“My code? Whatcha doin?”. Alexandra Mixers, also known as Alexandra Ruby Mixer, is a girl who dreamt of becoming a class officer since grade 1 but that dream never came true. Special power-up: Slippery melted ice cream and hot chocolate. She is also a bully in Sugar High. Godzilla (but she says it's an insult to her cause her height is 5'11) She really likes to be friends with bullies. She is the true ruler of Sugar Rush who has been turned into a glitch. Estimated Release Date: July 30, 2021 . See more ideas about Wreck it ralph, Cosplay, Wreck it ralph costume. While I was still making my Vanellope cosplay, many people who I chatted about it with asked me "what the heck are you going to d... Vanellope von Schweetz Hair Candy Tutorial. I'm Vanellope Von Schweetz, president of Sugar Rush! Don’t think I’ve seen you around before.”, The Witch rolled her eyes in return. Then after Sgt. She wondered briefly if Ralph would come by, or if she should visit him. Still, she decided against it when a flash of red caught her eye. She can transform into a draconequuis (and I think she is the only one who can but I am not sure she is the only one). Her kart is named the "Speed Mixer". But the bigger the difference in Class is, the more obvious it is who'll win in a fight. Wreck-It Ralph – Vanellope von Schweetz – Nendoroid (#1492) (Good Smile Company) $ 59.99. Credit to Holly for Hope,Melissa and Freddie. Color blue,neon green,neon orange,teal,purple and magenta, The shows Every witch way,Grachi,The Thundermans, Haunted Hathaway, Big Time Rush, Sam and Cat, iCarly and My Little Pony, The songs Sugar Rush,This is my Paradise, Lucky Star, Dam Dadi Doo and Give your Heart a Break (there are alot more actually). Nega-Lexi, that would scare the sunlight out of young kids! Soon-to-be Villain, Twister von Schweetz, Floss and Freddie Cottine, “Hey, you!” She called. "C'mon! Alexandra has experienced alot of hardships in school. With a racer's spirit embedded in her coding, Vanellope is determined to earn her place in the starting lineup amongst the other racers. Dark Side She already mangled 3 racers: Ivy Sour-Balls, Madeline van Lemmonette and Kenji Stripe. Vanellope relaxed on a gumdrop with a sigh. Alexandra has always wanted to be a class officer since grade one but she didn't. Just not in detail. Do you ever get to see Ralph anymore? Her Theme songs are Mad Mares,Good Girl,Just A Kid,Negative Me and Under Our Spell, Negative Me - Pinkamena's Theme (Original MLP Music)-0, Song - Good Girl - Dasha and The Living Tombstone-0, Alexandra holding the Filipino Flag wearing María Clara gown by:SocksandButtons, Alexandra with her Pokèmon Gastly wearing clothes like Terra from TTG and Gastly-like hair. Breeza led Alex to the code room of CNDTS, she saw her code. ”…er. But when her grade-6 class officers election came up, she was elected but did not win. She remembered My Little Amnesia and decided to dress like Pinkamena. See more ideas about Wreck it ralph, Wreck it ralph costume, Disney fan art. She likes to call her friends "glitch" cause she sometimes act like Taffyta. She told Cupcake that Alex can be the new ruler. She likes to eat and kill ponies if Pinkie says she will kill the ponies but she always enjoys a good pony snack, meaning she loves to eat ponies... She protects her friends no matter what! Oct 8, 2013 - Explore Sarah Dawson's board "Vanellope Von schulpete" on Pinterest. Mar 9, 2016 - Explore Carla Cuppycake's board "Vanellope Cosplay", followed by 238 people on Pinterest. Did you go Turbo or something?”, “Cuz I’ve met Turbo, and let me tell you, that is not the way you wanna go.”. Vondestroynomy means: destroy means destroy (doi) nomy means astronomy. Even with Vanellope being president, Taffeyta was Taffeyta. SeraBella von Schweetz, Ralph? I have this awesome glitch superpower, and even that stinkbrain Wreck-it-Ralph knows I know how to use it! Tumblr is a place to express yourself, discover yourself, and bond over the stuff you love. The Witch blinked, looking down at Vanellope. I’m still unable to leave my game, but we’re working on fixing that so that I can go explore like him! It is like Vanellope's kart but in different colors. The heck are you hopped up on, gray gumdrop?”, “How in the name of Nutter Butters do you pronounce that?”. I'm Vanellope Von Schweetz, president of Sugar Rush! We had so much fun at the Disney Halloween Party this year! So pretty much every day of my life.”, “Well, I’ve always sort of had a thing for Ran–”, “Wait, wait. Bibble,Melanie,Lilliana,Julie,Delia,Katrina, Bloodie, Vanellope, Adorabeezle, Candlehead, Snowanna, Jubileena, Minty, Citrusella,Sticky,Nougetsia,Rancis,Swizzle,Gloyd and Daniel, Chris and Francis (Mellowpop and Rainbowflipper). Wreck-It Ralph Fanon Wiki is a FANDOM Movies Community. She plays volleyball in school. This doesn't mean that a higher class would always beat a lower class character. …hmmm. Vanellope von Schweetz: Hard Candy\"Known as \"The Glitch,\" Vanellope is a pixelating programming mistake in the candy-coated cart-racing game Sugar Rush. