"Then you understand me. - 1943 (SSH) I just heard one of them say, 'Let's have a New Deal'. Sometimes I'm kind to 'em, sometimes I crack the whip and make 'em jump! "I don't know. My tooth! They ain't so careful like when they used it for makin' gin. KNIFE OF THE PARTY, THE - 1934 (SSH) ", "Don't get nervous like I was. "For 5000 bucks! ", "Can I help it if this is my face?" "And go fishin'!" ", "Buffalo Bill." "Coitainly, it plays, "I'm too young to die... too young and too handsome... uuunnnggghhh! What a jackpot! ", "This'll be worth a fortune after I'm gone." "They'd be strange if they didn't. LISTEN, JUDGE - 1952 (MLS) ", "What is it, heads or tails?" [Smack! - 1957 (MLJ) ", "It's a Columbus." HEARST METROTONE NEWS Vol. CASH AND CARRY - 1937 (MLC) ", "Marshal Boring, ver iss your automobile?" ", "A guy wants to know what to do for inflammation." To sign up for updates, please enter your contact information below. "Nothin!" "You don't know us guys, we make noise stuffing a mattress! KEEP 'EM SLUGGING - 1943 (SSH) SPEED - 1936 (STH) ", "Look at that tooth! "Your brains need developing! ", "Hi'ya toots. The resulting concoction is consumed by everyone, resulting in puckered lips and shrunken clothes. - 1955 (MLS) ", "I didn't know they put money up in cans... sure, look... canned coin. *SLAP*", "How do I know the babe won't scream her head off when she sees me. MEN IN BLACK - 1934 (MLC) "Yeah, by me. "No, the head. Link!" ", "And I, the Count of Ten?" THREE MISSING LINKS - 1938 (MLC) ", "I love you just as you are, all three of you." BROADWAY TO HOLLYWOOD - 1933 (SMH_SCH) "What a disease! He's just mad 'cause you're eatin' off of his plate. "Boy, we got everything out. "How do you think?" PARDON MY SCOTCH - 1935 (MLC) "No you haven't... you need another strike!" "I got my eyes closed." SING, BABY, SING - 1936 (STH) "What is it, laryngitis?" ", "What would you do if you held the queen alone?" Tell him to dial Inflammation! The images at the top right and bottom left show graphics that have been shared on social media, while the bottom right shows a fact sheet about the 2020 Census that was tailored for American Indian and Alaska Native audiences. Yer team's gettin' all the breaks! ABBOTT AND COSTELLO MEET THE KEYSTONE KOPS - 1955 (SJB) My life! [whap! "That's no lump, that's my head. "Do we? PITTSBURGH - 1942 (SSH) ", "Do you have a haddock?" HOW HIGH IS UP? ", "Pay strict attention to flora and fauna." Anyone resembling them is better off dead. I got hair on my chest! Montgomery." What's the matter with you?" ", "Five hundred dollars!? FRIGHT NIGHT - 1947 (MLS) After some trouble with a farmer, the boys come across an ... See full summary¬†¬Ľ, The stooges are janitors in an office building. "Why not?" ", "Remember pardners, woman is the root of all evil." "Here's your half!" what there is of it. Now I'll rest my weary head. DOPEY DICKS - 1950 (MLS) NOISY - 1946 (SSH) APPOINTMENT FOR LOVE - 1941 (SSH) ", "Rome wasn't built in a day, and neit'er was Syracuse. SITTER DOWNERS, THE - 1937 (MLC) ", "Will you gentlemen have dessert?" MILLIONAIRES IN PRISON - 1940 (SSH) "I saw a sign outside that said, "What's the idea of spreadin' mashed potatoes on your bread... why don't you use butter?" ", "No woman is interested in me!" When you didn't know what you were talkin' about, you really had somethin'! "Yeah. "It had dandruff. "The elevator dance." "Yeah, but I'm goin' anyhow. HENRY THE ACHE - 1934 (SSH) ", "Buy me some of that stuff. ", "Oh, pardon me... there's a white spot!" "Oh, pretty good. "No, you are Baron of Grey Matter. We make such material available in an effort to advance awareness and understanding of the issues involved. ", "Pick up the dumbbell." "Oh, the usual empty feeling. STRICTLY IN THE GROOVE - 1942 (SSH) "Well, have some." "Oh we can't do that... we need the eggs!". LOOSE LOOT - 1953 (MLS) ", "Didn't you once tell me you were born in Oxford?" MICRO-PHONIES - 1945 (MLC) DAY IN THE COUNTRY, A - 1953 (SJB) "What Judge?" ", "Calling Dr. Howard, Dr. Fine, Dr. "Ah come on Moe." ", "Don't get nervous like I was. "Well, dress 'im and eat 'im. ], "He did it." START CHEERING - 1938 (MLC) ", "Now no fibs Joey. "I owe him!" ], "I'm the best musician in the country!" "Hey! "Naw, I'm talkin' to the fish." ", "Beat it, Grandpa -- We got no time for kibbitzers. ", "I got a little booklet here, in how to train your memory in 5 easy lessons. "There's no liquor in that!" Bedlock! "And how! SALT WATER DAFFY - 1933 (SSH) "That's it, that's it... give me the bird. ", "How's your cold?" ", "Hey babe, you wanna come up and see my coffee sometime?" ", "How's yours taste?" ], "You know Porcupine, for a guy without brains you're a genius. "Yeh, you two suckers!" FLYING SAUCER DAFFY - 1958 (MLJ) ", "You're headin' for the General!" Moe and Larry are recruited to join a bridge game, while Curly adds Alum to the lemonade. ", "Oh, pardon me... there's a white spot!" "Cash and Carry" (1937) is the 24th Columbia short for the Three Stooges and has a most unusual (for them) beginning and end. ", "If you didn't have TB, I'd be able to get this around 'ya." "Oh, no, no, she always looks like that. "I only climbed up 7 steps!" ", "Here we are... three of the best salesmen that ever saled. "You sleep 12 hours a night." ", "What'd you do?!" "I hate fun! ", "Buy me some of that stuff. "I'm Curly Q. I had the Cubs, and, ...WHAT??? ", "Did you ever have your valves ground?" "A Tiskit, A Taskit, that Green and Yellow Basket! ", "Are you casting asparagus on my cooking? nyyaahh! "You'll catch cold." If I'm going to work like a horse, I'm gonna eat like one. "Coitainly." KNUTZY KNIGHTS - 1954 (MLS)