The Thousand Sons Traitor Legion serves Tzeentch exclusively. Tzeentch is known by a hundred thousand titles across the galaxy, amongst them the Weaver of Destinies, the Great Conspirator, and the Architect of Fate. Teclis took a great risk in founding the Colleges of Magic. Few daemons, save the most powerful Lords of Change, can navigate its corridors, but as these creations are intelligent distillations of the madness that makes up Tzeentch's realm, they thrive all the same. Legend tells of one being -- the only one in all history, who answered all nine of the questions correctly. [1b], Daemons took physical form, and their uncountable armies attacked the world’s surviving inhabitants, but the elves in Ulthuan and the dwarfs in the Old World each separately withstood the hordes. Flieser himself led a mob of pitchfork-wielding commoners to the mayor’s mansion, all baying for Gierig’s head on a pole. The Great Ocean of the Warp is a sea of madness and insanity, and Tzeentch's realm is the concentrated essence of such things given form. Such is the Changer of Ways, and such is his control over the foolish efforts of all mortals. As the greatest daemonic manifestation of the Blood God, the dreaded Bloodthirster is one of the most powerful warriors that can be found on the battlefields of the Warhammer 40,000 universe. A Chaos Space Marine Sorcerer Lord of Tzeentch. Human wizards are not as resistant to Chaos as elves, and there is always the risk that their magic will destroy, or worse, corrupt them. The skin of Tzeentch crawls with constantly changing faces, leering at and mocking onlookers. [1b], This myth demonstrates that all magic ultimately derives from Tzeentch, and to cast a spell is to manipulate the very essence of the Changer of Ways. Now the courtier discovers that falsehood slips from his silver tongue more believably, and he masters the subtle nuances of body language and wordplay that can beguile his audience. What mortal can dare say that he has not desired knowledge of the mysteries of destiny, or the awesome power of magic? One can go mad, and many have, trying to study even the smallest threads of the Great Schemer and to perform the impossible: to describe him and to fix him to one shape, one form, one motive, one truth. As the anecdote above suggests, in what seems like a few solar minutes spent gazing into the depths of the crystals of Tzeentch's labyrinthine realm, days or even standard years can pass. The black orbs of his eyes are said to sparkle like the endless depths of the empyrean, and his brow is furrowed as though he is ruminating over an unsolvable puzzle.