Перед законом він чистий, John Cobbs establishes that contemporary English novelist John le Carre's fiction transcends the genre of espionage, and that le Carre is preeminently a social commentator who writes novels of manners. /Title (�� R e a d e B o o k # T h e T a i l o r o f P a n a m a \( P a p e r b a c k \) ^ K D J C X D 7 E 2 W 4 X) /Subtype /Image And what are spies and politicians and journalists if not themselves selectors and manipulators of the truth for their own ends?In a thrilling hilarious novel le Carré has provided us with a satire about the fate of truth in modern times Once again he has effortlessly expanded the borders of the spy story to bring us a magnificent entertainment straight out of the pages of tomorrow's historyJOHN LE CARRÉ was born in 1931 After attending the universities of Bern and Oxford he taught at Eton and spent five years in the British Foreign Service His third novel The Spy Who Came In from the Cold secured him a worldwide reputation which was solidified by the acclaim for his trilogy Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy The Honourable Schoolboy and Smiley's People His mostly autobiographical novel A Perfect Spy wa followed by The Russia House The Night Manager and Our Game The Tailor of Panama is his sixteenth novelJohn le Carré lives in Cornwall England, © 2020  I picked up The Tailor of Panama because I had been overwhelmed and bowled over by the awesomeness of Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy and Half Price Books did not have a copy of The Spy Who Came in From the Cold I read TTSS on the plane from Europe and the plot reached out to me and entangled me in its roots; I was fitfully half asleep thinking and dreaming of the Spy The Great Game The Mole KARLA Petrov and that is when you know a book is goodThe Tailor of Panama was the exact opposite experience unfortunately The book's protagonist? Between February 2017 and September 2017 I read the entire George Smiley series Having reached the end of the series I was left wondering about John le Carré's life and work and whether to read other books by him and so I read ‘John le Carré The Biography’ by Adam Sisman in April 2018 ‘John le Carré The Biography’ convinced me I should probably read everything John le Carré has ever written and so it was I came to 'The Tailor Of Panama' 1996 my first non Smiley JLC book It is very clever and darkly comic Harry Pendel is the titular tailor of Panama ostensibly a uality bespoke tailor whose customers include some of the movers and shakers in Panamanian society Andrew Osnard a Thatcherite intelligence operator interested in getting rich uick than serving his country recognises Pe... (Sign in to see more), Kristin