Everybody at the after end of the ship was sleeping profoundly.

"He looked extremely haggard all of a sudden. The moment of vain exclamations was past, too. . Anyway, he came.

"Very well, sir." It was very quietly that I remarked: "Yes. ga('send', 'event', 'UX', 'click', 'add to cart'); I did not think of asking him for details, and he told me the story roughly in brusque, disconnected sentences.

The `brand of Cain' business, don't you see. Here and there gleams as of a few scattered pieces of silver marked the windings of the great river; and on the nearest of them, just within the bar, the tug steaming right into the land became lost to my sight, hull and funnel and masts, as though the impassive earth had swallowed her up without an effort, without a tremor. He always seemed very sick when he came to see me--as if he could not look me in the face. My eye followed the light cloud of her smoke, now here, now there, above the plain, according to the devious curves of the stream, but always fainter and farther away, till I lost it at last behind the miter-shaped hill of the great pagoda. "All's well so far," I whispered. The voice was calm and resolute. One hand, awash, clutched the bottom rung of the ladder. He tumbled in, rolled over on his back, and flung one arm across his eyes. Bloomsbury Reader's edition of The Secret Sharer includes Conrad's original text, Peter Fudakowski's screenplay, exclusive images from the film, as well as two invaluable essays by literary critic, Gene M. Moore, which explore the fiction of Joseph Conrad, and its inexhaustible appeal for screen and theater adaptations. . But now I was clear of that ship, I was not going back. Probably she drew too much water to cross the bar except at the top of spring tides.

You may copy it, give it away or re-use it under the terms of the Project Gutenberg License included with this eBook or online at www.gutenberg.org Title: The Secret Sharer Author: Joseph Conrad Release Date: June 18, 2009 [EBook #220] Last Updated: November 17, 2012 Language: English Character set encoding: UTF-8 *** START OF THIS PROJECT GUTENBERG EBOOK THE SECRET …

He did so, as noiseless as a ghost, and then I rang for the steward, and facing him boldly, directed him to tidy up my stateroom while I was having my bath--"and be quick about it." ga('send', 'event', 'UX', 'click', 'add to cart'); ga('ec:addProduct', 'id': '9781472913975',

I asked, a little louder. Before I could form a guess a faint flash of phosphorescent light, which seemed to issue suddenly from the naked body of a man, flickered in the sleeping water with the elusive, silent play of summer lightning in a night sky. I didn't know either the ship or the people. But I took heart from the reasonable thought that the ship was like other ships, the men like other men, and that the sea was not likely to keep any special surprises expressly for my discomfiture. 2. Free kindle book and epub digitized and proofread by Project Gutenberg.

}); $('#addtocartbutton-357561').click(function() { I thought the time Had come to declare myself. Meantime the chief mate, with an almost visible effect of collaboration on the part of his round eyes and frightful whiskers, was trying to evolve a theory of the anchored ship. I felt him give me a keen look, but I dared not meet his eyes just then. I was ready enough to go off wandering on the face of the earth-- and that was price enough to pay for an Abel of that sort.


"What's the matter?" His care to subdue his voice made it sound monotonous.

), ever striking out for a new destination, a new reading. The ship within the islands was much more easily accounted for; and just as we were about to rise from table he made his pronouncement. “The Secret Sharer” is one work in which doppelgangers occur. And I knew well enough the pestiferous danger of such a character where there are no means of legal repression. A mysterious communication was established already between us two--in the face of that silent, darkened tropical sea. He, too, was young and could sleep like a stone. And I could imagine perfectly the manner of this thinking out-- a stubborn if not a steadfast operation; something of which I should have been perfectly incapable. There was at the bottom of that part a door opening into my bathroom, which could be entered also directly from the saloon. Now a side ladder of that sort is a light affair and comes in easily, yet my vigorous tug, which should have brought it flying on board, merely recoiled upon my body in a totally unexpected jerk. A louder word might have been overheard.

The Sephora. "What's the good?" And when he ceased, all I found was a futile whisper: "So you swam for our light? It was later included in the short story collection Twixt Land and Sea (1912). It was, in the night, as though I had been faced by my own reflection in the depths of a somber and immense mirror. { `So you won't?'

}); I took a bath and did most of my dressing, splashing, and whistling softly for the steward's edification, while the secret sharer of my life stood drawn up bolt upright in that little space, his face looking very sunken in daylight, his eyelids lowered under the stern, dark line of his eyebrows drawn together by a slight frown. And the ship running for her life, touch and go all the time, any minute her last in a sea fit to turn your hair gray only a-looking at it. As to asking for the captain, that was a mere impulse. . except the novel responsibility of command. It was, as it were, trifling with the terrific character of his whiskers; but my object was to give him an opportunity for a good look at my cabin.

To the left a group of barren islets, suggesting ruins of stone walls, towers, and blockhouses, had its foundations set in a blue sea that itself looked solid, so still and stable did it lie below my feet; even the track of light from the westering sun shone smoothly, without that animated glitter which tells of an imperceptible ripple.

ga('send', 'event', 'UX', 'click', 'add to cart'); A few moments later I went on deck.

"There's a ship over there," he murmured. There Is No Preview Available For This Item, This item does not appear to have any files that can be experienced on Archive.org. I felt just then a very unpleasant faintness. ", "Yes--straight for it. On my right hand there were lines of fishing stakes resembling a mysterious system of half-submerged bamboo fences, incomprehensible in its division of the domain of tropical fishes, and crazy of aspect as if abandoned forever by some nomad tribe of fishermen now gone to the other end of the ocean; for there was no sign of human habitation as far as the eye could reach.

except the novel responsibility of command. }); $('#addtocartbutton-227614').click(function() { ga('ec:addProduct',

I had not interrupted him. There was nothing else for it. Then your ladder--". ga('ec:setAction', 'add'); Please download files in this item to interact with them on your computer.

And it was I that managed to set it for him. Here and there gleams as of a few scattered pieces of silver marked the windings of the great river; and on the nearest of them, just within the bar, the tug steaming right into the land became lost to my sight, hull and funnel and masts, as though the impassive earth had swallowed her up without an effort, without a tremor. Then I unhooked and closed the door and even pushed the bolt. I--I liked it. Finalist 2019 New England Foundation for the Arts (NEFA), National Theatre Project, read all about it HERE For more information, contact info@dnaworks.org