Stars: Biography, Drama, Music. | Star: The Treasure of the Sierra Madre Although it is 60 years old and showing its age, the film is still the ultimate movie about mining. Margaret MacNiel, a girl living in a Cape Breton coal mining town, finds her life changing when she meets Neil Currie, a cheerful bagpipe-playing dishwasher. | 94 min | Vinzenz Kiefer, | | Votes: 7,939 Adventure, Drama, Horror. Both are colliers in the same mine, and ... See full summary », 10 min 107 min | The explosion killed 301 workers.... See full summary », Director: Jake Gyllenhaal, | Stars: Keith Hurt, PG-13 108 min 76 min Two neighbouring choirs exchange a visit in the Welsh village of Senghenydd, the site of Britain's worst mining disaster many years previously. Five school friends seek adventure on Halloween night in an abandoned, haunted mine, only to find to their horror that the ghostly rumors may be true as they fight for survival. Stars: | | 92 min Robert Vas Drama, History, Romance. Julia Faye, 86 min Inspired by a true mining tragedy the film is about people from all walks of life showing courage and character to fight the forces of nature. Cecil B. DeMille Nadja Bobyleva, Chris Owen, Votes: Edward Chapman, This causes some unease but all is is forgotten when a fire in the mine traps Doug and calls out the rescue effort. But there's a problem. Director: Director: Includes interviews with survivors, mining officials, and union representatives, along with footage of the flood itself. Scout Taylor-Compton, James L. Conway $5.67M, Unrated Mario Soto, Lori Hallier, Drama, History. Director: 110 min In the Pennsylvanian coal mines of 1876, a group of Irish immigrant workers begin to retaliate against the cruelty of their work environment. Tell us what you think about this feature. Karen, Sarah, and Emma Tunney are all moving to a small town in Pennsylvania where, unknown to them, in 1913, a horrid mine accident trapped dozens of children alive, underground. In a Welsh coal mining valley, a young man with a beautiful singing voice is called upon to make the ultimate sacrifice when a pit disaster threatens. Anne-Marie Martin, $0.16M, Not Rated Ben Rose-Davis, | Heino Ferch, | Clive Russell, Action, Drama. 95 min 124 min Drama, Music. Stars: Tell us what you think about this feature. Director: J.S. Ben Ketai Drama, Wealthy Cynthia is in love with not-so-wealthy Roger, who is married to Marcia. :) I won't add the 2009 remake of My Bloody Valentine though, it just doesn't beat the 1981 original. Director: Director: 160 min Samantha Eggar, Stars: Brent Briscoe, | Mort Ransen An Arkansas farmer stages a one-man war against corrupt land developers who want to evict him and his neighbors from their farms for real estate developments. | Rolf Theison, J.S. William Farnum, Passed Will Geer, | | Director: Mines can be very creepy and dreary setting for horror. A team of Chilean miners are trapped underground for months and hold out for a miraculous rescue. Joe Johnston Stars: Otherworldly creatures are released from the bootleg tunnels underneath a small-town mining community, and begin chomping on the locals. Joan Ponsford, 60 min Drama. William Gargan, Fred McCarren, | Stars: Comedy, Western, Bret goes to the office of a wealthy mine owner to collect a substantial gambling debt. | 105 min | Director: $67.18M, R Director: 176 min | | Don Siegel Reiley McClendon, Scout Taylor-Compton, | Director: Their wives wait to learn which of their husbands survived the cave-in. 81 min Angharad Rees, Chris Cooper, Gérard Depardieu, Walter Doniger | Keith Knight, Votes: Douglas Fairbanks Jr., Stars: | | A documentary on the South Wales village of Senghenydd, near Caerphilly, which suffered the greatest disaster in British coal mining history in 1913, when 439 men lost their lives in a coal dust explosion. Sydna Scott, | | Director: | | Adventure, Drama, Horror. Dianne Foster, Stars: Star: | | | Keith Knight, Votes: But there's a problem. Mildred Dunnock, 72 min They're still alive. Stars: 17,563 118 min Jim Clark Documentary, Short. | 94 min John Sayles $0.38M, Not Rated 4,699 Drama. The superintendent struggles against the ticking clock to save her crew and family from impending doom. | Rex Piano Pen Tennyson Paul Muni, 120 min Rebecca Balding, $32.48M, Not Rated