Again he covered himself up with his cloak, but now neither the lodge nor his benefactor was there. along the coast, and taking its name, no doubt, from the restoration of an already existing road by Septimius Severus, who was a great benefactor of Ostia.

He was false to his benefactor Matthias, false to Matthias's son Janos Corvinus, whom he chicaned out of the throne, and false to his accomplice in that transaction, Queen Beatrice. New Brunswick is the seat of the Theological Seminary of the Reformed Church in America, the oldest theological school in the United States, founded in 1784 in New York City, situated at Flatbush, Long Island, in 1796-1810, and removed to New Brunswick in 1810, and of Rutgers College (originally Dutch Reformed, now nonsectarian), which was founded in 1766 as Queen's College, was rechartered in 1770 as a college for "the education of youth in the learned languages, liberal and useful arts and sciences and especially in divinity," was first opened for instruction in 1770, was closed during1795-1807and 1816-1825, and was renamed in 1825 in honour of Colonel Henry Rutgers (1745-1830), of New York City, a liberal benefactor. A benefactor is one that supplies the means for a genius to do his work unhindered and a musician, master or artist is thus enabled to concentrate on his creativity.

Such was the hatred he henceforth conceived against his former benefactor, that he did his very utmost to effect his ruin.

John of Gaunt is said to have been a great benefactor to Belper, and the foundations of a massive building have been believed to mark the site of his residence. Because God’s Word is true. Accessed 23 Oct. 2020. At this point, Pip learns the true identity of his benefactor. I may be in the early flush of youth or I may be advancing in years… I may be invalided on a couch of sickness or I may be in the heyday of health… I may be imprisoned in a lonely cell or free to roam the wide continents – but He has a plan for each of us, and He plants or transplants us as He sees fit. The gods had intended, for some reason or other, to withhold fire from men; a benefactor of mankind stole it from the gods.
In 1786 Horne Tooke conferred perpetual fame upon his benefactor's country house by adopting, as a second title of his elaborate philological treatise of "EirEa the more popular though misleading title of The Diversions of Purley.

His grandfather served in the war against Sertorius with Pompey, through whose influence he obtained the Roman citizenship; hence the name Pompeius, adopted as a token of gratitude to his benefactor. In late times the priests of Denderah claimed Khufu as a benefactor; he was reputed to have built temples to the gods near the Great Pyramids and Sphinx (where also a pyramid of his daughter Hentsen is spoken of), and there are incidental notices of him in the medical and religious literature. In September 867 he caused his worthless benefactor to be assassinated, and reigned alone.

Nevertheless, to the end of his career, he continued to harass and annoy his long-suffering benefactor with fresh impertinences.

The love is not requited. How can I be so sure and how can I say this with such assurance and such authority? anonymous benefactor has recently undertaken to swell the funds available. "I go by myself, benefactor," said Ivanushka, trying to speak in a bass voice.

It needs an acceptance that even in the storms and stresses of life, God will provide. My answer lacked the enthusiasm my benefactor expected.

As the benefactor and protector of Roger Bacon he has a special title to the gratitude of posterity. Benjamin Whitworth, M.P., was a generous benefactor to the town, who built the Whitworth Hall, furnished half the funds for the construction of waterworks, established. We also have a very generous benefactor in the Civil Service Insurance Society. How to use a word that (literally) drives some pe... Name that government! God’s word has never failed in the past, God’s word has never failed in the present and God’s word will never fail in the future, for He is faithful and true.

IElfric no doubt gained some reputation as a scholar at Winchester, for when, in 987, the abbey of Cernel (Cerne Abbas, Dorsetshire) was finished, he was sent by Bishop iElfheah (Alphege), thelwold's successor, at the request of the chief benefactor of the abbey, the ealdorman IEthelmar, to teach the Benedictine monks there. Robert Maxwell (1695-1765) was the author of Select Transactions of the Society of Improvers and was a great benefactor to Scottish agriculture. Pip believe's through most of the novel "Great Expectations" that his benefactor is the eccentric Miss Havisham, though Pip discovers toward the end his true benefactor to be the convict Magwitch.

What is so strange is that many are called and yet so few chosen? “Benefactor.” Thesaurus, Merriam-Webster,

His sons were: Joseph (founder of the Mendelssohn banking house, and a friend and benefactor of Alexander Humboldt), whose son Alexander (d. Rich in years and in honours, but simple-minded and affectionate as a child, this great benefactor to his species passed quietly away near St Cloud on the 28th of September 1895. How did he tell his closest friend and benefactor he'd had a one night stand with his daughter? Please tell us where you read or heard it (including the quote, if possible). Benefactor: one that helps another with gifts or money. God’s supply is for both time and eternity. Psalm 37:14. Delivered to your inbox! Giffard, although inclined to nepotism, was a benefactor to his cathedral, and completed and fortified the episcopal castle at Hartlebury. Aastha Telecast (08:20 am) : Satguru Sacha Madadgar on June 6, 2020 Steps to Watch Subtitles - 1. Bless the Lord O my soul… and forget not all his benefits. Well, it seems that His call requires a trust and it requires obedience. He founded the university of Jena and was a benefactor to that of Leipzig.

Because God’s Word is true. In the second instance, while the Hebrew says that the man who rebels against his Heavenly Benefactor will a fortiori rebel against a human benefactor, the Greek text gives a cynical turn to the verse, "Let the man who rebels against his true benefactor be punished through the tender mercies of a quack."

This is painful, but, loving my benefactor and sovereign, I submit.

Cruise wasn't the only benefactor in this union. on the 6th of March of the following year, taking the name of Nicholas in honour of his early benefactor. Though she made no special distinction of creed in her charities, she was a notable benefactor of the Church of England, building and endowing churches and church schools, endowing the bishoprics of Cape Town and of Adelaide (1847), and founding the bishopric of British Columbia (1857). Although Foxe hunted high and low for his kind benefactor, he never found out who he was. It is the seat of Blinn Memorial College (German Methodist Episcopal), opened as "Mission Institute" in 1883, and renamed in 1889 in honour of the Rev. Praise be to Gregory the Great, our 6th century benefactor who started the ball rolling.

What made you want to look up benefactor? One day, while trying to eke out a living for his family, he heard a cry for help coming from a nearby bog. Archbishop Neville was a respectable scholar; and he was a considerable benefactor of the university of Oxford and especially of Balliol College. After thanking his benefactor and dropping off his bike for repairs, he stopped for a quick bite to eat. Milledgeville was founded in 1803, and was named in honour of John Milledge (1757-1818), a representative in Congress in1792-1793and 1795-1802, governor of Georgia in 1802-1806, a United States senator in 1806-1809, and a benefactor of the state university. The Salem Athenaeum (1810), the successor of a Social Library (1760) and a Philosophical Library (1781) is housed in Plummer Hall (1908), a building in the southern Colonial style, named in honour of a benefactor of the Athenaeum, Caroline Plummer (d. 8 The python-deity is god of wisdom and earthly bliss and the benefactor of man (cf. Then follow the surnames Epiphanes the revealed god, Dicaeus the just, Euergetes the benefactor, all of them essentially Greek in their reference, and also regularly borne by all the kings.