She crept up slowly towards me, her eyes fixed, unwavering on the rice I held in my hand. So she did... Wolf: Any change? This tea reminds me of Emma's father. That was how we trained. Sculptor: ... Are they now? Then he remade it again, and again, countless times.

That's why we went to the valley.

You can have it. This really brings back memories. Around then Dogen adopted her as his daughter. Sculptor. Sculptor: ......... Hah. I was on the verge of being consumed... ...Shura.

Ahhh. The Sculptor is also known as Orangutan (猩々, Shoujou), just as Sekiro is known as Wolf (狼, Ookami); Isshin gives Sekiro his name by condensing One-armed Wolf (隻腕の狼, Sekiwan no Ookami) into Sekiro (隻狼, Sekirou), while Hanbei does the same for the Sculptor, who is also one-armed, by condensing One-armed Orangutan (隻腕の猩々, Sekiwan no Shoujou) into Sekijo (隻猩, Sekijou). I'd drink this Monkey Booze whenever I tired of training.

All that you saw was yours alone. But as he trained with the tool and developed new ways to kill with it he began to feel the Shura bloodlust build within him again. Looks like death is not your fate just yet. Recorded within are fighting techniques that cannot be performed by samurai.

For reasons known only to himself, he chooses to aid Sekiro on his quest, saving him from certain death at the hands of Genichiro Ashina after the Wolf attempted to spirit away the Divine Heir from his imprisonment. It happened to me, my wife, and then again in my NG+ playthrough, and I am 100% positive that I'm not missing any dialogues right after defeating Genichiro. But how did he lose his arm in the first place?

I haven’t beaten the game or anything, but I was getting the same vibes as well. Looking at you, I'm sure you appreciate the value it has. Then you'll come to appreciate its worth. I'm... not normal, you see. I just killed (spoilers) Hanbei using the mortal blade. Following a trail of burning buildings in Ashina Outskirts, Sekiro founds himself face to face with the Demon of Hatred, the vessel of wrath the Sculptor turned into. The eyes of a wolf who has failed in his duties... Or so it seems to me. Sculptor: Lord Isshin.

It was from his unique ring... Whistling through that ring... Would fill the valley with a somber melody.

I’ve totally been thinking the same thing as I’ve been playing.

Seems you know this prosthetic very well. Wolf: Howl...? Then she just started following me. It burns the throat, same as ever. Sculptor: Emma did it...? Wolf: Who was...?

So Emma would pester me into carving her spinning tops and other toys. Do you get charm from the sculptor in the same ng+ you give it to Kuro or the next one? Sculptor: Huh?

The temple where the Sculptor resides is covered in ofuda, sacred talismans used to repel or imprison evil spirits. ", "What's that you have there...Where did you get that finger? Orangutan trained in the Sunken Valley with his partner, a woman named Kingfisher. Did he almost become Shura, causing Isshin to cut his arm off, and then start using the prosthetic? Emma: ......... Orangutan. Orangutan grew up an orphan in the forests with either a female sibling or another female orphan, Kingfisher. ('...a battlefield.')

The Sculptor finds Sekiro left for dead in a field near the Ashina Reservoir, and nurses him back to health, before providing him with a Prosthetic Arm capable of equipping Prosthetic Tools. He was an extraordinary doctor. But you'd do well to beware... Shura's shadow. I'll take it then.

Wolf: How long was I asleep? You get his partner’s malcontent ring from Guardian Ape, Emma’s sake dialogue says she was saved by an ape while sculptor’s same sake dialogue says he saved Emma... which I guess could mean Kingfisher and the sculptor parted ways after she used the Rejuvinating Waters to try and acquire the Dragon’s Heritage?

His japanese name 仏師 literally translates to "sculptor specialized in Buddha statues". Cleaned up the page; made some changes to his description to make it flow better/be more in-line with what we know from the Lore/Item descriptions; made stuff about the Demon of Rage slightly more vague; and added Trivia regarding stuff like his partner, relation to Emma, and his favored weapon being the Loaded Axe. That's fine quality sake. Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. If Wolf obtains the Malcontent's Ring, once the Sculptor upgrades his Finger Whistle with it, he admonishes the shinobi about the power of its somber melody.

well, this time it said that missatge like it was my first time in that statue, does anyone know what happened? ", "(Sniffs) This "tea" smells pretty good.

Sculptor: Don't mind if I do. Dougen... Emma is just like you. He's later revealed to be a former shinobi named Orangutan (猩々), who became the new sculptor of the temple to repay his karmic debt. The Sculptor says 'he' in the monkey booze dialogue, but the item descriptions say she.

... We came to move exactly as monkeys did after a time. He was also very well-versed in mechanisms and devices. The Great Buddha has seen fit to awaken old memories within you. Wolf: Is it not to your liking? He appears to be blind, as his eyes are white. There was no proper master for the likes of us. The Sculptor (仏師), or Busshi of Aredera (荒れ寺の仏師, The Buddha-Carver of the Dilapidated Temple) as he is referred to as in promotional material for the game, is an NPC in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. I'll fix it to your prosthetic arm.

