Being at very close range: provided up-close views of rare fish. 1. by the side of: sa tabi..., sa piling... 2. near, close to: katabi, malapit, kapiling, kasiping, nasa tabi... 3. away from, not concerning: labas, malayo, 1. to be beside: sumiping, isiping, sipingan, tumabi, itabi, tabihan, 2. to put or place beside: itabi, isiping, 1. to close by pushing or pulling a lid, door, some part, etc., into place: magsara, isara, magpinid, ipinid, 2. to check, turn off: magsara, isara, magpatay, patayin, 3. to become closed, to close (of itself): sumara, masara, mapinid, 4. to shut in, to keep from going out: magkulong, makulong, ikulong, 5. to shut up, to shut the doors or windows of: isara ang mga pinto o mga bintana, 6. to stop taking (coll): tumigil sa pagsasalita, tigilan ang pagsasalita, tumahimik, manahimik, sumara (-um-) to close. A very narrow alley between two buildings, often overhung by one of the buildings above the ground floor. ", May-akda Pramoedya Ananta Sibil sa sandaling na sinulat ni "Sukarno ay ang tanging Asian lider ng modernong panahon upang mapag-isa ang mga tao ng naturang mga magkakaibang mga etniko, kultura at relihiyon background nang walang pagpapadanak ng isang drop ng dugo. close in Tagalog translation and definition "close", English-Tagalog Dictionary online. To have a vector sum of 0; that is, to form a closed polygon. An item on the Connect menu that closes the current window without signing the user out of Communicator. Articulated with the tongue body relatively close to the hard palate. na kaugnayan sa Diyos na Makapangyarihan-sa-lahat? Up-close definition: very close; in close range to | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples so that it closes its opening. "; "a close formation of ships", close in relevance or relationship; "a close family"; "we are close sympathy with..."; "close kin"; "a close resemblance", confined to specific persons; "a close secret", fitting closely but comfortably; "a close fit", giving or spending with reluctance; "our cheeseparing administration"; "very close (or near) with his money"; "a penny-pinching miserly old man", inclined to secrecy or reticence about divulging information; "although they knew her whereabouts her friends kept close about it", lacking fresh air; "a dusty airless attic"; "the dreadfully close atmosphere"; "hot and stuffy and the air was blue with smoke", marked by fidelity to an original; "a close translation"; "a faithful copy of the portrait"; "a faithful rendering of the observed facts", not far distant in time or space or degree or circumstances; "near neighbors"; "in the near future"; "they are near equals"; "his nearest approach to success"; "a very near thing"; "a near hit by the bomb"; "she was near tears"; "she was close to tears"; "had a close call", (of a contest or contestants) evenly matched; "a close contest"; "a close election"; "a tight game", of textiles; "a close weave"; "smooth percale with a very tight weave", rigorously attentive; strict and thorough; "close supervision"; "paid close attention"; "a close study"; "kept a close watch on expenditures", strictly confined or guarded; "kept under close custody", used of hair or haircuts; "a close military haircut", in an attentive manner; "he remained close on his guard", near in time or place or relationship; "as the wedding day drew near"; "stood near the door"; "don't shoot until they come near"; "getting near to the true explanation"; "her mother is always near"; "The end draws nigh"; "the bullet didn't come close"; "don't get too close to the fire", the last section of a communication; "in conclusion I want to say...", the temporal end; the concluding time; "the stopping point of each round was signaled by a bell"; "the market was up at the finish"; "they were playing better at the close of the season", bar access to; "Due to the accident, the road had to be closed for several hours", become closed; "The windows closed with a loud bang", be priced or listed when trading stops; "The stock market closed high this Friday"; "My new stocks closed at $59 last night", bring together all the elements or parts of; "Management closed ranks", cause a window or an application to disappear on a computer desktop, cease to