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. She did become one for 1 month and 2 weeks, she bullied Rain Muttonfudge, Icabelle DeFrozz and Applejack (not the pony). “Well, Sugar Rush is only the best game in the whole arcade,” she bragged. She held her tears but one or two tears dripped from her. Brian von Schweetz, Do you see him after the arcade closes. She never gets in trouble cause she says: If you ever tell Sour-Bill or my father or your family, I will mangle you! https://wreckitralph-fanon.fandom.com/wiki/Alexandra_Mixtec_von_Schweetz?oldid=69034, Her themes are different types of candies and mixed candies and all of the SR racer's themes. Cupcake said "Do you know how to make a code? The Superhero Database Classification number, or SHDB Class, is a number that represents the overall 'power' of a character. All she wanted was to stay away from all the class officers but she can't do it cause she thinks that they think she doesn't want to be friends with them anymore. ”I hail from Sburb; although I doubt I can be considered a player or a part of it anymore. In real life: she has curly brunette hair that is in different hair styles everyday and she wears her uniform on school days and different clothes on weekends and on days without classes. Vanellope von Schweetz is the deuteragonist of Disney's 2012 animated feature film Wreck-It Ralph. She is the Sugar Rush version of User:VVschweetz. “Speaking of which, what game are you supposed to be from? Sticky Wipplesnit, Trivia: Did you know after the movie, Rancis and Vanellope have a possible romance? In Sugar Rush: She has the same skin as Candace Flynn but in a darker hue and she has brown eyes. She helps Pinkie Pie and AppleBloom (both from MLP) kill,bake and eat ponies. I have this awesome glitch superpower, and even that stinkbrain Wreck-it-Ralph knows I know how to use it! Yup! Never would you know she would love MLA... Cupcakes,Lil Miss Rarity,Rainbow Factory etc. It seems like he is always back in Fix-it Felix Jr. Now. After a minute she shrugged it off. Vanellope bounced on a green gumdrop, bored. The Superhero Database Classification number, or SHDB Class, is a number that represents the overall 'power' of a character. Keke Palmer as her singing voice I had a really funny time this weekend at the con with all my friends -everybody wanted to eat my candy!- I want to thank... Vanellope von Schweetz - Daydreaming, I finally finished it! Vanellope von Schweetz is the deuteragonist of Disney's 2012 animated feature film, Wreck-It Ralph and its 2018 sequel. She is a young, razor-tongued racer that originates from the candy-themed racing game, Sugar Rush. Her nicknames are Nega-Lex, Mixter Emo, Dark Side and Soon-to-be Villain. Crumbelina DiCaramelo, She turned to see a young woman about Calhoun’s height with red hair, exiting the candycane forest. Vanellope appears to be a talkative, fun-loving, energetic and childish little girl who seems to be Ralph's best friend. Her nationality is half Filipino and half Danish in real life and in Sugar Rush, her nationality is Filipino. So, Alex made her code then, Alex picked her name,attitude and what she looked like. Dennis von Schweetz, Ralph said "ok then! Vanellope von Schweet from Wreck-It Ralph “Cosplayer: Tenori-Tiger Photographer: SaitouBou ”, DIY tutorial on how to make a Wreck It Ralph You're My Hero Cookie Medal for homemade costume, Become a Patron! I've been getting an overwhelming amount of questions as to how I made my Vanellope tights, as well as a tutorial request for the process, so finally, h... (Vanellope von Schweetz) Striped Tights Tutorial, And finally Vanellope is done! When the election for PRO came and she was elected by Vince but she did not win, after her classmate Kevin won, she got hurt, in her heart. Vanellope Von Schweetz hair | Wigs under $15 that can be styled to match Vanellope's high ponytail, A collection of my cosplays, all handmade by me! She had won, of course. Her new name is Killzette van Bloodzie, the new Amnesia Racer. Red vines! Even if Pinkie uses unicorn's horns for her necklace, she uses the extra horns for eating. I’m really not supposed to be here, you see,” her voice stressed, general cadence remaining in the usual cold semi-monotone as usual. “Why can’t you be a player? But now they’re much better about it, so he comes and visits with me. Vanellope von Schweetz Jubileena Bing Bing Taffyta Muttonfudge Rancis Fluggerbutter Candlehead, wreck it ralph transparent background PNG clipart size: 1214x1500px filesize: 1.5MB Vanellope von Schweetz Fix-It Felix Sergeant Calhoun, Animation transparent … She was wearing a cutie mark shirt and skirt with a belt (given by Pinkie),a unicorn horn necklace (given by AppleBloom) and pegasi wings (attached to the dress (given by Pinkie)). Archive Theme by STJN November 19th 8:02 PM 4 notes @Witchofmanynames. My name is Ryuho. Alex, That’s the most emotion she’d shown so far, actually. Or the cheat that makes me glitch? Each Super Power also has 3 levels (SPL). Credit to Sweet Eve for Chris,Francis and Twister. Ask me anything Submit to your president! Vanellope shoved her hands in her kanga pocket, making a suspicious face at the girl. My friend Tskyli told me how to do this and since I've had several people ask how I made my Vanellope tights, I've decided to make a tutorial. Pre-Order Now. Like I’d tell you.”, “Being teased generally does mean humiliated.