In other words, that prosthetic arm... is Dogen's legacy.

Sculptor: Purifying agents are materials that can be used together with the barrel... things like gunpowder and scrap metal. Sculptor: Dragonrot. Though the loss of his arm led to the Sculptor giving up his life as a shinobi: the Prosthetic Arm he gives Sekiro was originally built for him by his close friend Dogen, a master physician who urged the Sculptor to help him perfect his Prosthetic through years of training and iterating on the device. I'll get over it on my own... You do what you will. I trained in the techniques of the shinobi in the valley where the monkeys dwelled... ... No. So he remade it. In one of the endings he becomes a Sculptor and Emma gives him prosthetic arm to keep until worthy shinobi arrives. Wolf: What...? Oh, I needed that.. Hmm... One thing's for sure, she's happier for the fact she wasn't raised by a shinobi. ", It is a clear tribute to Gao from the Phoenix chapter of the manga, It is also a clear tribute to Guts from Berserk. I'll have some. I listened to it so often. Sculptor is holding his missing arm in pain and I can’t interact with him for whatever reason? Jin Urayama is also known for voicing the character Cervantes de Leon in many titles of the Soulcalibur fighting game series. If Sekiro speaks to him while holding a bell charm, the Sculptor advises him to offer the item to the kind-faced Buddha to reawake forgotten memories.

After defeating Laday Butterfly, the Sculptor mentions that the visions people see are theirs and theirs alone. Then he remade it again, and again, countless times. But even if you choose 'say nothing', the dialog prompt will come up again every time you talk to Sekijo after. Sculptor: Were you listening?

This temple is horribly drafty. Sculptor: That is all I can see. Haaa! Sculptor offers additional dialogue after upgrading the Finger Whistle to the Malcontent: The Sculptor is referred to as "Sekijo," by, Promotional material for the game regarding the. What you felt, what you remembered... That is what it all depends upon. It is unfamiliar. You'll run into someone you know. Like Genichiro has done the same things, that his father Isshin has done to Sculptor. While I have abandoned my shinobi ways... That alone, I could not bear to abandon. ", "Don't mind if I do.

Not to mention that people who become the demon of hatred were actually those who failed to become shura, and sekiro has an ending where you become shura. Well, whether you believe me or not, that's for you to decide.

Contributions to Fextralife Wikis are licensed under a. the Sculptor lives out the rest of his days seemingly seeking atonement while being constantly plagued by visions—a sea of endless flames, consuming him and all of Ashina... "So you're awake.

It is revealed through some text files in the game that there was going to be another way to cure Dragonrot, that involved Wolf giving the cure, a medicinal drink, to those affected by the disease. Wolf: What? Btw if you've not done it yet, teleport to ashina castle and from there run to the temple. As Sekiro gets to know the Sculptor throughout the course of his journey, and with the help of a little tea here and there, he begins to discover more about the man's unknown past. As the war reaches the doors of Ashina with the first invasion of the Central Forces, the Sculptor, acknowledging his cursed fate, asks Sekiro to kill him when the time comes, as he doesn't have the heart to have Emma murdering what he'll transform into. After that...........Well a while later...Ashina became a dangerous place for the both of us. Come to me if you find any shinobi tools. Defeated, Orangutan was rescued by Isshin and his personal friend, Dogen and was recruited to fight the Inner Ministry that had used him. Fitting more devices means more ways to slay your enemies. The most I can do is keep them in check. What dialouge confirms his codename as orangutan?

Wolf: ...What... are you talking about? There's nothing quite like this. Despite his stoic appearance, he'll help Sekiro on his quest to save Kuro by upgrading his new arm, which he calls a "wolf's fang", with the Prosthetic Tools the shinobi brings him and by giving him the Prosthetic Esoteric Text, that he himself wrote, and the Shinobi Esoteric Text. Thick shields? ('Have you known Lady Emma for long?') Certain events are kinda vague about when they happened. I don't need your meddling.

Welcome to the biggest Sekiro Community on Reddit! However, after losing a dear friend and almost succumbing to his own bloodlust, he was hunted down by his lord, Isshin Ashina, and lost his left arm in the battle that followed.

He resides within a ruined shrine deep within the mountainous region near the outskirts of Ashina, and seems to devote all of his time to carving statues of the Buddha with wrathful, rather than serene, faces. Your death won't come easily. Wolf: That is not your concern.

I see... To think it was in the belly of an Ape... Let me see it.

Wolf: Shinobi tools? Sculptor: ... You are, are you? Wolf: ...Tell me. Well, a while later... Ashina became a dangerous place for the both of us. Sculptor: (Sniffs) This "tea" smells pretty good. I found her on a battlefield... a battlefield. We know at some point he lost his left arm and started using the shinobi prosthetic. It is condition known as Hypertrichosis.