You might be using a VPN. Kill List is an expertly executed slow-burn crime thriller that thrives on tension before morphing into visceral horror. Either that, or it is one of the most cynical metaphoric meditations on family life ever put on film. This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google privacy policy and terms of service apply.

Best to go into this one without knowing too much, but know this, it'll leave you shocked.

Our automated banning policies are not perfect and sometimes too strict, and some IP addresses are banned by accident. What starts off as an easy task soon unravels, sending the killer into the heart of darkness. rage-filled, and the first two targets on their Kill List are 1.) Directed by Chalerm Wongpim. One of the most brutal and unsettling horror movies I’ve ever had the displeasure and honor of watching.

Kill List's descent is certainly the more interesting and entertaining of the two but it is not without its problems. If you are using a VPN, and other users of the same VPN are abusing the service, then you'll be automatically banned as well. Genres: Thriller, Crime, Mystery, Psychological Horror, Folk Horror. This review may contain spoilers.

Stay in the know with the latest movie news and cast interviews at Ben Wheatley's "Kill List" is a triple-layered thriller where only two of the layers are designed to thrill. Nearly a year after a botched job, a hitman takes a new assignment with the promise of a big payoff for three killings.

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You could have been banned by mistake. Whilst it undoubtedly needs to lead somewhere I'm unconvinced the ending is quite deserved.

They should suffer.”, In My Man Godfrey, the Bullock sisters, Cornelia (Gail Patrick) and Irene (Carole Lombard), are tasked with finding a “forgotten man” as part of a scavenger hunt by the rich and callous. Kill List. With Neil Maskell, MyAnna Buring, Harry Simpson, Michael Smiley. Rated the #73 best film of 2011, and #4596 in the greatest all-time movies (according to RYM users). the characters' behavior up to the part where the kill list is first introduced was either so extremely British that it was completely alien to me, or just straight up weird; i'm still not quite sure which it was, who else hates when horror movies arent horror movies until the last 20 minutes. I can see there's something in here thats good that I really want to like but I can't.

Your IP was not banned by a person; it was banned by a firewall that uses an automated algorithm. Ben Wheatley is on a whole other level of shock factor, and I both respect him for it and wonder if he’s mentally doing okay almost in the same way I do Ari Aster.

It's a wild, unique ride executed perfectly. Step Three: GET WEIRD! Did you install a browser extension (such as Realplayer/Realdownloader) that helps you download YouTube videos or other content? “This movie is so smart because it starts off with the basis of one thing but then slowly progresses into something completely different”.

The erratic editing, the echoing, howling soundscape, the dangerously high levels of uncertainty: Kill List is a combination of everything that disorientates the human psyche (or that's meant to).

Oh, and I love when a movie has a scene so brutal my wife has to actually cover her eyes. The thing was that having unexpectedly really liked A Field In England, the film that has probably been the most divisive of his films to date, I felt like I should go back and watch this and see if it was a film that I had missed something with. I think its just this film right here in general that is my main issue with it.

After digging the dreary artsy atmosphere in Ben Wheatley's trippy period piece 'A Field in England', I would have never expected this modern crime story to have a similar aesthetic and ominous tone.

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Mobile site. Rosemary’s Baby & Kill List both have ‘doctors’ that are a part of a cult. I dont hate Ben Wheatley and his work.

After giving it a second chance and watching it again.... the first viewing for this film is still justifiable. TMDb Report this film. What starts off as an easy task soon unravels, sending the killer into the heart of darkness.

Yeah go watch “From Dusk Till Dawn” or “The Worlds End” if you want a good gear shift movie because this isn’t it. “They are bad people. Believe it or not, it makes sense.

There's a lot of clues layered throughout for an attentive audience, letting us in on what's to come, but the biggest one I picked up on re-watch was that the hit men are identified as 1.) Fiona (the female wich) who was constantly around the property….she likely killed the cat.

Every Horror Film Made from 1895 - present, Top 1000 Horror Movies (aggregated from over 40 "best of horror" lists), Disturbing, Controversial, Shocking, Bizarre and Messed Up Films. But I thought the rest was great, and there were enough little clues and hints that the ambiguity didn't bother me and actually made me pretty excited to rewatch it.

Neil Maskell MyAnna Buring Harry Simpson Michael Smiley Struan Rodger Emma Fryer Esme Folley Ben Crompton Gemma Lise Thornton Robin Hill Zoe Thomas Gareth Tunley Jamelle Ola Mark Kempner Damien Thomas Robert Hill Sara Dee Alice Lowe Steve Oram Rebecca Holmes, Andrew Starke Robin Gutch Hugo Heppell Claire Jones Katherine Butler, 95 mins   I wish I could find the full original script online so bad! The final act is a bonkers masterclass in discombobulation, and makes you forget that there's actually a plot going on. a man who gets off on violent pornography.

done anything to warrant a ban, this is most likely the case.

We are hoping to eventually work on a solution for this when we have the resources to do so. I virtually never rewatch films that I hated first time round in the off-chance I was….

Verified by the scavenger hunt judge as a true forgotten man, Godfrey lacerates the assembled glitterati for…, Kill List shares a lot of similarities with the director's previous film, Down Terrace: both subvert typically American genres with a very British kitchen sink sensibility and both ultimately descend into farce. When he finally heads back to work, the film takes its first major turn: he is a…, Cults must get a real good discount on wicker.

Report this film. Angie, a young killer who has been raised in the killer organization since childhood, from the murder of the kitchen She is on a mission to steal the "The List" from an influential person. Sarawut Mardthong Thikumporn Rittapinun Amarin Nitipon, 95 mins  

I can handle the truth. the realistic brutality of the special/practical effects was top notch, holy shit.

I myself am still trying to figure out exactly how I feel about this film.

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A list that is trying to contain every horror film made that is not lost and is found on the…, Chris Vandenberg 1,000 films 4,971 93 Edit.

I liked the twist at the end but was left with more questions than answers. Step Two: Pick a Number. The very end didn't really work for me, but that was because I basically saw it coming (and maybe because it doesn't make total sense besides maybe metaphorically). The end result is a state of confusion and panic, when taking a step back and taking a deep breath with a calmer mind can really help your mental state and your view of the plot. Step 2 (optional): Enter any other comments/feedback here, Step 3: Enter your email address. Film data from TMDb.