"They committed murder, and it's all her fault, and now she's going to be an orphan because of it. However, once they discover that their daughter has committed this heinous crime, they slowly merge back into a fully functioning, albeit still dysfunctional, parental unit. Kayla's parents spend the rest of the movie trying to cover up what their daughter has done, only to get swept up in her lie.

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Are 'Below Deck Med's Alex Radcliffe and Bugsy Drake Dating? They go inside and approach Kayla, and based on their sullen appearance, she begins to confess. The creepy time of year is always met with the release of new horror films and TV shows and 2020 is no different. "You know, these are separated parents. The Lie may only consist of a main cast of three, but its star power is undeniable. Rebecca knew that Kayla was cutting herself, but she clearly never told Jay.

The Kissing Booth premiered on Netflix back in 2018, where it quickly became a huge hit for the streaming service.

On the way to a ballet camp, Kayla and her father, Jay, give her best friend Brittney a ride.

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Kayla was unhappy at school and at home, which is why she was cutting herself. By the time the police got involved, Kayla had already seen her parents lie to protect her, so her continued lies to protect what she saw as the reunification of her family were, in her eyes, justified by her parents' actions. The Lie Ending Explained: What Happens To Kayla And Her Family In The End?

Little does she know that they have killed her caring father. Kayla's parents hug her tight as the realisation that their daughter may be a monster, just not in the way they thought, sets in. Kayla sobs that she is sorry and begs her parents not to leave her.

Props to them for trying.”, While another added: “just finished the lie (the movie Joey is in) and oh my god that ending”, And finally, this fan summed up by saying: “I was watching this movie called The Lie with someone else. Get news & recommendations for Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, HBO, and more, in your inbox. Click the button below to start this article in quick view. He clearly loves her and they seem to have a close relationship, despite not living together. As October arrives once again, attention starts to turn towards the spookiest holiday of them all, Halloween.

Instead of calling the police, Jay takes Kayla and they head to her mother Rebecca's house and thus begins a series of ill-advised decisions to protect their daughter from the law. At the ending of The Lie, Jay and Rebecca's lies start to catch up with them, and instead of coming clean with the police, they double down on their mistakes and murder Brittany's father when he catches them trying to frame him further. “I just wanted to see my boyfriend. Of course, this is all pointless – it turns out, Kayla lied.

The Lie may only consist of a main cast of three, but its star power is undeniable. Digital Spy.

Things between the two girls become tense as Brittney seemingly flirts with Jay.

I didn’t really drop it, but I closed it shut, and shut the front of it. Based on a German film called We Monsters, The Lie follows Kayla in the aftermath of a lethal mistake, leaving her now-divorced parents to navigate how far they'll go to protect her.

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As divorced parents, Jay and Rebecca share custody of their daughter and take turns bringing her to and fro.

Saarsgard told us. WHAT IS THE LIE ENDING, EXPLAINED? The Lie may only consist of a main cast of three, but its star power is undeniable. I think when I got to that part, I was just like, 'What?!' We don’t receive 100 percent confirmation that Brittany’s dad is dead, but it seems reasonable to assume—based on … Additionally, the movie implies that lies committed with the intention of protecting someone are ultimately selfish, as they rarely ever spare the intended beneficiary of the lie from the pain and suffering that might be caused by the truth. Weird parent trap, Kayla, but OK! They pick her up but Brittany quickly complains she needs to pee, so Jay pulls over and the two girls head into the woods. Let’s get into The Lie ending explained. As police sirens get louder in the background, they all embrace one another, realizing how badly their decisions have turned out for them. Hang on a second.'". From Digital Spy. In the very final shot of The Lie, Kayla is hugging her parents while the doorbell rings. As they all deal with keeping their story straight, Jay learns that Kayla has been cutting herself ever since her parents' divorce, which Rebecca already knew about.

Gabriella Geisinger.

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The Lie ending explained: stars Joey King and Peters Saarsgard on *that* twist.

We all probably do need to chill the fuck out (me included, although I'm fairly level-headed unless the subject is

At least, that’s what Kayla tells her dad Jay (Peter Sarsgaard), who had been driving Kayla and Brittany to a dance competition and pulled over to the side of the road so Brittany could pee in the woods.

Instead, it is weaved into a believable tapestry of mundane sadness.

Ultimately, it was her sadness that led her to lie to help her friend. “We totally didn’t mean for it to go on this long,” Britanny says. Amazon’s attempt at spooking up their streaming service is what they’re dubbing Welcome to the Blumhouse, an event that will see four horror films released from Get Out studio, Blumhouse. And when I came to that part, I just dropped my computer.

So Japanese Music mp3. Here is The Lie ending explained. When her parents confront her, Kayla confesses that she made it up to cover for Brittany, but when her parents started working together to help her, she decided to keep up the pretence in hopes that they'd rekindle their romance. "[The twist] surprised me so, so much," King told POPSUGAR in an interview about The Lie. The Lie arrived on Amazon Prime Video on October 6th, 2020 as part of the streaming service’s Welcome to the Blumhouse event. But whose ending is the ... 2018. Who Has the ... Uncle Stan interrupts hockey practice to reveal that everything he thought he knew about his family and his life is a lie.

-- I'm hard-pressed to think of a book that wouldn't improve. The Lie ending explained: stars Joey King and Peters Saarsgard on *that* twist.