RICHARD & KIDS: So strap your bones right to the seat, Come on in and don't be shy Just to make your day complete You might get baked into a pie! I'm going to guess it's because she'd said "At my old school," so many times, they thought of transferring her back. Voiced by Kate McKinnon, the equally quirky, but slightly less eccentric Frizzle sister takes the keys to the magic bus and will be leading the class' wild adventures from here on out. OTHER KIDS: No way! 2020 Bustle Digital Group.

Please let this be a decent sequel or reboot!" Based on the book series of the same name, the original show followed the fun and occasionally outrageous adventures of an elementary school science class. After she drops into the class from the sky, students are introduced to Fiona Felicity Frizzle. Just hearing it will instantly transport you back to 1994. We're not exactly sure where's she headed to next, but get this: She's now a professor!

Arnold: …  10. In the new series, students from the original class, like Arnold and Ralphie, join newcomers like Jyoti, a tech-savvy wiz-kid. Lily Tomlin, who voiced Ms Valerie Felicity Frizzle in the original show, is reprising her voice and now her character is a professor. Thought I'd have a go at reviewing something rather unusual. Come on! Reason? All rights reserved. But, as one can expect, the Netflix Magic School Bus series vs. the original reveals some major differences. Of course the original show was supposed to be 3rd Grade while this sequel is supposed to be 5th Grade. segments from the original show are still present, but the Producer is replaced with Professor Valerie Frizzle who is answering these phone calls now.

KIDS: Whoa! "With, The Magic School Bus Rides Again: Thoughts, All 52 original Magic School Bus episodes ranked, My Top 20 favourite Codename KND characters revised, HHPAY S1E04: Ami Goes Bad, Robo-Pop & Metal Mental, HHPAY S3E08: Jungle Prom, Truth or Dare & Sumo Kaz, HHPAY S1E01: Dis-Harmony, Collect All 5 & Ninjcompoop. We're going to see what's made Arnold's skin turn his favourite colour. It was produced by 9 Story Media Group. Hands down, one of the best parts about watching The Magic School Bus growing up was singing along to the theme song. Something no one expected me to do. All rights reserved. On the Magic School Bus LITTLE RICHARD: Such a fine thing to do! whenever something too scary, surreal or downright unpleasant would happen to him or is about to happen to him. Unless they wanted to keep the theme song in this sequel faithful to the original with "Please let this be a normal field trip!" Ami Goes Bad ... Let's take chances, make mistakes, go cellular! And, while the reboot will feature the same catchy tune and lyrics as the original, Hamilton composer Lin-Manuel Miranda takes over the vocals for Little Richard. Here's everything else we know about Ms. Frizzle and the gang since we last buckled our seat belts. And with the creation of social media, smartphones, and the uptick of video chatting devices — fans can expect plenty of high-tech changes. Netflix recruited the Hamilton genius to do just that, rolling out its Magic School Bus Rides Again trailer with Miranda’s playful and upbeat retooling of the theme. Written by: Ursula Ziegler... Now's the time to review Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi ! RICHARD & KIDS: On The Magic School Bus, LITTLE RICHARD: Step inside, it's a wild ride! The new teacher is Ms Frizzle's sister, Miss Frizzle. The beloved series gets reimagined when The Magic School Bus Rides Again arrives on Netflix on Friday, Sept. 29. In addition to the bus getting an upgrade, the reboot will also will highlight innovations like robotics, wearables, and camera technology in hopes of sparking children's continued interest in science and innovation, much like the original series did. Thought I'd have a go at reviewing something rather unusual. LITTLE RICHARD: Cruisin' on down Main Street You're relaxed and feeling good, Next thing that you know you're seein' MS. FRIZZLE: WAH-HA-HA-HOO! And in true Frizzle fashion, she didn't just adopt a regular dog or cat. The magical bus — which could fly, travel through time, and shrink — took them to outer space, through prehistoric ruins, and occasionally a student's digestive system. Of course, with technology being where it is in 2017, the magical bus had to undergo some pretty big changes.

RICHARD & KIDS: Hollywood clearly understands that the way to any millennial's heart is by mixing technology with a heavy dose of nostalgia. The Magic School Bus - Theme Song rate me. That is, if she's not too busy teaching college-level classes nowadays. The hope is to captivate children's imaginations and motivate their interest in the sciences.

Onto the teacher. Led by the eccentric Ms. Frizzle and voiced by Lily Tomlin, the class would go on field trips one could only dream about as a kid. Thought I'd redo a countdown list I did a couple of years ago. Because she was transferred back to Phoebe's Old School.

Lyrics (bus drives up, doors open) Fiona Frizzle: Seatbelts, everyone! The iconic “Magic School Bus” theme gets a revamped version for the reboot “The Magic School Bus Rides Again” performed by Hamilton’s Lin- Manuel Miranda. KIDS: Octopus in the neighborhood?! The original cartoon was co-produced by Nelvana, which followed the original books to an extent, while this sequel series is co-produced by 9 Story. Instead she's now got an adorable little monkey named Goldie on her shoulder. Also, Professor Frizzle now rides around on a super cute magical scooter that's like a baby version of her bus. Her name is Jyoti Kaur, who is an Indian-American. Just hearing it will instantly transport you back to 1994. 100. In all seriousness, here is my review on the 4th Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi episode. Netflix recruited the Hamilton genius to do just that, rolling out its Magic School Bus Rides Again trailer with Miranda’s playful and upbeat retooling of the theme. Yep, Miss Fiona Felicity Frizzle is the new teacher and voiced by Kate McKinnon. And now, 10 years after The Magic School Bus last did its stuff, '90s babies can rejoice! How much do you want to bet it even has wifi and phone chargers built into it? I'm asking because of how much he'd say "I should've stayed home today!" So get your permission slips ready! The new iteration of the franchise features a modernized "Ms. Frizzle" (replacing Valerie with her younger sister Fiona) and a high-tech bus that stresses modern inventions such as robotics, wearables and camera technology. I am ready to rev up another review on this series. In 2014, the series was first announced by Netflix and Scholastic Media, and was titled The Magic School Bus 360°. If Phoebe went back to her old school, probably because of how much she reminisced about it, then why didn't Arnold get home schooled? ARNOLD: Please, let this be a normal field trip.

Valerie Frizzle (who knew Ms. Frizzle's first name was Valerie!? This time, I'm going to state my thoughts on. The "Is This The Magic School Bus? © 2020 Vox Media, LLC. In the NTSC version of the original series, the tempo is at 113 BPM. It's true. Now something I don't understand. With her sidekick Lizzy sticking around the classroom to hang with Fiona, Professor Frizzle had to find a new pet. Because although the reboot may have a new Ms. Frizzle and an updated theme song, it looks like it will be just as fun as the original to watch. Best of all, the bus would coyly smile as it was "cruising on down Main Street" before it transformed and started "swingin' through the stars." WANDA: With the Frizz? The Magic School Bus Theme Lyrics Ride on the Magic School Bus Lyrics (composed by Peter Lurye, performed by Little Richard) Cruisin' on down Main Street You're relaxed and feelin' good Next thing that you know you're seein' Octopus in the neighborhood!