", When you subscribe we will use the information you provide to send you these newsletters. He gets paid 0.22 Euros per second, and it amounts to 13.08 Euros per minute. He scored seven goals in a match in which his team won 11 goals to 4 conceded. It was during this time the footballer got involved in the notorious brawl which landed him in prison. Then I’d get back up and take another punch,” Deeney wrote. “Fortunately, a friend of mine who’d heard the commotion told his mum about what was happening, and she called the police. She has one grandson, Myles Troy Deeney and one granddaughter Amelia. Find out more, Troy Deeney has played for Watford since 2010, Efficient Tottenham cruise to victory over LASK on Gareth Bale's first Spurs start in seven years, Chelsea's Hakim Ziyech on Ajax fans' calls for revenge over Spurs, showing patience in life and speaking his mind, Kemar Roofe scores from inside own half as Rangers begin Europa League campaign with Standard Liege win, AC Milan see off late Celtic revival to strike with hammer-blow third in stoppage time, Leicester City mark return to European stage with comfortable win over Zorya Luhansk, Despite Mesut Ozil's best efforts to shame Arsenal he is no victim in this sorry situation. We urge you to turn off your ad blocker for The Telegraph website so that you can continue to access our quality content in the future. At one time, it was Europe’s largest council estate. He has behaved nicely after this incident. He also described being told to seek help when he used drinking to cope with his past. Didier Drogba and Jack Grealish are among those who have shared Deeney’s article on their social-media accounts. Troy grew up in Chelmsley Wood. They look adorable. She has always been very supportive of her son and she is the backbone of his success. Now were here, I’m glad I get to see you live in style. His income is 316,667 Euros per month and 18,838 per day. You can unsubscribe at any time. Your phone number won't be shared with other members of the group. On Wednesday he wants to set a foot with FC Watford in the Carabao Cup Tottenham (21 o’clock LIVE on DAZN). Troy Deeney has been pivotal in recent success and Premier League participation of Watford and is in his prime. "I swear there's something different in the way you say my name, "It's just Troy, but still no one says it the same, "Is that the history we share? Deeney talks about his upbringing, his life outside of football and the impact his mother has had on his career to date. This big 6ft 3in guy who had been like Batman to me just ­shrivelled and was reliant on a wheelchair. Here is a picture from Troy's childhood with Emma and the mother-son duo looks adorable in this one. Emma Deeney is a supportive woman and she is famous for being the mother of Watford striker Troy Deeney. Praise for the positive, forgiveness for their evils. He then joined a small club called Chelmsley Town and was scouted by Mick Halsall. Any SMS messages will not be added. Watford skipper Troy Deeney has posted a heartwarming message to his mother ahead of Mother's Day this Sunday. By using this site, you agree to the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use. The Hornets striker recounted how he used to cope with unresolved issues by drinking and spoke about how his late father Paul Anthony Burke was “in and out of jail all the time”. Note: All requests to join our messaging service MUST be submitted via WhatsApp. He kept telling her that she needed to come home. In the week of Mother's Day, Watford captain Troy Deeney shows his "momsy" a poem he wrote her to thank her for being his "angel". "You never look down, you treat everyone as equals. "You're like a jelly bean, the comparison is simple, "Life made your shell hard, but you're soft in the middle, "Stayed sweet, when lift could have made you sour, "You're my superhero, and kindness is your power, "I remember how we struggled, still you provided, "You kept food on the table, and siblings united, "Worked more than one job, times always divided, "So when I look at you I know what the meaning of pride is, "I didn't always make you proud, I know I got it wrong, "I put those tears in your eyes when I should have made you strong, "Put myself in places that I know I didn't belong, "But I made it back and you stood with me all along, "Through my trials and tribulations, mistakes and situations, "You haven't just been there for me, you've been amazing, "We've rode the choppy seas, it wasn't plain sailing, "But we took the tidal waves and used them for elevation, "Now we're here, I'm glad I get to see you live in style, "Life's a marathon, but it feels like a hundred miles, "We don't know our destination, but you always see the best in me, "So even that goal at Wembley is nothing to your smile, "I call you momsy, sometimes mom but never mum, "What can I day? Here is a picture of him with his father. The Telegraph values your comments but kindly requests all posts are on topic, constructive and respectful. I can only say sorry and promise that it will never happen again,” he wrote. Troy bought this house with his extraordinary income. Here is a picture of her granddaughter Amelia and she is spending time with her dad in Watford home ground.