In her statement to quit professional swimming, Meilutytė said she would focus on her education. I hope Hollywood does stereotype and considers a Norfolk Terrier like me. A couple of years ago a small production company called ContentFilm announced that they had purchased the rights to The Swimmer and were going to remake as a starring vehicle for Alec Baldwin. Meilutytė won a gold medal at the 2012 London Olympics, at the age of 15. The original story was a true allegory with the day growing dark toward the end and Ned wondering why the stars appearing int eh sky were in the wrong place for the summer and there were dried leaves and bare limbed trees. The Lithuanian champion swimmer RÅ«ta Meilutytė spoke about her struggles with depression and a wish to remake her life in the first interview after ending her swimming career. The 1968 film by Frank and Eleanor Perry, The Swimmer (based on the John Cheever short story of the same name), stars Burt Lancaster as Ned Merrill, a Connecticut executive who decides to head back home by swimming through the pools of his neighbors, a "river" which he names "Lucinda" after his wife. It showcased not only Lancaster’s emotional projection but also his physique.

Meilutytė still holds the 100 m breaststroke world record. As for Joan Rivers’ part, given how inimitable she turned out to be, the only conceivable option is a holographic cameo. As for Joan Rivers’ part, given how inimitable she turned out to be, the only conceivable option is a holographic cameo. I am still very proud of it to this day, but like the movie I would say it takes a certain mentality to appreciate it. If there’s ever a remake of The Swimmer, I’d love to be cast in this one. 'The unimaginable can happen'. To watch Lancaster's character who is clearly delusional slowly come to grips with his reality is truly a joy . Much as I would love to see those mysteries explained I think it better left unseen and unsaid. To this day I still love watching it even though I no longer have a VCR.

Before there was Don Draper, there was Ned Merrill, the handsome, middle-aged Connecticut business executive in John Cheever’s short story “The Swimmer.” First published in 1964 in The New Yorker, this year marks the fiftieth anniversary of the movie adaptation. At least … A remake is well overdue. Casting a short, two-page scene remake for a graduate student project from the feature-length film "The Swimmer." Jake Gyllenhaal and his brother-in-law Peter Sarsgaard could scrap it out for the role of Ned. The film is perfect as it stands. I used to have, "The Swimmer", on video cassette. Even as you see it coming, the denouement is a brutal decapitation of the American dream, a grim reality that Ned can’t, or won’t, comprehend. (I now will order the new bue-ray version.) This movie was released in May of '68.