My only regret is having failed to catch this amazing movie in a theater. Awesome ending. Which he again did well. Excellent Movie. The director and producer did a fabulous job of meticulously sticking to the bare basics and facts of the story, as well as conjuring up the hauntingly creepy atmosphere of those 80s nights when fear and panic gripped the Indian population of Sion owing to the serial killings. Help us delete comments that do not follow these guidelines by marking them offensive. By creating an account, you agree to the Privacy Policy April 26, 2019 The Stoneman Murders delivers on what it sets out to do: building a portrait of a disturbed, deranged mind, which thinks killing will set it free. Acting...Story and direction simply superb INCREDIBLE is the best word I can use for this scene. Awards If you're a fan of murder mysteries then I strongly recommend this one. Kay Kay Menon has performed extremely well. Film Review: The Stoneman Murders (2009) by Manish Gupta. In 1983, A psychopath stalked the streets of Bombay, killing pavement dwellers as they slept. hoichoi brings the story from a different point of view, showcasing why someone would resort to mass killing. The Stoneman Murders (2009) : The Stoneman Murders is an engaging thriller based on the real-life incident of serial killings by a ruthless killer dubbed as the "Stoneman". Indeed an efficient thriller, with endurance of low grade stereotype film-making. I just love this scene. Rukhsar's backless scene in The Stoneman Murders is without a doubt one of the greatest contributions to enlightenment and culture of our time. The film can be described as partly a work of fiction and partly reality. Excellent Movie. THE STONEMAN MURDERS is engaging, more so towards the second half, although there're a few discrepancies in the screenplay. He starts investigating a serial killer case in hope of getting his job back. Details were paid attention to as no modern vehicles were seen on the roads. One of the best crime thriller to come outta bollywood. Novel idea but the subject matter turns out to be an past sell by date product turning out to be an overkill for big screen (a 2-episode track in C.I.D on Sony channel would have sufficed in my opinion). Please Click Here to subscribe other newsletters that may interest you, and you'll always find stories you want to read in your inbox.

After Manorama-six feet under this one enthralling movie just took the breath out of me.The Stoneman Murders takes place in the Bombay of 1983.ya it's apna very old Bombay(not mumbai),a city ruled by haji mastan,the decade when mobile phones were unheard off and walls were dominated by film posters such as 'bagawat'. At an hour and forty minutes in running time, it’s a pretty painless watch. Get the freshest reviews, news, and more delivered right to your inbox! The film depicts the true story very well, Lot of research has been done to give the film an authentic look, The film is set in 1983, the art director deserves special mention for managing to recreate the 1980's, the posters on the walls, the roads, most of the scenes are shot in night time and appear authentic depicting the era well. 68 Views. A must watch movie. Copyright © Fandango. I'm impressed by the story, the fiction & the theme. But never does, because the actor is always in control in his conscious bid to portray real men, recognisable men drawn from the rough and tumble of real life. The Stoneman Murders Movie Review: Critics Rating: 3 stars, click to give your rating/review,Set against the serial killings that terrorised the pavement dwellers of … The movie was not so lengthy and lagging which was a main highlight of the movie. The movie perfectly absorbed the feel of the 80's era, area and the eerie late- night ambiance. If you are a fan of thriller movies, thi one is for you.. Of the recent crop of Hindi movies, comes Manish Gupta's refreshing dark creepy serial killer thriller. Until Now. Feeling sad for watching this movie 9 years after it's release. It is fast paced, no nonsense, dark and clinical in its dealing of the real-life Stoneman cases of Mumbai and Calcutta during the 80s. Everybody acted very well in the movie. Kay Kay Menon did an outstanding portrayal of a no nonsense, focused cop on the track of the notorious serial killer stalking the poor and the homeless of the Mumbai streets. Editing by Sanjib Datta is top notch. Kay kay menon known for such roles.. This movie is based on the real event which occurred in mumbai in 80s and later in kolkata and the makers of this movie has blended the facts of that event perfectly with fiction to come out with an entertaining story.