operate or cause to cease operating; "The owners decided to move and to close the factory"; "My business closes every night at 8 P.M."; "close up the shop", change one's body stance so that the forward shoulder and foot are closer to the intended point of impact, come together, as if in an embrace; "Her arms closed around her long lost relative", come to a close; "The concert closed with a nocturne by Chopin", complete a business deal, negotiation, or an agreement; "We closed on the house on Friday"; "They closed the deal on the building", draw near; "The probe closed with the space station", engage at close quarters; "close with the enemy", fill or stop up; "Can you close the cracks with caulking? Sarahan (sarhan) mo ang pinto. C . The interest which one may have in a piece of ground, even though it is not enclosed. Filipino translator. IPA: /kloʊs ... "The owners decided to move and to close the factory"; "My business closes every night at 8 P.M."; "close up the shop" change one's body stance so that the forward shoulder and foot are closer to … 1. almost, nearly: halos, 2. becoming or getting near: palapit, nalalapit. N . close . namin ang pulong sa pamamagitan ng panalangin. X . close; close up. a business or a shop). 1. The manner of shutting; the union of parts; junction. P . Definitions and Meaning of Closeup in Tagalog. However, when it rains, the threads swell, Ngunit, kapag umulan, ang mga sinulid ay umaalsa anupat nagiging, He gave us families to love and teach us (come, Binigyan niya tayo ng mga mag-anak na magmamahal at magtuturo sa atin (muling maglapit-, That view is biased, though, and we should rise above such. Close Meaning in Tagalog, Meaning of word Close in Tagalog, Pronunciation, Examples, Synonyms and Similar words for Close. to God —“He Softened the Face of Jehovah”, sa Diyos —“Pinalambot Niya ang Mukha ni Jehova”, and I have the joy of helping our three children to develop a, Maligaya kaming mag-asawa sa pagtulong sa aming tatlong anak para maging, For example, to control waste entering one of, polluted rivers, the Huaihe, the government has “, down 999 small paper-making factories in the Huaihe valley.”, sa pinakamaruming ilog ng bansa, ang Huaihe, “, [ng gobyerno] ang 999 na maliliit na pabrikang, There seems to be economic and religious interaction and perhaps rivalry operating here, which justifies scholars in placing the Vedic and Avestan worlds in, chronological, geographical and cultural proximity to each other not far removed from a joint Indo-Iranian period. Out of the way of observation; secluded; secret; hidden. Human translations with examples: tupad, gay na salita. By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies. associated with the governing body of the first-century congregation in Jerusalem. K . The window closed because of the strong wind. S . katapusán Z . Tagalog Word Index:A . (baseball, pitching) To make the final outs, usually three, of a game. (law) Of a corporation or other business entity, closely held. Ang mga ito’y tinatakpan ng mga ladrilyo, makakapal na tipak ng marmol, o baldosang terra-cotta, na pinasakan ng apog. ang kanilang determinasyon na dakilain ang pamamahala ng Diyos sa pamamagitan ng paglilingkod sa kaniya bilang isang teokratikong organisasyon. at or within a short distance in space or time or having elements near each other; "close to noon"; "how close are we to town? 7 . up-close synonyms, up-close pronunciation, up-close translation, English dictionary definition of up-close. Isalin filipino tagalog. 1. to shut: magsara, isara, sarhan, magpinid, ipinid, 2. to bring to an end, to conclude, to terminate: magtapos, tumapos, tapusin, matapos, magwakas, wakasan, 3. to come or bring close together, to join: maglapat, lumapat, ilapat, paglapatin, magtikom, tumikom, itikom, isara, sarhan, magsara, 6. to close down: magsara (isara, sarhan), 1. near: malapit, magkalapit (for two), magkakalapit, 2. nearly equal: halos pareho, hindi nagkakalamangan, mahigpitan, the end: wakas, pagwawakas, pagtatapos, katapusan, 4. near at hand, within easy reach: maaabot, 5. not far in the future: nalalapit na, hindi magtatagal, to come or draw near to: lumapit adv. (Ireland, England, Scotland, weather) hot, humid, with no wind.