graded, denominated by streaming service, and linked in title to my original longer-form posts (where applicable). Once aboard the train, a leak at a biotech lab signals the zombie apocalypse.

The second half flips the script with a turbo-charged 24-hour hell ride in which Elvis must come up with a cash grab or face consequences worse than death. (Soundbite: “Whoever you work for, tell them this was a message from the King.”). A mysterious Japanese hill-person might have something to do with it, but then there’s other phantoms at play. The twists smartly delivered.If you're a fan of vigilante or revenge tales, then you should love this!

Please…, The complete starting list for TSPDT's ranking of the 21st Century's Most Acclaimed Films. In his portrayal of Jesse Hellman, Embry comes across as a Christlike figure touched with a little Rust Cohle. IMDb: 7.1 The driver gets out, some kind of love triangle forms. But what’s it all about, you ask? Creep 2 is actually an improvement on its predecessor.

Film data from TMDb. Es seca y contundente.

B.) It was also screened in the Discovery section at the 2016 Toronto International Film Festival. A film that's uncompromising in all kinds of menacing and unforgiving ways, making it more memorable and, at times, electrifying. Así, por decir algo, Oldboy por el filtro castizo.

Imagine if Would You Rather, 13 Sins or Circle were still very entertaining but depended less on the cheap exploitation gimmicks we’ve come to associate with “torture porn.”, The protagonist of Cheap Thrills is Craig (Pat Healy from Ti West’s The Innkeepers), an average joe who walks into a bar after being fired and served an eviction notice on the same day. Evil and The Cabin in the Woods. Looking for some great streaming picks? Of course the dream home comes with a catch—its former inhabitant (a menacing Pruitt Taylor Vince) murdered his parents there. A middle-aged Irish farmer, who still lives at home with his mother, sets off on a mission of revenge when the old lady is murdered. Chadwick Boseman (AKA Black Panther) stars as Jacob King, a man from South Africa’s violent Cape Flats who arrives in L.A. with nothing but a wad of cash, in search of his missing sister. Just click the "Edit page" button at the bottom of the page or learn more in the Synopsis submission guide. Of course the stakes get increasingly higher and, well, you can see where this is going…. A … A Spanish revenge story worthy of Park Chanwook! But his presence throughout Cell Block‘s 132-minute runtime is positively commanding. Plot Keywords He has a plan, he's seeing red, he wants bloody payback. There were many points throughout The Wailing where I began to think that this just might be the best dark South Korean flick since the iconic I Saw the Devil. So I’m adding it here mainly for those outside the horror circle who may have slept on this simply due to an unawareness of subtitled, foreign horror.

A wife determined to all for saving him.

A deadly robbery, the driver gets caught, sent to jail. Trapped (Amazon)Creator Baltasar Kormákur’s Trapped is the most expensive and ambitious project in the history of Icelandic cinema. Written by From here, we get the meat of the film, which unfolds in edge-of-your-seat, terrifying chaos.

And I think that’s worth pointing out, as Embry’s transformative performance would not be nearly as effective without Byrne’s well-fleshed-out attention to character. Strongly recommended for fans of brutal crime thrillers who don’t mind a low budget and some slow burn with a good payoff. Film Review: ‘The Fury of a Patient Man’ The road to hell is paved with bad intentions in Spanish actor Raul Arévalo's auspicious, uncompromising genre-inflected debut.

In a squalid working-class cafe located in a barrio somewhere in Madrid, hard-working single mother Ana struggles to make ends meet as a bartender, living a simple and routine life with her only son.